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That question breaks down into three categories:   “External World,” “Internal Being,” and “Universal- Dimensional.”   

Internally, our genetics, subconscious, feelings, sense of freedom, and expense of energy and knowledge all give feedback we interpret as good sensations or bad sensations.    If the sensation from applause feels good, and also by luck removes primitive fears (disease, starvation, war, slavery) then it’s incredibly powerful.   Your subconscious desires lead you.   

External World deals with education, politics, religion, systems, geography, social health, Nature, direction, invention, and more.      The concept that the universal property of everything in our Universe is “WILL” gives us clues.   That, and the fact that “Dumb-Matter” self-organizes into “Smart-Matter” as it recognizes a more elegant way of Will and Information on the way to Intelligence. And this is all Emergent and Binary (and subject to Relativity, and Quantum state.)   This all points to an “Ether” rather than voids.   Yet, first came the Fields. So, into this, “Universe Fields” were beckoned, and among Will, Elegance, and Emergent came our Indivisible Soul with either a collective Universal Mind or Individual Mind.

The Universal Dimension means all the energy, ideas, Laws of Fields, mystical influence, and the great unknowns related to gods,    

Tackling “Internal Being,” control comes from who or what gives our life meaning.    If this is love for children, faith in a religion, health, prosperity, we adjust our Internal decision-making over to whomever “games” our desire to have many of our individual decisions made for us.  That after all gives us meaning, easiest seen with religions.    Religions and totalitarian dictatorships work hard to make sure all your answers can be found simply by turning over the meaning of your life to them.   

But how do we get the opposite of this?     Through knowledge and life experience.    Art experience mainlines this into our being.  Even seeing great and moving Art delivers this in some form.     But to trust your own knowledge requires confidence that your mind …

“When 90% of the people doubt you, you’re either

about to make a serious mistake, or

you’re about to make history.”

When you read about human psychology, almost all of that information comes from either university research, or experts that continued research in the university tradition after graduation.    Some books and articles are written by people in other professions that happened to think enough about human psychology to write something, but other than that, the rest is written by what are called “Academics” or “Intellectuals.”    This process occurs almost entirely in Western universities, those in Europe and the United States, in part because the Westerns glean almost all “expert analysis” and “medical assumptions” from data or models and tests.  The opposite of this is Asia (including India of course.)   So much of Asian psychology gets it guidance from Nature and philosophers that based their theorems or announcements on personal observance of people that merged with the most popular regional philosophies like Tao, Confucius, Buddha, or local legendary leaders and warlords.   In other words, the most truthful and enlightening studies of the mind were “real” to the Chinese, because the outcomes or diagnosis for healing, as well as the future directions of politics and society, came from real people acting in the real world. 

In the United States, France, Germany, and England (the most powerful centers for the study of the human mind) this is not the case.   Politicians, Marketers, and physicians rely on tests.  The problem is that most all of these tests or models are performed by “experts” and companies that first align with the Politicians, to make sure they come out with the verdict or guidance they desire.   If politicians control the funding for research, and are paid by lobbyists that deliver votes and election campaign money, the politicians are told what to approve and what to support.   

The more famous the university, the more influence or “weight” the research carries.   Therefore, the top universities in Western like Harvard, Cambridge, Beijing, Sorbonne, Yale, Stanford, and Oxford publish research with so much influence that it literally steers readers in the direction they desire, far more then they direct them to the truth. 

I’ll explain why, and start specifically as it relates to the mind, and then to Art and Artists.

Almost all study into human psychology that universities publish is divided into two categories:   Normal and Weird.   And Artists are classified in “Weird. “

Funny, isn’t it?   But it is true.  Artists are solidly placed in the Weird category, but only by Western “thinkers” (thinkers being a dubious title at best for them.)    

So, all of you listening to me, watching me, reading me – if you are artists, the universities and self-proclaimed experts with many degrees determined we are “Weird.”   

Who else in the “Weird” category?    Serial killers, psychotics, insane people, and schizophrenics.   Feels good, doesn’t it? If not, it should.  Why?  Well, if you’re with these people and not killing others, then you’re top of the pack for “cool and awesome” right?   Haha.  And you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone that questions you, you just have to say you’re “Weird” and get a free pass on your actions!   What FREEDOM!

Get a load of what I’m about to tell you, it gets even funnier.  Or more “Weird” and disastrous.   And it is incredibly important if you are living in China, when you read about what is normal in Europe and the United States. 

Even if you are not an artist, if you are a Chinese or American sitting at home watching this, yet love to share in movies, music, and art you did not create, you should enjoy seeing how stupid people, that create even less than you do, determine what is normal. 

When you do a test in Harvard or Oxford, you put up a notice in the school or in the school paper, saying you will PAY people to take part in an experiment on human psychology.    The students read this ad, and if they want money, they do the experiment, or if they are favored by the teacher, they will do it to get a better grade.   So, there is a heavy incentive to please the teacher or person giving the Test.   

Most of the time, the student can figure out the end result the test wants.  And if this student wants to be called back for another test and get even more money, he or she will answer so that the test people get the result they want.   In some cases the student cannot determine this, but that will not matter, as you will soon see why. 

To make it even less true, the researcher can always dump an entire study if it does not please his plans. 

With great gifts comes great responsibilities.   

Many people ask why Art is important, or question the roles and duties of Artists, especially now with the computer replacing so many art duties like mechanical drawing. 

So let me take you on a journey.   Into our long past, in order to predict our near future (actually our current stasis.)     

Hunter-gatherer homo sapiens observed their world so much more than we do now, that even his primitive life proved more inventive and adaptive than our daily life now.    They had to observe the food they ate and hunted.   Their creativity imagined countless things we take for granted, like how to spin yarn, how to preserve food, and more.  Imagine yourself, along a river in India, washing clothes for years.  You find out that the clothes you wash downstream from the lye got cleaner, and soon began scooping up lye so your clothes always had this in the water when cleaning. Would you be able to observe this and make a change in human life?   

Yet for all the inventions we introduced to the world, the grandest examples of our creativity were in the 7 Arts I mentioned before:   Architecture, Dance, Song and Music, and more.   Back then, these Arts also served another purpose:  to make the supreme ruler into a god.   Ancient Egypt provides the greatest proof of this.   Huge statues of Kings so impressed travelers  and conquered tribes they gathered in the city to be part of a hierarchy displaying such great works, backed by such amazing stories.   These stories that cemented the powers of human gods got exaggerated until about 1,000 B.C..    

The powers they gave to the gods usually revolved around food, harvesting, natural disasters, and wars.    While they could use only their own logic, observation, and primitive calculations, they built the massive canals and dams that prevented floods and famine, that would be a challenge to build even today.  This, through Art and observation.  Art, presenting the Truth in the Fields (Gravity, Mass) ignored the passage of time.   Generations died before the dams, canals, and pyramids completed.    The human gods, called Pharaohs, held mastery over all animals and harvests.  They needed the masses to believe this so they would not rebel.   Artists conveyed this message in a way universally-appealing, so slaves or traders from other worlds understood not to question a Pharaoh.    

Now, after conquering most of the problems related to survival, we give the power of gods to corporations, computers, government bodies, media, and organized heads of social communities like Popes and mullahs.      But really, we as a race are merging with the new machines giving us powers of gods.  The powers to remain young and healthy, the power to never be hungry, to travel around the world as fast as the sun crosses the sky, the ability to communicate without face to face settings.   

As computers and medicine begin augmenting our human body with chips and new abilities like The Bionic Man, our quest to be gods will be reached. 

Yet, the powers of gods rests in the stories, the Art, the humanity that binds large masses of people to work together.    Reckless interpretation of Art and storytelling has led to countless government overthrows.    

Our strongest connection to the part of our “being” that is not making choices based on an algorithm comes from the stories we believe in, and the stories we tell ourselves about our own identity.  Our soul, or conscience.   Our moral decisions, our emotions that determine our mating and our generosity, our compassion, is what gives meaning to life. 

The more life gets equated to computers or holograms, the more valuable Artistic observation and execution becomes.   

Dividing Art into two categories helps understand this.    Impulsive Art like Dance, Singing, Music, Painting, Sculpting … vs. Architecture, Computer Coding, Quantum, Fields, and more.    All involve Artistic interpretation of our reality, yet one follows algorithms.    

How to measure the perceived Intelligence of a person?   

One “test” surely could not encompass all measures or, more important, all forms or mediums for Intelligence.   The use of computers to measure Intelligence adds several new layers to the challenge, because it removes the Intuition of the Judge of Intelligence.   

Recently, social scientists (uh-oh, that’s a word seething with trepidation) broke down the “Intelligence Categories.”   

LOGICAL INTELLIGENCE (Mathematics, clean deductive Science)

LINGUISTIC INTELLIGENCE (Poetry, writing, speaking, tone, voice, semantics)

EXISTENTIAL INTELLIGENCE (Spiritual, unknowns outside humanism)

SPATIAL INTELLIGENCE (Visual, Object recognition, Form in Space, Colors)

BODILY INTELLIGENCE (Muscle Memory, genetic coding, Natural Selection.)   

Notice how closely these follow the Five Brains concepts.  Logical — Brain Brain.   Linguistic – Gut Brain.   Existential – Intuitive Brain.   Spatial – Heart Brain.   Bodily – Muscle Brain.  Okay, so, it’s a stretch for Spatial to be with Heart, but it breaks down again in what I call our COMMUNICATION INTELLIGENCES.   


SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE (Social Intercourse, now adding Electronic)

NATURAL INTELLIGENCE (Interplay and Observation of Nature)

INTRA PERSONAL INTELLIGENCE (Communicating within your systems)

EXISTENTIALINTEL (Communicating Truths of our Existence)

Art transcends all these categories.   

Is Art the Language then of Intelligence?    

Instead, visualize the “Act of Art” – that moment of artistic expression – as the convergence of:







The Five Intelligences and Five Communication Intelligences interpret all this Wisdom. 

Art is where Dark Matter meets Inspiration. 

The Intersection is not a wide open threshold, it is a “Lock-And-Key Threshold.” 

This match up is like a key matching the pins in the lock to unlock their worlds of Truth.    

The Artist in all glory and humility embraces the Truths of his being and talent, which he must match like a Lock-And-Key to the Wisdoms inspiring him and channeling through him.    If the Artist is not ready, the key won’t unlock all the mysteries.   But, if the Artist is free to follow the vibrations or Wisdoms, then more levels of the lock open up.   In a way, Artists are on the Journey, the progression, of unlocking the mysteries of life.   No scientific field has this freedom.   Sciences are tied to many factors: money, religion, governments, corporations, universities, established opinions, prejudice, competition, ego, and much more.       

Most of the creative work I’ve done in my life followed algorithm paths.  In other words, I followed steps to get to conclusions.    As a chef I followed a recipe, even if only in my head.   In photography I obeyed the laws of physics regarding light, and laws of Nature regarding composition, following an algorithm that ensured the best final results.     As a writer, while I often know the formula and therefore the algorithm of popular storytelling, this does not always follow just algorithm influence.   

