Which Game making companies will improve the Gamer Experience

Games were a $180 billion industry in 2021.  The biggest Gamer nations are China, the United States, India, Japan, Korea, and then the ASEAN nations.   Gamers in all nations have put up with a few problems that Game platforms refused to solve.   Blockchain innovation challenges the stubborn Game tech giants and is forcing them to solve problems.  Here are the top requests Gamers have been asking for over a decade.

  • End “cheats” which is the selling of secret moves or knowledge from elite Gamers to help rich players win
  • Interoperable Tokens, which is Tokens that can be played in more than one Game rather than only stuck on one Game
  • The right to sell assets earned or paid for in a Game to another player
  • A way to redeem the value earned or stored in a Game through purchases, the hours played in the Game, or what was learned playing
  • Recognition of rising star players for scholarships and Gamer Competitions by using decentralized grading systems of DLT
  • Preventing top players of a Game from playing for a rich Gamer to pretend he’s got skills
  • For Game creators, preventing Apple, Google, and Facebook from demanding over 50% of App Store sales/profits
  • In Blockchain Games, Facebook/Meta announced it will demand 50% of all NFT sales in Blockchain auctions and Metaverses
  • In Blockchain Games ways to improve the real world by what you do in the Game if it has that option built into it
  • New hardware innovations for players:  wearables, engines, visuals, A.R., V.R., E.R. and Live Events
  • A way to minimize the loss in value of a Blockchain NFT asset over time

The big name companies like Unreal Engine and Epic Games are top of everyone’s list. However, I think half the future of Games requires investing in new Game companies that are not already essentially owned and controlled by Apple, Google, Facebook, and Samsung. This is especially important when it comes to Blockchain-based Games and Metaverses.   The first problem with FAANG is they centralize and therefore eliminate the decentralized blueprint for NFT’s and Metaverses.  This then results in a punishing change in taxation and fees.   With no regulations in the United States set yet for cryptocurrencies and NFT’s (such as classifying Protocol Apps and other onramps to crypto as VASP’s, and the three new taxes announced by Janet Yellen) just about any Blockchain Game with a USA home base could put the Gamers in a position for hyper-taxation of all assets.  

Crypto-Integrity-Tao and Creativity First Films will partner with many Game making companies around the world.  Here is the Deck from one of them.

The top new Blockchain Game designer company in my opinion is this company and its Blockchain Game.