Blockchain in all its forms excites investors and techies but not masses of everyday people for two main reasons: 1) Blockchain hasn’t been truly defined and is value-based on nothing; 2) it has no “meaning” to humanity. There is no deep thinking on what Blockchain with all its DLT and forms of financials alters in the individual’s relationship to governments, national Cultures, technology giants, financial systems, telecoms, commerce, social media, and entertainment/media.

Crypto-Integrity-Tao fills the void of true understanding on all aspects related to Blockchain. To ensure the most complete and Virtuous definition, this feat required over 1,600 pages that coordinated the most essential fields that culminated in:

  • The first accelerating grand Philosophy for this era “The Age of Imagination”
  • Correlating Blockchain with Physics, Biology, Neuroscience, Humanity Laws/Constants
  • A dominant strategy reckoning financial, regulatory, political, and technology systems
  • The “Uber-izing” of Hollywood to save the art of film, television, and streaming
  • Immediate rewards in entertainment, games, Apps, and even our Natural World that become more immersive, impactful, beneficial, and awe-inspiring through Blockchain

To maximize the positive potential of Blockchain in this new and more accurate vision of C.I.T., eventually this will be in both English and Chinese.

This awe is not simply on what C.I.T. presents – this awe is the awe of higher self-awareness and something called “meta-motivation” … the motivation an individual feels from within when given a clear path to self-improvement and the pursuit of joys, whether they are financial, physical, spiritual, or simply mental.

Assembling, cross-checking, and preparing for release required 5 years since the writing of the first book was written. The composer of these books traveled around the world, met with recognized experts within specific fields, and applied all the scientific knowledge and studies possible. And then synched everything so that it has the dexterity of what C.I.T. calls “The Hand Of The Mind.”

Timing also plays a major role to achieve the highest potential in “all things Blockchain.” It isn’t just that mankind needs this and is ready for this, the Cosmos and government systems also need and want this. Everything falls into alignment and so the path clears for an accelerating user experience. The wisdom that finally Blockchain can be based upon “everything” creates the spirit that urges people to interface with the technology first as a curiosity then as a thrill when rewards quickly follow. Everyday people will share this idea with newcomers that something truly special is happening very quickly – or in other words, it gives social use of Blockchain reasons to “scale.” Yet, correlating all the intelligence in the books leads to the greatest value of all, and this lies both within the individual and outside him or her, in society and cultures.

For the first time in the technological realms, we are aware we are creating an Organism-Environment at the moment we create it. To learn how magnificent a moment this is, simply engage in all that Crypto-Integrity-Tao synthesized so that the most complex of sciences and deep thinking becomes easily enjoyed. Your own mind is designed to recognize patterns and improve as a probability machine, and the mind will correlate on its own what ends up delivering meaning and value to you. You become both the Organism and the Environment of higher thought and sublime motivations.

C.I.T. has divided this engaging experience into over 500 Chapters, that kick off with 70 in the first week, and continue releasing them for 3 whole months so that people around the world have time to absorb it, discuss it, adapt to it, benefit from it, share it, and hopefully realize they’re now at the controls of entangling in an Emergent level. While this might make no sense to engaging minds at first, quickly all of you will see exactly what this means and how to use it.

It is not enough to improve systems – the secret to the highest potential is to unleash individual passion and curiosity so that the source of the lesson becomes insignificant. Planning for this means you’re not told “what to think, “you’re shown “how to think.” Meta-motivation and “Agency” make you emboldened to never stop being curious when it comes to your world, values, and own potential. Once you recognize the science within you and the elegance of the Organism-Environment obstacles become assets. And you can justify the asset through what gives you meaning in life.

Prepare yourself for a phase of higher “Plasticity of the Mind” and all the incredible realizations that spring forth when the Philosophy, Sciences, Strategy, and indulgent Media coordinate for the most beneficial use of each one of you, and of all of you within a culture and society.