In each Art medium, there come moments of channeling pure Intelligence taking the Artist on journeys on unknown paths.  When the brain does not govern all movements.   

Receiving complete visions hits many artists and geniuses like a blast of light.    It’s shocking and most often they back off, wondering what the hell was that. It’s sort of like being bonked on the head, but we brush it off as quirky.    

Fear. fear of the unknown.    The artist wants the pleasure of pushing beyond limits and tapping into a greater power, yet fear plays with them both.   The shock of light transmissions or other visions usually causes potential geniuses to recoil.  They’re not ready.   I believe that a sort of cosmic, multi-dimensional game of roulette (or is it Russian Roulette) are being played with the Wisdoms and Truths.    Tapping into them surely blows your mind.   And … it’s addicting because it triggers the most intense Truths and sensations locked in your genes, personal history, and subconscious.    

Dogs will show you everything important in your life and character.    Loyalty.  Fun.   Exploration.   Bravery.   Love.   Defense.   Balance your life.  Balance your partnerships.   Don’t sweat the small stuff.   You’re a reflection of the people you hang with.   Parenting.   Making two more than the sum of its parts.    

I am choosing the two animals that mankind domesticated that are most often in our homes. With us through all our insignificant moments.   Animals we let our guard down to, and accept as family.    But herein reveals a key proponent in how man came to dominate the planet.    Mankind learned how to domesticate animals, for work and food.  What does this really mean?   That mankind removed all the smart and creative animals from breeding, so that eventually the dumbest examples of an animal exists (cows, chickens, pigs, horses, etc.)  I know this because the freewheeling, independent wolf or wild dog won’t put up with switching their survival skills for human-support skills, no matter how many dog biscuits we trade the canine.   

One myth that recently got debunked was that man domesticated dogs and trained them not to howl like the wild wolves they came from, and now bark, “because they can.”  The different placement of the noise-making box in their throats limits wolves to (mostly only) howling.   A tongue and noise-box moved ahead a half an inch allowed dogs to bark and howl both.    For decades scientists insisted that dogs evolved due to mans’ interaction and partnership.   But that would take a million years through slow genetic mutation (one female with a tongue and box a half inch forward would mate with a male the same traits and produce enough offspring so that the half born with the same deformity would mate with others with the same deformity until every puppy was like them.)    

But no!   

Here is what they now discovered and agreed upon.    And I mention it because it has to do with Balance, one of the keys I think guide our evolution.   Again, I.Q.  One-to-many.

Before dogs gradually became domesticated by men and women, there were wolf pups that were slightly mutated in the throat area, unable to howl.  Howling is one of the key communications within a wolf pack, and plays a factor in which dog leads the pack and can breed.   No dog that was born unable to howl but instead barks would be allowed to breed unless all others in the pack died.   And in fact, most times, the pack turned on that pup that could not howl, and killed it!  If the wolf lived, it only got to eat what the pack left after a big kill, so often times the dog died of starvation.    These dogs lived on the fringe of the pack just to avoid angry lower dogs, that would kill them.   

As men started nomadic lifestyles, more and more wolf packs came into contact with them.   The humble, cowed wolves that could not bark were often on the outer boundary of the pack. The pack would hang loosely around the humans hoping one would venture out alone so the pack could stalk and kill the human.    

But the rare wolves that could bark would be often closer to the humans because they were not included in the inner circle of dominate wolves.   The intense hunger of the barking wolves forced them to consider bones and meat thrown from the campfires of nomads (and later camps.)    Slowly, the humans won over the deformed wolves.  They formed a copasetic relationship:  the human would give the wolf-dog meat from the fires that was easy to digest and nurtured the dog to breeding, and the dog would smell or hear danger approaching to keep the human alive.   

The weakness of both species joined to form a strength.  Balance.    

It would have taken millions of years for dogs to evolve to do two things:  “learn” in their primitive brains that barking helps the human that feeds them, so they should learn barking more.  Instead, that was a freak of nature, optimized by humans.   Their hands, I.Q., and ability to take many and bring back to the One proved an aide to survival. 

Now … why have we “un-learned” how to bond with Nature? 

Because our words evolve our civilizations.    Recently, a recognizable percentage of dogs have learned how to “smile” in the span of less than a generation.   This is an extraordinary leap in mental evolution when it comes to communicating between species.   And oddly enough, Instagram may have played a role in this evolution.   So many people trained their dogs to smile, “The Hundredth Monkey Principle”  transmitted the idea of smiling to dogs that never were taught how to smile.  When enough dogs know this, all dogs quickly know this.   And in addition, the dog knows what this means – it is the outward expression of inner joy and fulfillment.   

Dogs also go beyond their senses.   “Dogs smell fear.”    It’s so common that every country has a way of saying it.   Dogs stories now tell so many tales of dogs being able to sniff out cancer under the skin of a beloved owner long before it is diagnosed. 

Yet out words prevent us from “feeling” this or developing this sense the dogs have.   Dogs bond with and protect infants where there is no reason to—the infant does not feed them.  They must communicate because the baby at birth can often still respond to the Ether in a visceral way, far too young to express it in language.

Great Danes’ notoriety for superior psychic connection to their owners appears all over Europe and the USA where they are most common. My most impressive story is about a Great Dane.  I must say this story is fully proved by many witnesses before you read it – it’s that fantastic.

A couple had their first baby.  About two months later, a relative bought them a Great Dane for a present.   The dog and boy grew up together.  They lived in a house with a nice yard in front and back on a suburban street that had a lot of trees.  Perfect to play outside.  The boy liked kickball and the dog would chase.    The dog and boy were inseparable, with the dog eventually sleeping at the foot of the bed.  Then the parents got divorced.   The Mother moved to the next city over.   The dog could not move because the Mother moved into an apartment vacated by her friend at a great low cost, but the building that did not allow dogs.

About 8 months later the boy was playing kick ball in the urban street.  Not used to the traffic, he darts out from in between cars to chase the ball – right into an oncoming car!!!!  The car hit the boy, killing him!

At exactly the same time, the Dane was lying asleep on the floor of the living room. The screen door to the front yard and street was latched closed.   The Father and a friend were sitting at a table talking.  Suddenly the Dane jumped up and ran full force straight through the screen, full speed out into the street, and rammed a different boy  of the same size standing in the street, knocking him to the curb in a way that would have saved his owner boy.  The Dane got hit by a car coming from the same side as the boy! Both the Dane and boy died within a minute of each other.

The dog felt something humans cannot.   I think because they lack the easy sense skills of language that bypass the other “Brains” of the body.    But across such a long distance?   How could the Dane feel the last moments of horror, possibly even “see” the movement of both the boy and car, over a hundred miles? 

Look at this from all the angles you want.   One of them has to be Ether.    

Yet there is another angle to view this from as an I.Q. source.  That relates to conversations I had years ago with a friend named Tara.   Her conclusion that there are 5 Brains in the body would explain largely the dog’s decision to act, his heart Brain holding the love for the boy would override its survival instincts in the head Brain.    

How does that effect creativity?   In a way it shows that art and creation is driven by passion and emotion, but is best when merged. Can that be done consciously?   

Cats are a whole different level.  I DO think cats are living half way in our dimension and halfway in another dimension.  It would probably do me good to own a cat but I am very allergic to them.   That, unfortunately, disqualifies me from writing more other than to say that cats for sure see things we don’t, communicate with things we don’t see, go places we don’t know about.    Ether. 

Blame Science Fiction.   

My fascination with Science Fiction started at age 6, reading The Hardy Boys Mysteries, often using science or futuristic inventions to solve crimes.    Television brought The Twilight Zone and Outer Limits, which though just entertainment to me, baffled my mind and posed alternatives to what we think is real and how we think that up.   Many episodes deal with “human agreements” being broken, and this continued with Star Trek, as the concept of what it means to be moral in a Universe involved all sorts of futuristic devices.   

Some of my first tests at how far I can push the imagination of my brain were playing chess, and pushing limits to laws – laws mental, physical, and social.   I got into a lot of trouble doing that one thing that everyone said not to do.   I broke arms and my head testing rules of gravity.   

The creation of films about zombies, vampires, and aliens that take over the mind or inhabit another brain through a parasite that controls thought and action hit television right about when I was 10.    Totally fascinated me.   Yet I was far too hyper-social and adventurous to become a couch potato or withdraw into a geek world of science.   Testing on my mind showed I was above normal, not overly impressively, but enough. Yet there were areas that higher gasp of concepts proved to hold, mainly in higher Mathematics, correlation of reactions in our physical world, and control of the fight or flight impulses.   This showed up in some weekend private counseling with a child psychologist when I was about 12.    He helped me identify it, and also said it could atrophy if not stimulated.  Neither choice would define my level of happiness, it was either something I found fascinating enough to explore, or not, like any hobby presented to a pre-teen.    

The testing and how it later spawned its own  territories of exploration involved an individual’s relationship to rules on all levels.  And pursuing them was half algorithm, half conditioning, much like rising the ranks in the military.    My first experiences pushing the mind to see objectives from extremely opposite viewpoints set my mind up to do that the rest of my life.   And, it was timed with my involvement with the Boys Scouts.  This seems insignificant, but, it put me deep into Nature.  Nature supplies its own branch of stimulus and overwhelming truths of what existence entails.  It also taps into our Intuition, developing it like a muscle, as well as our ability to observe and use the gifts in our genetic structure.   What gifts am I talking about?   

Innate GPS on our planetary fields of energy.   

Observation skills that apply the Macro to the Micro and back again, constantly 

Time measured by Circadian clocks inherent in all species, not just to rely on the watch on our hand to tell us “what time is it?”  When a storm approaches, and you do not see a cloud, but animals begin reacting, suddenly it is time to build shelter.   When quiet hits the forest, you stop until whatever upset the rhythm of this pocket of Nature leaves the arena, or the arena adapts to the arrival of this upsetting force – perhaps a predator, perhaps a change in magnetic fields, perhaps fear humans emote looks like a colorful gas that stops the birds from chirping until it dissipates.   

Nature surrounded me with Truths that hacked what parents, schools, and society told me are “unbreakable rules.”    Yes, society is more orderly and compassionate with laws and physical rules being followed.    And certain studies are set in stone, like the writings of Shakespeare and the math of Euclid.    But it was beyond these teachings that breakthroughs for both society and individuals find clues and fuels.    

Observe people.    Think back over your life.   

I call Hope one of life’s “Essential Elements.”     Before that sounds too inspiring, I also deem “Corruption” as an Essential Element.   By this I mean both play a big role in Innovation and Survival.   

Start by observing Nature.    Corruption mostly happens between two species:  parasites on hosts, predators using confusion to trap prey, humans domesticating animals, cancer, mutation, and mating all feature the corruption of previous standards or expectations of “being left alone” if you are innocent.    In fact, the lure of Art, its beauty and truth, could be deem a major corruptor of man since Egyptian times.   Is that so bad?   Consider the suffering many Artists endure on their path to excellence.     

In that sentence lies the Truth and dichotomy:    Corruption or luring to an Art seduces the person, displaces the primary drives of survival, and consumes the mind.     Yet, it is part of the path to Excellence.      

