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Telos is the “purposeness” of all the energy put into anything presented by someone: what drives them, truly? It is not just purpose, because then we would simply use the world purpose. It is the degree to which the purpose is enforced, the energy needed to release a vision and most of all, the “faith” that this all will ultimately have the desired purpose for the people and businesses that add it to what they already are and who they soon want to be.

Crypto Integrity Tao searched the leading companies and think tanks of the world with a clear goal: what technology Brand and Telos meets the challenges of the upcoming Blockchain-5G Intersection including IoT? The goals of this company should be created for the most positive impact on Humanity while innovation accelerates due to the designs of Crypto Integrity Tao Switzerland and Singapor was the clear choice. It’s important to detail why Switzerland and Singapor was chosen, and not the many Silicon Valley companies easy for Crypto Integrity Tao to sell-out to when an offer was made to buy and monopolize the breakthroughs and superior tech systems.

How did Apple become Apple? It did two things: simplified devices we wanted to use, and made them more elegant in design.

How did Google become Google? It recognized the limits of previous models and replaced them with the decentralized power of human minds seeking solutions.

Amazon’s Bezos stated that the only way to create a new globally-dominant company is to see every step in a long vision, and move so fast out of the blocks that you announce the creation of all the vertical integration and beat competition in what is not vertical. You must pivot fast and create the next extension faster than a company like Amazon can buy you out, starve you out, sue you out, or innovate into all the uses of your original innovation and company. This requires clarity in vision, knowledge of global powers, daring confidence announcing your next Brand and revenue source.

Facebook achieved “global scale” and drove MySpace to extinction – yet Facebook betrayed its users, and in this fail, there are lessons to be learned. Betrayal has its own chapter in one of the Crypto Integrity Tao books. Let’s study more positive examples of engaging the user to lead a global goal.

When “world expert scientists” declared that it would take a hundred years for the labs to decode enough of our DNA code to make a difference, one man offered a $1 million reward to anyone outside Big Pharma labs if they could isolate and determine one DNA branch. Within months a young man working on his own decoded one. Quickly, hundreds were decoded this way, in decentralized imagination rather than centralized protocols.

Many world leaders state that any true breakthrough good for humanity and commerce must at first seem so far beyond current goals that it seem absurd.

What these global leaders did was appear with a different perspective on what could replace either limited technology, or replace our human agreements on what we want to buy, do, and sense.

Putting Humanity first is the secret ingredient they all used to dominate the world in their technology arena.

To maximize what good may come from this, first the human minds must be “stretched” and made more elastic so that they have set the fertile mental soil in which to plant the seeds of Blockchain Intersections in 5G. This is why the first chapter of ONE FISH SAYS TO ANOTHER FISH is titled “Deconstructing the Human Agreements.” The book builds gradually from considering the concept of “air” to the most complex mental play about where our soul exists, and whether centralizing memories will change our concept of Time itself.

Central to this book is the role that the most human experiences play in making sure we hold on to our most precious human gifts: Free Will, Free Play, Virtues, Morality, reaching our highest potential, and the great “creating something out of nothing” that we call “Art.”

The engineering of Blockchain Intersections, if build around and upon Humanity, will usher in the most incredible innovations in the history of man, and answer the questions at the heart of our existence: why am I here, what is now, are we alone, what are dreams, and why is it that the only thing making it all worth the quest is each other?

Scott Hadley Morgan
Author of C.I.T. Analysis
Award-Winning Director-Writer of Film
Creator of Crypto-Integrity Tao and Creativity First Films

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