Hope.    Fascinating to consider.   A study of mice in a lab sheds light on how important it is to survival and creative thought.    Mice were put into a small tank that slowly filled with water.  The mice would struggle to swim for about 45 minutes.   If they could not scale above water or escape, they gave up.  But right before drowning, the scientists put a small ladder on the side that the mice could climb.   Once a small escape was successful, they would try again until they died.    They did this one at a time.  Then they put the mice together.    They taught the other mice to struggle only 45 minutes.  After that, give up hope.   Without hope, the mice die.   

Civilizations grew on the principle of Hope.  Sometimes this Hope was hundreds of years off, such as when the great Cathedrals were built, Great Wall of China, Pyramids, and so much more.   Even the modern Internet was built on the hope it would transform humanity.    Sacrifices for taxes get paid on the hopes of better roads, cheaper power, less gridlock.     

Hope.   Name one of the primary aspects of humanity that it does not propel:   Politics, War, Economy, Marriage, Energy, Weather, Health, Family, Technology, and of course The Arts.    Many times the Hope is simply to improve life in general, with the idea we can keep rising higher out of our primitive drives to find Sublime Guidance and Existence in harmony with Nature and each other.   

A universal principle for arts that can be considered “Original Creations” relies not just on doing something no one else has done yet, but more significant and primary is to believe something few others believe yet.    You can see this in Music, which changes quite fast now, and in Sports.  Sports is most definitely an Art.   In Sports, the Truth is proven through meritocracy.   The Fosbury Flop was rejected and almost outlawed in the 70’s when it was “created” and is now the only form used for high jump.  And new sports equipment like the Nike sole, double-handed backhand, “Money Ball” techniques, gymnastics moves, freestyle snowboarding, surfing, and skydiving appear with test equipment that goes mainstream..   All required Hope in the innovation first.  Hope to set a new standard.   It’s one of the few Arts that can be measured.    

And then there are Games, both electronic games and board games.    There is an Electronics Arts Gaming Olympics, testing the limits of hand-eye coordination along with speed as a quotient, and players must “create” artistic moves to survive.    Making gaming one of the few sports that result in death.    Just you watch – the Elites will find a way to take this into the real world. Why?  The same reason religion went global.  It organizes people into group-think sources of power – power in money, power in desires, power in vision, power in warfare.  In fact, Gaming is almost the only art that can stave off 3 of the 4 primal needs:   starvation, disease, and war …. It still leaves Geeks without sex, but they’re working on it like DJ’s.    

Early nomadic life forced humans to be far more innovative and creative then people must be
today. So much depended on observing Nature constantly, to find food and avoid death traps
such as dangerous animals. The human body reduces and often eliminates traits or skills that no
longer serve a purpose. For example, human senses of smell and hearing rivals animals. As his
brain no longer needed to smell water from a distance, this skill lessened just like tracking
animals or hand-building a dam is no longer a necessary skill. Just as calluses on the feet
became less necessary with shoes, so did aspects of our creative mind.
The more the human mind developed skills in communication and working in larger societies,
the more it appreciated Arts. Yet at the same time, groups assumed new ideas that often times
never were true.
Superstitions and Magic begin where Science ends. The knowledge of hunters or monks so
attuned to nature they are, able to talk to plants, or read the weather, were discarded by
“professionals” that learned a clinical or “acceptable” expert status. While in many instances
this worked terrific, such as in the recording of languages or the advancement of mathematics, it
forces the mass of people to “agree” with the newest declarations on “what is” and “what isn’t.”
Now mankind rises to the point where he has conquered most of his physical world and its
challenges. Our minds, coupled with machines reach godlike levels.
I believe it is time to challenge many of the primary “Agreements” that helped us get to this
point. Probably the easiest one to approach is our concept of Time. Much like the Agreement
that the Earth is flat, the Agreement that Time is how we describe it, rather than how it truly is,
simplifies our lives. It allows us to be organized, and in organization we nation-build, companies
expand, and people get rich and powerful.
And yet, more than we need to advance, mankind, regardless of what country our society is
formed in, desperately need organization, systems, and limits. We need a guiding power
keeping civilized man civilized. While when left alone, our inherent characteristic is to be
curious and work together, cities put greed above human honors. This puts out government
leaders in quite a tough position. Any leading nation needs to give freedom and Truth to
“emerging technologies and personal beliefs” in order to break out new inventions that improve
life on a planet that constantly becomes more crowded. Yet the leaders know people abuse
freedom. If the leaders themselves are not inherently creative, how do they deliver both
necessities? By observing and agreeing with the “Four Sources of Reflection” (as I call them.)



Our first inspiration and guide through life was and always should be Nature. This place also
revealed the ways that Balance communicates directions for us. Culture gives value to the
lessens learned over thousands or hundreds of years by our ancestors. And it is reflected in the
various timeless Arts: Poetry, Prose, Dance, Music, Sculpture, Architecture, Health (which I
deem an unexplored Art.) The moment an Artist “Creates” harnesses the 3 other qualities into
one expression. Young people expecting or hoping to break through to a greater peace and
happiness, along with prosperity, must value the guidance as much as value these 4 sources. The

young need to see honest reflections of themselves, not just peer reflections or current over-
stimulating reflections (games, photographs, videos.) The clearest proof of this is the

overwhelming feeling of freedom that young people feel when they dance, and even younger
children feel when they sing out loud. All that I present in my vlogs relies on valuing Nature as
the first teacher and source, Culture as its trail of successes, Balance as a way to integrate this
into happiness, and Art as a way to express it or see it building.
Amidst all of this, lie our Agreements that we can now challenge.
The concept of Time captivated me since I was about 14 years old, when my Grandfather (a
scientist) gave me books on advanced mathematics and also a Look book on Time. I began to
question Time, how it is measured. When I read Catch-22, there was a character that proclaimed
that he did things that bored him so that Time would move slower and by the end of his life he
lived more Time. My Grandfather thought upon this a second, then simply said, “That is a
fiction.” Shortly after that, my best friend and I made a “secret club agreement” that we would
not grow older after 30, and that time would move slower for us so that we could fit more into it.
I dove into this wholeheartedly, yet after several years, he stopped believing in it. I made my
first large purchase, one that I keep today. At age 19 I bought a clock by Cartier, that was a
skeleton table clock. I adored it as I inspected its inner movements for minutes at any time of the
day my thoughts were pulled back to thinking abou what Time really is to us. These few
examples out of dozens all lead back to the fact I never fully accepted the standard concept of
Now, finally, concepts about Time are so commonly studied that it is entering our movies and tv
shows. While each film had some invention that gave man the ability to Time Travel or space
travel without the constraints of Time, only a few have taken on the task of “re-defining” Time.
We all live in this Agreement, and we must give it up to rise above all the negative factors that
Time as we know it carries: disease, old age problems, death, and much more.
To me, Time represents something much different: It is a system we can navigate to bring back
the most essential element in Creation: Information – following its Will which is on its way to
higher potential and elegance as it is reflected throughout our Universe from the sub-atomic level
to the grand galactic level.
Time and Space couple. You cannot fully utilize one without the other playing a part. We agree
that Space has certain Laws of Physics, yet only in this Dimension in this Time. Conventiently,
we relate to time as linear, and to the watches that tell us what time it is as representing what
makes Time meaningful to us humans in our Earthly reality. Within a few years our concept of

Time will dramatically evolve. I want my study of the great Philosophies to merge into one of
the first guides to this revelation, and to make it functional with the technology books called
We agree we live in this Dimension, yet actually are incapable of fully envisioning, much less
living in, another Dimension, or merging Dimensions. This Agreement keeps us in this
The obstacle we must overcome is as fundamental as our civilization on this planet: Language.
The key to De-Constructing our Agreements lies in forming a new relationship with the Cosmos
and Creation that skips Language entirely, and even some fundamental elements of “Thinking”
at the same time. While mathematics and numbers (not to be confused with Numerology)
translates very much of the cosmos and our reality, it alone won’t deliver the complete alphabet
or language that brings us higher toward the “Emergent-Mind Universe.” These chapters
deliver what could be thought of as the essential stretching of our minds to fathom the great leap
forward. And technology will engage for the good of what makes us human if we start of from
the best perspective.
A daunting task or path, because we gain so much of our comfort, confidence, and positioning
from Agreements. Yet, all of us have experienced sensations or events that transcend facts,
science, space, and Time.
Love, between people and animals. Déjà vu. Miracle cures.
More important is, that the Agreements prevent us from tapping into skills and awareness that
mankind was taught are useless. For example, what if fear looks like a red mist hanging around
a human body, that dogs and other animals see but we cannot? What if we have the ability to
read minds, but left it behind, when the religions felt it a threat and people were punished that
used it? Conformity allowed the Church to expand and grow powerful. They brought all
advanced texts to the Vatican, and some are kept in a vault that only the Pope and a few scholars
are allowed to read. Why? What truth is hidden in these scrolls or volumes?
Rather than go into a conspiracy direction, I instead look at it simply as temporary solutions
scientists and leaders told us were true, to allow more cooperation and livelihood. Not evil. Just,
the way we moved ahead.
Now is the Time to challenge many Agreements. I’ll start with the Agreement that we move in —
a resistance-proof medium called Air.
We are simultaneously gods and worms. (Mazlow)

front-view-mockup-of-a-paperback-book-on-a-customizable-surface-33645 (1)

Teaser Chapters

Creativity is Productivity marked by Originality. (This is no my original definition, it is a quote
and I cannot find the original writer.). The “Dynamic Definition of Creativity” is “Creativity
requires potential originality and effectiveness.” Steve Jobs said creativity is “just connecting
things.” This begins by recognizing patterns, I’d suppose. “Divergent Thinking” is by definition
cognition that leads in various directions; therefore, much of my work in correlating five major
books means I’m engaging creative talent in writing by enacting Divergent Thinking before I
write it and as I present the products that prove it worthy of attention, expense, or investment.
The result is multiple solutions to problems, which is what society needs; however, control over
news, information, and the power of the mob will prevent most solutions because they survive on
creating new problems.
The highest example of this is Davos, which is a meeting of powerful and rich people. They must
meet to agree on how to “intervene” to fix a problem that was created by the last few times they
intervened on society, technology, global and local finance, saving the planet, and macro topics
that lead to micro control. For example, they intervened to get rid of paper bags to replace them
with plastic: how did that end up? They must intervene and try to be creative in ways to extract
more money from the working class to fix a problem of global pollution they forced upon us.
The list builds on itself. They come up with Divergent Solutions that mostly increase their
power, or actually, working backwards which is how they got in these jams, they determine what
will give them more power and create problems that need their solutions. This is a perverted
and infected lab example of creativity gone bad, so let’s go to the people that truly do engage the
creative process in art or technology.
For a clue as to how this works, would you go to a University laboratory? A Think Tank? No,
you would visit the arena most fertile in Creativity – a park filled with children. For it is in this
arena that “innocent” minds must make their own decisions based on what feels right married
with what their mind comes up with to maximize Free Play time.
In that Free Play arena, you see children on a path to mastering games and social interaction that
reflect what they are at first in awe of: Nature, and our world of love and nurturing found within
Nature’s realms, for Nature exists in their Mothers, as well. In the park, see how so many
games involve the four forces of Nature: weight, force, percussion, and movement. Later I talk
about harnessing the Energy and Truth in Nature, and in these games they transform this Energy
and innately seek Truth among players.
Their minds are not yet corrupted to think one way, or laden with conforming to family
expectations or social norms.
Children look around and first are driven by curiosity. Curious about a new park toy, curious
about a kid that doesn’t look like other kids before him or her, curious about what they can get
away with, curious about what inane object can be included in a game to replace something from
the adult world. Children borrow from adults, they mimic other kids, but they first must be
engaged. Once that happens, curiosity breeds inventiveness.

Children “create” new words – entire fake languages. Imaginary friends. Children can turn a
pile of leaves into a portal to another dimension, a shadow into a demon, and countless things
into adult objects like cars, beds, clothes, and celebrations.
In their 3-6 range, most children go through the “Why?” stage, asking “why” about anything you
say. They haven’t yet fully bought into everything they are told and see. They want to know
why we made this agreement about something. Actually, they wonder what if this were not the
case, what else could this be? Adults fall short on the imagination in this case.
And they are driven by three things: peer acceptance, familial and self love, and risk.
Without risk, innovation falters. And so does happiness. Risk gives even children a feeling of
accomplishment and pride when it is overcome and delivers anything of value. The risk of not
innovation is to be the loser in a game, or to be left out of the game completely. They look
around and measure unconsciously the levels of risk and reward in Nature around them, and pick
and choose which traits to mimic and or use. The teamwork of ants, the colors of nature, the
order of power among animals – which in part explains why so many hit animated films involve
toys kids give human traits and risks to. The same things children fear losing in risk are put in
jeopardy by the toys, animals, or other things in the child’s life. And the messages are driven
home in songs that are easier to remember than common words. The ability to suspend disbelief
is on a level that many Olympic Athletes wish they could master.
Dreams work in a universe where the rules of both Time and Space are suspended. So are their
games. The games are as real as the nightmares of grownups and kids alike.
And so should the vision of Artists. Artist borrow from Nature, in lighting and hues and balance.
The repetitive visual lines in Pieter Bruegel The Elder’s peasant paintings reflects the lines of
fields of wheat before a harvest, of shoreline sand ripples, of rainbows and natural terraces of
mountains and trees. The challenge is to unlock the energy and truth captured in all of this –
kids, dreams, Nature, games, and screw the rules (unless super realism is a core of the Art.)
Yet, popularity of that Art or Creation demands that the end product is either appealing or
inspiring, and then useful.
I believe children can still see into other dimensions when born, as long as they have not learned
so many “rules” set forth by adults. This explains imaginary friends, and also some of their
inborn knowledge. While many kids are urged to leave behind imaginary friends or realms, it
makes me wonder, are we the ones living in the hallucinatory world, demanding kids join us for
our love, nurturing, and protection?
If the adult world is an hallucination, then from the top down, we are rational. Yet so many of
the things we demand the “free children” to accept must look like a hallucination to them. What
if they see us living as an hallucination in some other thing’s dream? If so, then all we see is the
hallucination we demand they accept. We “fulcrum” reality based on a few things that are solid,
like the ground, our bodies. Our Ego demands we think of what we “know” as reality. Taking
hallucinogenics oddly enough correct this limitation. Disillusion is the feeling that boundaries
are falling apart.

As we move more toward a world of technology (which is laden in rules) and less in a world of
Free Play, we might be able to “compute” more, but at the expense of dreams, doubts, and true
innovation, leaving us little more than oversized ants. In the near future, will bored humans, no
longer tested to survive, watch soap operas about robots learning to be cowboy heroes? Or
about super-humans merged with technology that lost the ability to love? Or about Aliens
watching us to see if we can avoid the traps other new civilizations fell into when they were
given the keys and secrets to eternal life, limitless knowledge, and complete indulgences.
Without risk do some of our most cherished human traits like love, caring, and compassion be
That depends on the ability of Decentralized Information and Financial Innovative Success
(Capitalism) to merge messages with the pace of innovation.
If Capitalism is the distribution of Information to be absorbed by multiple means, so is Art. The
power in distributed Art can be seen in Music best, and how it can call thousands together for an
open air concert and make them all dance.
Writers and Directors deliver something massively more powerful. Which is why it is important
that in the leading nation for film – the USA – the Integrity of the Artist must be protected and
valued, and left alone to Create. And equally important in emerging film leaders like China for
the government to protect the Artist, many times from his own enthusiasm and choices. The
individual Artist needs protection to grow and become popular within the cultural strengths of
the nation, because otherwise he fails, and then society gets poisoned by external cultures.
Contrary to popular announcements, all people and all nations are not equal. Sounds nice, but, it
is not true.
Currently, I see China’s leaders as parents in a very enticing and full park, with Artists as their
children, dabbling in make-believe that for the first time is on a global scale. Toys and
innovations from around the world are placed in the playground, and not all toys are safe for all
ages or Ages. A Director often acts like a good Father taking his children to a park in another
country. His child naturally knows how to play and is drawn to fun kids and imagination,
thinking they all know how to play safely. The Director encourages Free Play from his Actors,
but needs to swoop in fast seconds before the child hurts themselves. China plays the role of
Good Father for now.

“Talent is God-given, and should be appreciated.
Fame is people-given and we should be cautious.

Trust is earned and we must be Virtuous.”

“More tears were shed over answered prayers than unanswered ones.” Capote
Or how about this?
“No good deed goes unpunished.” And finally …
“The only law is the law of unforeseen consequences.”
Dismiss the human ability to distill logic, and unforeseen consequences predominantly turn a
good idea “bad.” Sometimes tragic.
Replacing truth with what sounds good might make politicians, economists, and activists
popular, but it leads to suffering.
Why would I consider this important to the world of Art, Media, and Technology? Simple.
These three expressions of human creativity hold incredible powers to persuade the minds of
fans. What seems like an honest, innocent, or even good idea to include in a story will have
some effect on the emotions of viewers and users. Emotions drive the sense of purpose or
meaning for an individual, as much as genetics, family, and Culture.
Once “the genie is out of the bottle” you cannot “put the genie back into the bottle.” And one of
the key problems is that the people often responsible for forcing a new agenda never have to
suffer the consequences for being wrong. A good example is Sean Penn, who flew to Venezuela
to be best friends with and promote Hugo Chavez. Chavez destroyed a great nation, and now has
left tens of millions of people starving, without electricity or water, or even basic hospitalization.
Sean’s push helped President Obama favor Chavez, giving him political cover through the Arts.
But where is Sean Penn now? Is he donating ten million dollars of his own money to feed the
starving Venezuela people? No. He’s in hiding. Not held responsible, and should be banned
from film for this atrocity. But outrage is prejudiced and aimed only at people who insist that
the individual must take responsibility.
A few more examples help prove that when it comes to invention, innovation, and media, people
need to accept that many ideas that sound good socially end up with bad consequences, and
someone should pay for them. .
Environmentalism began in the late 60’s and really took off in the 70’s. It acquired significant
political power in the 80’s. Due to extremism, environmental issues became the second strongest
driver for political elections, behind sexual identification – at least for one party, the Democrats.
However it should be stated that many Republicans are environmentalists. I’ll put that aside for
The hotbeds of environmental activism were Oregon and California, especially the universities.
I was an avid camper, into zero impact, so naturally I joined one of the first environmental

groups called Project Intercept. We would pioneer the idea called Recycling. At that time, there
was no such thing.
Within a decade, Recycling became a huge industry. So, they got their way. Or did they? The
plastic and metal from recycling was inferior in many ways, so they made demands on
companies to use inferior material. This led to more frequent repairs, itself a contributor to
environmental damage. After some time, recycled products found their role, in garbage bags,
and lower quality goods.
They do a good job hiding the environmental cost of recycling. It manifests in the trucks they
must use, separate bins for garbage, taxation that removes money from the economy, toxic waste
from it, and more.
When recycling became common, it produced so much recyclables that a large part has to simply
be incinerated or put into ordinary dumps.
The availability of cheap recycled plastic bottles enabled the boom in bottled water, which is
now the biggest source of plastic pollution. China and other 3rd world countries had to be used
to dispose of the plastic. How does it get there? On giant freighters that use diesel. And then, it
is driven in old trucks that have no smog control to dumps. There, people rake through trash,
getting sick, so they can buy things in their country made without environmental control.
Environmentalists demanded an alternative to crude oil as an energy source. They used every
tactic to ensure this: shaming, taxation, violence, courts, fines, and political weight. Did they
get the result they wanted?
Yes. In three major categories.
Natural Gas emits no pollution. And it is cheaper than oil. Far more can be transported in a
single container. It does not spoil over time. So they pushed incentives, not simply to get
Natural Gas, but to penalize and shame the major oil companies. These companies were driven
to invent new ways to acquire Natural Gas. Entrepreneurs invented fracking to release trapped
Natural Gas. This led to an energy sufficiency boom that lowered all energy costs and will result
in an incredible decrease in heavy particles emitted mostly from automobiles, and then also by
power plants, ships, and public transportation. You would think the people that demanded this
would be ecstatic.
They’re not.
First, the point never was to make the environment cleaner. It was 1) to punish oil companies, 2)
feel better about themselves, 3) demonize political enemies. But more than anything – to give
meaning to their lives. These groups only find meaning if they are angry against something.
Now all of their demands led to other problems that they can now complain about – because they
have no purpose unless they have a cause and victim to demonize.

These same groups also demanded recycling.
Now they cry that Natural Gas has made plastics so cheap to make, that there will be an
exponential increase in plastic products. And they are made so well they do not degrade.
Let’s look at one of the alternatives that plastic displaced. Iron, Steel, and Aluminum. To mine
these metals ruins large expanses of land. Transporting it causes pollution. And it rusts so it
must be replaced. It is heavy, so it requires more dense building material to support it. All
around these metals cause more pollution.
Look simply at the automobile. It is hundreds of pounds lighter while offering ten times more
gadgets – almost all made of light-weight plastics. One of the biggest automobile pollution
problems was in radiators, made of metal, that would rust. The money spent repairing them
could have gone for food for the poor. So, by replacing a metal radiator with a plastic one, less
money is spent on gas, repairs, lost time, water, and oil. In addition, most plastic radiators now
last the lifetime of the car. Then look at the oil itself. It lasts longer, and some is synthetic.
Again, from recycled plastic, made cheaply with Natural Gas.
Another crowning achievement for environmentalists is the electric car. After decades, they
finally delivered one that is popular, in the Tesla. But how good is this for the environment?
Let’s take a look at the tears soon to be shed over this answered prayer.
First, Elon Musk’s greatest achievement and skill is not in making an outstanding car. While
the Tesla is very nice, there is almost nothing in it that other car makers do better. All he
brought was a more reliable battery. A better transference of energy system was already
invented by Porsche and BMW, and was pioneered by Fisker.
Musk’s greatest talent is getting taxpayers to cover his expansion, losses, and failures. In every
stage, Musk convinced a gullible public to subsidize his company losses. For every Tesla sold
(mostly to rich buyers since it was a $90,000 car) taxpayers paid $7,300 even if they did not buy
one or could not buy one. The entire profit of the company came from Emission Tax Credits,
often paid by states that at the same time are greatly increasing their homeless or alien
populations, which also demand more money. That money went to Tesla. Not the poor. His
other major industry, Solar City, hyped up sales across America, deceived buyers, and now went
broke. He tried to (illegally as the court pointed out) dismiss this failure onto the public as their
loss yet again. Then he has his huge battery plant in Nevada. He and Harry Reid convinced
the Nevada people and Federal Government to subsidize his battery making facility outside of
Las Vegas. At a cost of $3.2 billion, a lot of that money went to politicians. And, upon
breaking ground, they announced that the battery this plant can deliver will be obsolete by the
time the plant manufactures them. He has missed every delivery target to date. And his
SpaceX has had failures. Now, major retailers like Home Depot and WalMart are suing
SolarCity because of dangerous batteries and systems, which actually caused injury, fire, and
deaths. One of the poster cities for him was in Texas. Its politicians decided to go all
“Renewable Energy.” This resulted in skyrocketing energy prices. That is bad, but what if this
happened, and the reality was that they could only get 10% of their energy from this new
Renewable source. That’s right. It bankrupted the city, but only gave them 10% of their energy.

Now, they have to deal with dangerous batteries. The environment damage caused by the Solar
and Wind farms is supposed to “even out with the environmental savings” at 20 years. But the
system failed within 5 years.
But this is not Tesla’s ultimate two unforeseen bad consequences. Though bad enough to
warrant I think legal investigation, the failed plant and subsidized losses are nothing compared to
toxic pollution his car creates.
The two greatest pollutants come in the form of Coal burning emissions, and toxic batteries.
Most Americans proud to own a Tesla crow about saving the environment. They refuse to
accept that (depending on what part of the country you live in) 60-90% of the electricity they
need for their car comes from burning coal. The next source is oil, then Natural Gas. Only 2-
3% comes from solar power.
Bigger than this problem? Batteries. Batteries so toxic they kill the children and garbage miners
of the world by the tens of thousands now. The majority of batteries were sent to India,
Pakistan, or China for disposal. Now all three are beginning to refuse to accept toxic batteries.
With his wealth, he should buy an island or two for this. Make no mistake, this will be the next
toxic waste tragedy. Far worse than the damage from oil production or exhaust fumes.
This problem will become greater as small home batteries will be sold by the millions over the
next few years.
Yet, all the movie stars promote the Clean Energy initiatives, regardless of what they call for,
and never pay the consequences.
To show another car example of unforeseen consequences, consider the Fisker. The pioneer of
great electric cars. Fisker was on track to be Tesla before Tesla. All going great. I drove a test
model. But then politics got involved. Joe Biden led the electric car popularity train. He
offered Fisker an almost zero percent interest loan of $500 million. Fisker agreed and their
stock rose up dramatically. Fisker was going to be a great success. But then, Biden put two
demands onto Fisker, purely for his and Obama’s political gain. First, Fisker had to move the
plant from Michigan, where all the suppliers and test tracks were, to Deleware, a state Biden
wanted to favor. This created chaos. Then Biden demanded the car be on the road before the
mid-term elections! This was impossible. Fisker needed 9 more months of testing. But Biden
threatened to pull the loan he promised, and this would crash their stock. So Fisker had no
What happened as a result of Biden’s stubborn demands? The batteries were not tested long
enough. The same fires Apple suffered with their Ipads happened. All companies making these
lithium batteries had to go back and add in more safeguards. But for Fisker, it was too late.
Batteries caught fire, people died. Did Biden pay the price? No. Fisker went out of businesss,
thousands lost their lives. Did Biden or Obama pay a price? No.
Finally, Fisker was recognized by China as a great company, so they bought it. This led to other
designs off theirs, and this will allow China to make their own electric cars. And they can

achieve their goal to replace 90% of all delivery trucks with Electric by 2020. Because Biden
demanded Fisker to change procedure, he indirectly gave China the means to build a superior
electric car, blocking future US companies from being able to compete selling cars inside of
China. Biden crushed future jobs in this division, and allowed China to buy Fisker and all its
technology for a fraction of the cost.
The Snowflake faction of the Millennials was designed to be extremely weak in logical
prediction, setting them up to be victims of unforeseen consequences without them ever having
the logic to trace it back to make the ones responsible pay for doing this to them. And most of
this is done to them to gain power over them, and to get votes from them. A perfect example is
the latest college loan offering from the Democratic Party. “Students should be able to pay their
student loan off with their Social Security earnings.” Now, let’s think about this. Students sign
up for loans to take classes they aren’t sure will result in a job, that may or may not be there in
the future. They sign up not knowing how long they will live, and make a deal not knowing if
Interest or hyperinflation will appear before they die, or if the dollar still holds value. The
Democrats can then increase student debt. Students have been trained to think this is not a fair
debt already. And many are fatalists thinking they won’t live that long. Why not sign up for
Let’s do the math on this, math over the life of the student. Assume that “Free college” became
a reality, and the politicians voted to forgive all student debt. The student does not have to pay
$25-50,000, which is the average student debt. To pay for this, they increase taxes. Not just
once, but keep increasing them. So the student graduates and gets a job that soon pays $100,000.
Taxes were 30% before this new free college. But after, taxes went to 50%, then to 60%. This
is realistic, because Sweden has taxation that high. Each year, this college grad pays an
additional $25,000 approximately. Within two years he or she paid back the college loan. But
now must pay it for the rest of their lives. No one points that out to them. Why?
A better question is to ask why the Democrats suggested this. Democrats expand their base by
offering something for nothing – freebies, get out of jail free tokens – and do not answer for the
laws they vote in. Their party believes government should run most everything, and that
taxation should be very high. When students sign up for this plan, they are not reminded that at
its current taxation, Social Security will be bankrupt long before these students use it. What does
that require? A huge increase in Social Security tax put upon these earners. So instead of having
to pay off a loan, the student then simply has the government demand it out of tax on their
earnings. So they are forced to pay a tax they did not sign up for, which is taxation without
representation. Sure, the party will announce they must keep Social Security financed, so taxes
MUST go up. If these students live long enough, they will retire with far less or no money in
Social Security, allowing the government to greatly overcharge them for a student loan now.
But these students are not taught logic and civics any more, so they cannot see this coming.
They just go with what sounds good.
Education is probably the one industry suffering the worst unintended consequences. Ebonics
sounded good, but had the opposite end result, in lowering black student scores. Bi-Lingual
California attempts in classrooms also failed. Free Ipads failed. And most of all, throwing more

money at schools failed because it just bloated high earners and politicians who benefit from
only one thing: increasing spending.
Bringing all this back to film and media, and technology. We gain greatly from invention. The
Internet and personal computer took humanity to a higher level – but created cyber crimes.
Mass Shooter video games made fortunes for companies, but now children are not doing
physical sports as much, and some are suffering health and anti-society results.
The one thing all this has in common is “blind consensus.” The people that want their idea to
make them rich frame the proposal in a way that demonizes those that question it. The blind
consensus won’t allow opposing ideas. The greatest one being that each time a bad idea goes
forward, it creates a larger body of people that naturally go with blind consensus. This is not
Social Media does one thing that already has profound effects: it introduces people of like mind
with shared goals to each other. This sounds great, right? But … but … for all of humanity,
societies improved, and individuals improved in logic, health, and politics, by meeting people
“not” like them. Forcing different types to listen, learn, adapt, and find common goals is what
sets humans above animals. And it is one thing that the Art world pivots on – but in the opposite
ways, if Art World is healthy.
Beware of Art that advances primarily on like-minded consensus. Beware of politics that tries to
use this Art acceptance. China is making sure that this does not happen. But the leader of
political dissent now is the United States, and huge groups are promoting chaos, and using Arts
to do it. To reach people, to get to fan bases, to inject lies or simply bad social ideas into the
young minds.
I’m not saying this because I’m older than the young people. I’m basing this on real life
consequences, the type politicians and celebrities never have to take responsibility for.
By making it too easy for people to surround themselves and fill their days with “people that
think just like them” their minds do not get challenged or expanded. And they can become easily
fooled, led, and turned into fundamentalists.
Facebook is the worst on this. They get data and feed information to subscribers that make them
click for more, and have set up algorithms to make this addictive. And self circling. The goal is
to make Facebook the meaning for life. Already Facebook is caught guilty of providing news or
ideas that do one of two things: Help Facebook get to its goal of being a god to people, and
limiting news to that which feeds their financial and political agendas.

“All of life’s questions can be answered in the movies” is a line used often in our 6 books
delivering the future merging of Edge Technology and filmmaking. In this case, The Avengers:
Endgame provides the stages, questions, and answers to a pivotal era for Hollywood and all
arenas of artistic free expression. These art forms also create the financial platforms in Edge
Technology that allow cryptocurrencies, tokens, and DLT to Scale through Games, Merchandise,
fanbase, and events.
One of the great gifts given humanity is the ability to “create something out of nothing” and for
this creation to not only serve a purpose as a tool, but for it to also be a thing of inspiration,
beauty, and virtues.
Barry Diller (a Hollywood movie legend/mogul) declared movies are dead – Big Tech is killing
theatrical movies. The way to preserve them must come from within the very arena that is
destroying movies. This is why Crypto-Integrity-Tao and Creativity First Films work together to
deliver “more than the sum of their parts.” So many human skills are being replaced by digital
systems, we need to understand how this harms the evolution of humanity. Already they
know that Kindle reading does not activate the brain the same was as reading a book. This is
why most private schools where Silicon Valley Big Tech leaders send their kids to rely on text
books: the parents know this and don’t want their kids to lose valuable skills.
Recently, one of the biggest news stories was about an artist that declared that NFT’s are like
the invention of paper. That’s just insulting to our intelligence. But it remained at the top of
the news because it skews reality well and in the direction Blockchain/crypto news sources
want to go. By suggesting “the ridiculous,” “the useless” suggestions that propel investment
into cryptocurrencies seem plausible. And in filmmaking and even fine art, this concept that
NFT’s are like the invention of paper removes the power of human interaction with others and
a medium held by our hand, which develops our minds. More senses are involved, which
evolves us as creatures.
To more totally alter our social evolution, all forces symbolizing the creative power of humans
as well as what ways we interpret and live life must be working together (like a hand.). From
this idea we identify the forces in today’s world that are like the Infinity Stones, and also, how
the holders of the Stones are grouping to form the glove Thanos wore when he snapped his
fingers to eliminate half of all the lives. While Thanos claimed he removed these lives at
random, clearly he chose who deserved to survive – his enablers. Like Kali, he ate his young in
the pursuit of becoming Shiva when he killed Gamora.
Across the world, since ancient Egypt thousands of years ago, cultures championed art and the
freedom of artists in painting, sculpture, writing, dance, music, and architecture. The
Renaissance, the Ming, Zhou, and Qin Dynasties, Incan Empire, Persian Empire, Egyptian era,
Russian and Indian peaks in creativity, Khmer Angkor Wat, Siam’s art, and of course India’s art,
sculpture, and architecture all captured the spirit of the times and people. It captured the

truth of the era, which paved roads toward greater freedom, hope, aspirations, and spiritual
When nations fall into totalitarian or fanatical rule, the first thing rulers do is lock up the writers
because they can add emotion to their explanations of what is truly going on. Then fanatics
abuse human emotion to get the lower classes to begin destroying any art that reflects the
longer-term greatness of a culture. I must seem like a grassroots truth and movement at first.
Ultimate totalitarian governments make gradual moves to replace what gives us meaning with
getting all meaning from the leaders. Yet, this chapter is not about politics as much as it is
about replacing what makes us human with technology that makes us machines serving an
oligarchy of technology.
Ultimately, this is about two things: removing the inner ability to create joy … and preventing
our senses from recognizing reality.
The Internet has changed the means, systems, and social interaction that deliver totalitarian
rule. The Internet giants alone could not force this fundamental change in humanity, despite
the growing temptations they offer us in exchange (Apps that do anything for us, superiority by
aligning with consensus, escape from guilt by giving up responsibility through victimhood.) All
of these go against the greater culture of a nation, and splinter the people into smaller groups,
which results in the collapse of a nation. Unity of the people despite the temptations of
technology should be the most important goal of leaders of any country now, and that means
embracing long term culture and respect for what our ancestors valued. The whole national
goal requires our liberties come with responsibilities, and that improved lifestyles should be
based on merit and virtues.
In the Avengers’ series of movies, the last two were Infinity Wars and Infinity: Endgame. The
battle for galactic species came down to who possessed the 5 Infinity Stones. Thanos believed
his greatness and vision gave him the right to remove half of every living creature in the
universe – and that the survivors would be a grateful universe.
To do this he needed to master and control Time, Power, Reality, individual Souls, and the
collective and individual Mind.

Time – Green
Power – Purple
Reality – Red
Soul – Orange
Mind – Yellow

Seen throughout the films are the fantastic art and architecture from cultures of creatures
across the universe. In the first film, Thanos left the art and enough people alive to continue

civilizations, yet they remembered the past and this made them sad and un-worshipping.
Thanos realizes that to create a future that is grateful for his murderous tyranny, he must
remove all reminders of the free will, love, ancestors, and art.
Governments alone would not be able to do this, because Reality, the individual human Soul,
and collective universal Soul would remember over Time what gave them meaning, and how
the government took meaning away from them. Time is ultimately the one Stone used to
reverse the genocide Thanos thought he had the superior right to unleash upon all creatures.
Governments today would need the help of Technology to alter Reality and what the human
Soul values most. Which is a way of saying the centralized leaders would have to alter what
gives meaning to people over the value of Time and all the memories it holds dear.
The Sanskrit wisdom said that ultimately all grand system become Shiva, The Great Destroyer. It
requires the ego, selfness, and hunger for ever more power for any conglomerate of forces to
put Virtues and long-term Culture above the destruction of those seeking ultimate Power.
Alongside Shiva may be Kali, who eats her newborns.
Shiva meets other systems turning into Shiva; more importantly, Shivas needs reflections in
other Shivas to justify genocide of people and menticide (also known as mentacide of the

Mentacide “occurs when you willingly
think and act out of someone else’s
interpretation of reality
to their benefit
and against your survival.”

The process includes indoctrination, deluding others, teaching falseness of society,
propagandizing, influence peddling, removal of duties through victim association, censorship,
shunning, and mob brutality that replaces order with increasing disorder.
People get numb and forget what is real inside them and outside them. Lies become truth.
Recent history of revolutions that resulted in far worse leaders resulting in far worse victims
proves it only takes 6% of extremists with loud voices and possible violence to overthrow a
nation or fundamentally change it for the worse. Once social bullies get the support of the

government, and the power is spread through technology, the Soul either gives in for self-
preservation or it recognizes what is happening and fights to its death. This is where we are

today and the power of story and meaning are our defense and offense.
To deliver the destruction of the Infinity Stones requires a union of politics, sources of
knowledge, altering memory, controlling and destroying art, limiting the mind by limiting
language, forgetting the relationship of Time to truth, and ultimately controlling reality in

“realities” that are so addicting and get so much superficial attention to the user that people
don’t want to return to the real world. Do this – and through fear or pleasure the tyrants control
a human soul.
Politics and technology create the mob mentality, lies, and destruction lynching the human
ability to create beauty and joy from within. This requires we lose hope and accept betrayal of
people and our own senses as they interpret our world. Films force us to experience life
viscerally – a computer does the opposite. Life encourages communication for mutual goals
and reminds us how humans have to be jacks of all trades and also specialists in a minimal
number of arenas.
Films remind us of the individual journeys we all make on our path to virtues and meaning.
Quickly, Big Tech with their mobs and politicians will control what films and series we get to
see. The decision to end the 12-week window for theaters is not just about money. It is because
the Thanos of today know that it is much harder to manipulate and destroy a person when he
or she is in a group that reflects how much they share in common and cherish. Common sense
and ways to interpret reality expand in big social scenes of storytelling especially. Alone at
home, any types of control and phobias can be nurtured along with lies.
When one fear fades, they create new ones, but always lie about the origin of the fear. The
fear was created by the dynamics of the systems that are controlled by people that want to be
Thanos. Now for the first time there are shortages of products and food in the United States:
this breeds fear, then helplessness, and finally capitulation. To make sure this hits everyone but
the elites, they add in government mandates. Then they surround people with violence and
despair – people that gave up on decent lives. The terrible people are given immunity, and the
righteous people are called wicked for disapproving of the reversal of humanity and common
Studios when they are bought by Amazon or telecoms want to take away the power of free will,
meritocracy, togetherness, the power of story, group joy – and they must take away the power
of individual Actors and Directors to speak the truth and show the truth about life and
humanity. Minimizing it to the small screen is a first step to totalitarian control over what films
we make and what we believe.
Destruction of several human traits helps this happen. Demonizing motherhood and any
religion giving meaning to the gifts of life as humans experience it is first. And the idea we face
enemies beyond our control like Climate Change and born into guilt are turned into litmus tests
for whether we belong in society. Fear drives actions, not human curiosity or adaptation.
Gaslighting, straw man arguments, return of caste systems, being held responsible – if a soul
cannot be divided it must be destroyed – or at least what reflects the best of our soul must be.

There is such a thing as a self-fulfilling prophecy, which is when a person is told something so
many times he or she becomes what he’s told is inevitable. We now have a media-fulfilling
prophecy to handle mass results of failure to get beyond limitations through love, ingenuity,
and united culture.
Thanos would snap his fingers and half of all life existing would vanish and be wiped out, turned
to dust. The argument is that the universe cannot provide enough food. This ignores
accelerating intelligence, which is a human fact. Thanos was a demi-god that wanted to be all
gods to all peoples in all ways.
Zuckerberg wants to be Jesus. Woke identity is the Holy Ghost breathed into someone for
salvation by breathing in “The Father.” The Father this time is not a compassionate God
bestowing gifts of creativity, consciousness, and Free Will. “The Father” is the glove of Stones
and its blessing is amnesia. Truth hurts.
From Pulp Fiction, “… Feel that sting? It’s the sting of pride.” And what was at stake in this film
was what gave meaning to the souls of each lead character and how much it would sting if they
sell this out or don’t protect it.
While Thanos was a thief and demi-god declaring “I am inevitable” he was destroyed by
Ironman, who was a creator, not a destroyer.

Facebook – Soul
Politicians – Power
Mainstream Media – Mind
Big Tech- Time
Division and Fear – Reality

They want to snap the fingers that dissolve half the world – the half that will not worship them.
But they failed to understand Blockchain Intersections as per THE JANUS POINT. The Physics of
what they are attempting will catch up to those that steal the Infinity Stones — and give the
energy to the infinite forces of the infinite Mind and Universe.
The Infinity Stones exist in a state of chaos now, a state the Deliverers of Mentacide must
embolden to function as if they are benevolent saviors. While the Deliverers follow a sort of
Arrow of Time mentality, they misunderstand Time as it relates to complexity within bubbles of
order. This alters the way the Time Infinity Stone works its wonders.
If you combine the essence of the Physics of THE THREE BODY PROBLEM and THE JANUS POINT
then our modern-day Thanos ignores a) acceleration ability of the human mind and b) ratios
that allow Truth to create Reality in an Emergent Mind Universe.

It is the unsacrificed self that must be honored. We are not here to sacrifice our spirit.
Blockchain Parallax View, which I wrote about in 2918 in PILLARS OF ENCRYPTION, is now
called Metaverse. A Metaverse to join all the Infinity Stones will come soon, will separate us
from their Arrow of Time — but not on the terms these new Thanos digits want: instead of
being “nowhere” we will be “nowhen.” And this means that the old meaning and the truth
reflected in creating something out of nothing (like a newborn child or complex art) will keep
returning to humanity to give people meaning.
In other words, even while the Five that possess the Infinity Stones seem inevitable, their hold
on what the Stones mean is temporary and illusionary. Within the DNA of enough people, and
reflected in Nature, is the Truth, and also the salvation of humanity through “creating
something out of nothing.”
Art is the only substitute for experience we ourselves never lived through. Art frees us to find
the process of Agency of goodness and reminds each person he or she has been chosen.
Beauty is to enthuse us for work, and work is to raise us up – by our own merits.
There is only one way to keep the sacred power of the Infinity Stones and remove them from
the glove of power. Fortunately, that victory of transferring the Soul, Power, Mind, Time, and
Reality to the Free Will to create a reflection of beauty can be achieved – and quickly.

Humanity is simultaneously fragile and invincible.

The Internet linking us all is driven by Consensus. After all, isn’t that all that Google is? A
Consensus Search?
Throughout Humanity, a person grew up in a protected environment of the family, where
interpretation of the world was governed by the parents, and to a lesser degree, schooling that
centered around the basics. These basics emphasized Mathematics, language skills including
vocabulary and penmanship, and the sciences. Mathematics and the sciences dealt with
mastering the Ontological Truths that cannot be disputed, such as the observable laws of Physics
(gravity, rotation of the Earth, numbers.) Mastering Language involved mastering Logic, which
will now be shown as essential in the new age of Data-ism. Penmanship is mentioned because
the process of writing characters in Chinese or cursive in the Romance languages and English
requires attention to detail and appreciation for Culture. What was not widely known back then
is that after thousands of years, the process of writing calligraphy and turning pages to read
actually anchor and propel Knowledge. They have found that the cadence of Shakespeare and
the complex musical arrangements of classical music in both Eastern and Western Cultures
evolved us to the point that humans are drawn to hear it play out. All this, while slowing down
thought to capture the optimum word.
With these skills for interpreting Truth in the world, a young person was ready to leave the
nurturing family cell, and meet people vastly different. Through meeting people vastly
different, the use of Logic merged with whatever level and ideals of Virtues this individual
upheld. The individual gradually learned “who he or she was” by overcoming obstacles that
gradually formed higher levels of self awareness. He or she became unique by testing it against
what “was different.”
Logic emerges from the greater source of Ontological Truths that surround us in Nature and the
Cosmos. “What do I believe in?” “What is important to me?” “How do I cultivate joy?” What
gives my life meaning?” “What is precious to me, what am I entitled to call my own?”
Challenging what you might know as Truth strengthens Truth, if your Logic proves to be
stronger than untruths.
All of these essential steps in self-development made humanity, and the Cultures within nations,
what they are today. And all are being undermined by the Internet and Big Data. Blockchain
offers a way to preserve and respect this process of finding “your true and better self.” But only
if the designers of Blockchain understand that Culture and Truths must be upheld before the
Technology is apply it to society is part of the starting process .
Key to this evolution is properly identifying the Social Vector of each region, nation, or culture.
In past generations, only one or at most two major social changes would arise. And these would
challenge Culture and parental guidance. Over the last 4 decades, there seems to be a new major
social change every year. Every year, our core beliefs are attacked to allow these social changes.
As they all line up, they drive society in the direction of the most energy and impact: this is the
definition of a Vector. In Science, Vectors must be proven true. In society, most Social Vectors

are not proven, and some are later proven to be very bad. Yet, no one pays the price for taking
positive goals and energy away from people easily convinced to change directions and force.
Within a nation, the Youth Culture tests Truths now in different ways due to technology. Yet
this should cede weight of opinion to Culture that both the old and young share. Culture cannot
be fragmented for this. It must be appreciated in its whole. Just like you cannot have “some
Integrity” you cannot respect “some Culture.” Integrity like Culture is one of the few
“Absolutes” of human society. Culture and Integrity are “indivisible” just as your body and soul
are indivisible. You cannot shave off a portion of your soul and apply only that part to your
personal evolution. You cannot use only part of the Culture of your people in your survival and
growth as a person – you must appreciate it all. That does not mean to use it all equally. It
simply means that you acknowledge that your Culture is a vital ingredient to how your Body,
Mind, and Soul integrate to go through your life’s journey.
This is where Social Vector becomes so important. If a nation like China has a Youth class that
treasures the entire Chinese Culture that goes back centuries, it can also know that each phase of
Culture does allow changes they need. The processes through which a person seeks Virtues and
Joy align in all generations, and serves the nation as a whole. The point of Culture was to
protect, increase health, advance Art, evolve the soul, and unite even extremely different people
toward a common goal. If someone refuses this idea, then usually this means they want to take
only a fragment of their Culture to serve only a fragment of their future. Civilization has never
honored this. It simply rolls over it. But, if all someone hears is that fragmenting Culture is
good and not doing so is evil, then they will make the wrong move out of ignorance.
To make sure the long term Culture was valued and used as a whole, the wise men and leaders
aimed the visions of people, especially the young, toward the Ontological Truths of the world we
live in. Growing up, they could see these Truths as clearly as they learned about the forces of
Gravity. Then, as the mind developed, Logical Truths advanced living situations, by enabling
better laws, wider learning opportunity, and philosophical studies.
But if the studies that enrich reasoning and Logic vanish, a young person is witless and
powerless to articulate Truth. We do not need to be told all the Truths of existence – we know
many of them from within our being, reflected in humanity and expressed through empathetic
actions and laws.
Facebook and other social sites draw you in, then make it easy to find people that seem on the
surface to share a lot and think alike. This then is “monetized” and sub-groups of people are
created in their advertising algorithms. These algorithms already know what to hit the young
people with, so that they feel like they belong, and come back often. They reinforce this with
Likes. And punish it with social attacks. This culls the herd of free thinking intelligent youths,
that use fewer and fewer words of wisdom. They do not need to develop logic or base new
ideals on Truths or Logic. What this does it it “Centralizes Consensus.”
Think about how different that is than Blockchain. The original design was to decentralize
transactions, ledgers, and personal histories. Removing a third party verification of Truth puts
that responsibility into the hands of the Individual. Facebook or Google would love it if you just

gave them all of this. They want to hold your life, and prevent you from escaping to personal
responsibility. They especially do not want you to find any meaning for living and thinking
outside of their company. This was proven in 2017 when Mark Zuckerberg announced
Facebook users do not need religion or ancient philosophy like I Ching – they only need him.
He will determine what is Truth. He will then use it to define how you find Joy, and Love.
And how to raise your children. With Blockchain intersection with IoT, Facebook will monitor
a profile user to make sure this happens all day long.
In clear words, the Social Vector of Facebook is to make you rely on them for Joy, Wisdom, a
sense of belonging, your self esteem, your opinions, your friends, and your image.
The current trend in the United States is to replace Truths with “what sounds good” and what
makes someone feel good. Replace it with what gets approval. This is called Consensus, or
Consensus rule, and Virtue Signaling.
All advertising, news, web design, and profits extend out of what Big Data now tells companies
is the greater Consensus for their product or service. Why is this important to Art and Creating,
and in a separate universe of computer causality – why is this important to Blockchain?
Truth – for most humans – is determined through words. Words can be twisted. They can be
overvalued or undervalued depending on Consensus. This consequence expands without
Cultural appreciation, unity, and display of action. The simple act of returning home during
Lunar New Year or sweeping the graves of our ancestors illustrates how this unites even up to a
billion people.
Yet, dismissal of a long-term national Culture becomes automatic due to the new Tribe
fracturing of Western Civilization. This is also called the Digital Re-Tribalization Of The West.
The book “The Strange Death of Europe” presents how this is happening in Europe. Why could
this be happening? Because the computer minimizes the two things that prove a Truth: Nature,
and Logic. We interpret both individually through our senses, and this develops our inner drive
to follow what gives each life meaning.
Philosophy that upholds Integrity and gives value to the genetic Truths get replaced by “Likes”
and “Re-Tweets.” If this isn’t enough, the bullying of the Consensus Power Mongers
intimidates individual recognition of Truths. The damage this does to an expanding national
society compounds – and China is blessed to be going in the opposite direction.
Yet, nations must remain competitive, and that requires opening up of Information that holds
Truths. Competitive technology giants like Tencent, JD, Alibaba, and Baidu need to
simultaneously lead, free, inspire, and protect the youth groups. The unifying goal tool is
appreciation of Culture, acknowledgement of Ontological Truths, and development of personal
skills in Logical Truths.
Blockchain Intersection under C.I.T. both nurtures and proves the value for Chinese uniquely,
and citizens of other nations generally. All variance is due to Social Vectors.

Nature presents Truth on an undeniable, gargantuan level in an unavoidable environment. The
saturation of Truth by comparison makes the human ability to determine Truth by all other
means insignificantly small. This Truth Nature bombards us with is the greatest source of what
is called Ontological Truth. Examples are the balance of Nature, the Planck Units, Laws of
Physics, Order of Species, positioning of the cosmos, mating, and existence as we understand it
and interact with it. None of this is spoken. Ontological Truth is what really exists in the
world – what has “real being.”
The “The 5 Brains of Tara” chapter in ONE FISH SAYS TO ANOTHER FISH explains how we
absorb this saturating Truth, much of it without words.
Genetics is the next level down in presenting the human mind with Truths. Its impact relative to
Nature’s impact grows as we learn more about genetics and the human genome. Genetics
follows a very slow curve in adaptation. Epigenetic Memory, or memory that adapts faster due
to social constructs, also holds Ontological Truths. For example, we cannot deny that genetics
passes down traits from generation to generation. We cannot deny that a mutating cancer cell
appears out of nowhere in our bodies. We cannot deny that in our genes lives the Fight or Flight
impulse, and appreciation of Fire. Words do not tell us to be in awe of the greatest examples of
Nature, whether it is an eclipse, tornado, Half Dome, or the birth of a child. Yet, it is Culture
that tells us to calm a crying baby, or defend Philosophies, rulers, and the cycle of the harvesting
of crops.
Culture provides the next level down as a source of Truth. Customs that gave humans in a
society a common goal allowed their energy to share a direction long enough to accomplish great
feats, such as building the Pyramids and Great Wall, holding off hostile enemies, surviving
famine, organizing crop harvesting and selling, spiritual guidance, and protected the family unit.
Culture for a nation continued if it was just adaptive enough to keep up with innovation. World
travel and major wars are both good examples of what impacted Cultures deeply, yet allowed
people of a nation to sacrifice for each other, and adapt to one another. .
The I Ching and Tao hold the largest reflection of “human interpretations of Truths” in all
categories: Ontological, genetic, and cultural. And in the I Ching stones were etched the first
examples of Binary Code. Unlike Internet sites, I Ching goal was giving this Truth tool to any
one, to find their own wisdom and Balance, that reflects the greater Ontological Truths, filtered
through the great and long lasting Chinese Culture.
That Chinese Culture is the Value System for personal actions. It makes you independently
responsible for what you do, yet aligns you with a Social Vector that achieves human dignity,
and its highest potential.
The Bible holds Logical Truths expressed in stories to define Virtues and the penalties for
ignoring them. But it offers little on a philosophy to appreciate the Balance found in Nature.
Perhaps this is why in the age of Data-ism fewer and fewer people find meaning in the Bible.
Conversely, more and more Chinese youths find value in Nature and ancient writings. Their
emphasis on balance and observance of Nature for cultural and human Virtues and motivations
proves this again and again. Yet, both works understand at their core that words become a trap
when Truth is involved.

The most common category of Truth for centuries was based on Logic in the Western World.
This is odd because the Fathers of Logic – Socrates, Aristotle, Plato – gained most of their words
to express Truth and their Philosophies by observing Nature first, genetics second, and what
worked for advancing Cultures third. In pursuit of power, Nature got left behind. Culture
remained strong, but now is fragmented, or Tribalized.
Logic requires a minimal level of appreciation for Virtues, because without Virtue, a Lie and a
Truth could have equal value. Only one of these serves humanity in the long term. How did
the West lose its lead in Logical Truths? It simply became more popular to dismiss it and the
role of taking responsibility for ones own actions. Power over people can be gained by
removing their skills in Logical process. In place of this, they offered a free way out of suffering
the consequences of unethical, selfish, and or weak action. A coward is now a victim, even if he
or she did horrible acts. Victimhood is championed. Nature and Natural Laws, along with
natural laws of humanity, are dismissed because they develop free thought and the sense of
responsibility that must go with liberty to expand the flow of Information to anyone. One key
proof of this is the announcement when certain words or moments in history are forbidden.
Without the correct word, history cannot honestly be studied for improvements in the future.
A great factor in the rising arrow or vector of humanity is valuing the long road of a Culture.
Asking honestly, “What got us here?” The answer does not always serve those seeking power.
And they minimize the individual, his or her rights, and access to Information to gain more
power over them.
Truth matches words with ideas. If you don’t know the source of your words, then you can fall
for any idea, especially if you do not spend much time exercising your individual skills in Logic.
In other words, you are easily manipulated. And often defenseless against arguments or laws
and rules that seem unnatural, yet Consensus insists you follow them. In the Technology Age,
no one his held accountable for lies and misleading people. The news now is all about driving
people by their emotions to click on an ad, link, story, or picture. The greatest sources of
Information in the form of words is Google and Facebook in the West. Both are completely
compromised when it comes to distinguishing Truth from Lies propagated by Consensus of their
users and fans.
They find the most manipulative methods, and use them on the people easiest manipulated.
These also happen to be people easily driven to outbursts or violence. Such as Mob Mentality,
cult actions, and low-education groups. Which means, all immigrants to a new language and
Logic gets thrown out to ensure more followers, to get laws passed by lobbyists appealing to
politicians that need votes, and to control the masses.
Compare the Vector of Truth between China and the United States. China drives toward far
greater liberty for individual thought, regardless of what the Western World might point to (such
as the Social Credit Score.) The United States increasingly damns greater sources of Logic, and
refuses to hold them up against Ontological Truths. For all the campaigning for saving the

Planet and Climate Change, the same people are demanding their Tribe ignore Ontological
Some of these relate to the Truths evident in Culture that relate to mankind. A good example is
the family. Popular causes demand the eroding of Cultural Truth in the family. Groups
champion their “ideas” as superior, yet refuse to subject them to either Logic or Ontological
Truth examination. They base it all on feelings, emotions, and some vague idea of what is “fair”
in the world. Yet, no one allowed to question the origin of the Idea, or who benefits from it in
the long run.

Destroying the image of the free-thinking Father or individual Man is an example of a Tribal Un-
Truth. Every source of Truth far greater than that proves otherwise: that strong men and Fathers

are essential to society and family. Yet, China – without assigning any sex – urges everyone to
remember, cherish, uphold, and protect the family, and to use Nature as the greatest source of
Truth. Far more than government for Truth.
The Tribe bends the will of the individual. Computers allow the majority to rise without facing
Logic or any consequences for spreading a lie. They risk nothing, and live in luxury, often paid
for by others. The very people damning the upper 1% maximize the power of money to avoid
Truths and replace them with Tribal Virtue Signaling.
This fails humanity fast.
One key question can be answered by this: Does it give you true Joy, or did it simply give you a
message and meaning to follow? Evil will do all it can to act out its potential. This is the
universal law from the individual cell to a Tribal political movement. They are not responsible
for building up something new, they only care about tearing down something. As in a Nihilist.
The governments cannot allow this. The United States is going through its first and – if it loses –
its only Culture War. China is wise to not allow this insidious hit-and-run model support.
Blockchain now comes into play.
Cryptocurrency is being pushed hardest by nations, cultures, and elites that refuse to honor both
Ontological Truth and Logical Truth. They manipulate people with greed, and greed with
Mathematical formulas that hide the Truth of the investment. They “leverage” off of the Truth
to the point that it goes off balance. And what happens in Nature when things are off balance?
Blockchain will be the “permanent record” of both business transactions and an individual life.
It is supremely important to infuse as many Ontological Truth references to the structure and
purpose of Blockchain as possible.
The nation that protects its citizens from Tribalization allows them the security.
We are creating “something out of nothing” that will compound or form a gravity beyond our
control once IoT, Apps, and Blockchain become self-engineering. By understanding the

essentials of Blockchain’s potential, we can mitigate the current trend against Culture. Culture is
the last upper level in which our Logic and Truth about mass existence and individual human
experience and value can be discussed.
So how does this apply to Blockchain so greatly?
A simple example is this one: if you post a selfie on WeChat, who owns that image? If your
life story is used, who owns that life story? Blockchain will either protect that right or dissolve
it. But a new challenge lies ahead in Edge Technology. In my chapter “Parallax View vs.
Mirrorworld” I explain the technological arrival of a fully immersive computerized alternate
world. It will begin shouting promises and result in immense losses monetarily, to privacy, and
to how we interpret our reality. Film will play a big role in it as it already does via Netflix and
Amazon; however, this will be rife with corruption and the pursuit of centralized authority when
Satoshi was seeking the opposite. Ontological truths will need to be damned or minimized if we
are not careful. And our ability to “create something out of nothing” will become a monetized
potential … so beware the coming of false prophets and look for hints that try to dismantle
healthy social vectors proven through centuries of a national culture. While this article seems to
favor China, it simply explains the truth that the China government puts in plain sight. In the
United States, a far more tyrannical oppression can be delivered almost invisibly: the power of
the anonymous mob that refuses ontologocial truths. The Constitution was designed to protect
“the small” (the individual citizen) from the tyranny of “the big” (government and politicians.)
This will be turned upside down soon due to the power of Social Media in the United States: it
will be “the small” that rain tyranny down on “the big” which is for sake of a better wording “the
American Way.” Tech giants will want the power of gods that determine ontological truths, and
will buy the politicians who will use “the small” to twist reality. And if these same people create
their Mirrorworlds, truth will be what they say it is.
Only the tech giants under C.I.T. visions protect the rights and nurture the individual skills for
seeking Truth through Logic. The Chinese leadership emphasizes the role Nature, Culture, and
Balance. Giving the masses Truths, history, and emerging technology is a great gift to Chinese
citizens, and the government knows it cannot monitor all growth. So it places faith in you, the
young people of China, to value Culture and Ontological Truths, to build your own personal
Logical Truths and from that your personal Integrity and Virtues.
If you do that, then your Blockchain will nurture, protect, and expand your opportunity to find
Joy, success, respect, and freedoms.

If you were to spend a day observing our world, you would be observing “things” that we
have classified in either a biological sense or a “systems” sense.
A squirrel is a complex “organism” within the park it gathers nuts from, and it interacts
with other organisms, whether they are plant, animal, or mineral. All the individual
things it meets are organisms. The park in its entirely is the “environment” in which
they all live. The park is a subset or example of the greater environment we call Earth.
If you were to take away the squirrel, or the trees, grass, or birds, the park would still be
an environment that could continue to exist based on a balance of Nature created millions
of years ago. If you were to take the squirrel out of the park, and cage it and feed it, it
would still exist without the park.
The organism and environment can exist without each other, can still be defined without
each other, and it’s pretty clear that the park existed before the squirrel. People, who
appreciate a park and its animals, carved that plot of real estate out of the city. Legally,
they could do this through a system that can also be seen as an organism within the
environment of government. The government would continue without that specific legal
office. The legal office could still exist if the government drastically changed, and
would still rely on some sort of legal document to create the park. The
system/environment existed before the park and the people that voted it into existence.
If there were not government, then there would still be trees and plants and animals. So,
again the organism of the legal group exists separate from the larger environment. Both
would exist without each other in some form, much like trees exist in different forms of
environments due to elevation and water.
Trees need soil, water, and sunlight. If any one of these things were to be removed, it
would fundamentally change the tree, yet, still, the tree could exist in some form. For
example, in an ocean, it could exist as a different form of seaweed, and evolve to need
less sun, and adapt to salt water. So again, a tree is an organism in the environment of all
of Nature, on land or in the ocean.
A check is written by a person. The person and the check are organisms performing a
task within the environment of commerce and finance. Commerce and finance would
exist without checks and even direct users. The person could pay in cash or even shells
or gold if a bank was never created. So, again, the organisms are separate from the
environment. Banks could exist without the use of people, as many do, and still be a
bank (The Federal Depositories in New York, the gold and silver in mines, and even
digital value of some commodity in trading.)
Email is an organism within the environment of computers and the Internet. If emails
vanished or never were invented, there would still be computers and the Internet. If the
Internet collapse, emails would still be stored on records, and would then be turned into
printed documents, and we would go back to using physical addresses.

Now let’s go back to the ocean.
The 7 Oceans are all part of the global ocean. The water is salt water. Salt exists
without being in an ocean. Water exists without being mixed with salt. But, if you take
the salt out of the ocean, there is no ocean, and if you take the water out of the ocean the
salt no longer is part of an ocean.
Salt and the ocean are one of our few “organism-environments” that are easy to fathom.
Every plant, animal, mineral, and even climate and water flow would cease to exist
almost instantly without salt in the water. Everything we connect to the ocean would no
longer be what we define it to be. If it survived at all, the transformation would be so
great that it would be a “different species or thing.”
And every aspect of how the organism exists would cease if water were removed as its

The ocean and its salt began their creation process together, as one organism-
environment. The salt defined and evolved everything within the waters of the oceans.

The waters of the ocean simultaneously defined and evolved everything living that adapts
to salt in this form (suspended in water and on the ocean floor.)
The ocean was a void of life, existing with salt in it. Then biodiversity began, and
accelerated and mutated and became more diverse. The power of the ocean to impact
every aspect of our life on land or in the oceans is obvious, it’s everywhere, it’s
overwhelming. The ocean determines to a large part out weather, our food sources, our
sunlight, even our orbit and color spectrums.
A healthy ocean means a healthy planet. A healthy planet allows for mankind to
Kill the ocean, and eventually you have killed mankind. The ocean will still exist even if
it causes the extinction of mankind that defined it and learned to harness some of its
power an energy sources (including food.)
When the Internet was invented, it was a subset, or evolving thing that became an
organism within the world of electronics and mathematics. There would be no Internet
without electronics or mathematics. Yet, electronics and mathematics existed long
before computers and the Internet.
The Internet is the closest thing to the Cosmic Net that man has created. The Laws of
Physics, Astrophysics, Geology, Mathematics, Biology, Electronics, and Humanities
exist according to the Fields that poured into our Cosmos in this Dimension. We live in a
3-Dimensional physical world, and considering Time legitimizes Space, we also add on
top of this Space-Time, so that we say we live in a 5th Dimensional Reality.

While Time and Space are not really organisms within our Environment we call a
Dimension, our ability to exist as we know it in our Dimension would end without Time
or Space obeying the Fields. Time and Space define our Dimension.
Oddly enough, we live in a 3 Dimensional Reality, but we “see” only in two dimensions.
We see the surface visible to our eyes, and our mind fills in the idea that what we see has
depth, which is the 3rd Dimensional measurement in a Reality we interpret through our
senses. “Filling in what we only imagine” become crucial to fathoming our Reality, and
crucial to fathoming organism-environments. Why is this so? Going back to the very
beginning of primitive man, his mind developed to fill in the voids of what he imagined
and remembered.
Blockchain Intersections in 5G will create a sort of “bubble” or void in our Reality.
Nature abhors a vacuum, as they say. And the Cosmos fills all vacuums or voids with
Dark Energy first, and Matter begins to exist as we know it only after the Fields are
created by Dark Energy.
Dark Energy determines what Fields to put into this new “universe of a void” according
to the “elegance” that Information self-organizes in as it turns into Intelligence.
When the 5G technology combines IoT, Big Data, Edge Computing, Virtual Reality,
Augmented Reality, with Blockchain as the permanent engineering connection,
something new will happen. It will send out a vibrational message on a new level of
elegance. The vibration will occur due to principles of wave energy. The energy will be
noticed by the Cosmic Net. The Cosmic Net sees we are creating something of a Mass
(Matter) and knows that Dark Energy and Dark and Light Matter are constantly
counterbalancing each other. The more elegant and evolved the Matter, the more intense
and evolved the Dark Energy must be.
Dark Energy is for the first time being measured in a way that shows that it is winning
against Matter and Dark Matter in the forming of new bubbles and or universes. This
will be the case as Clouds condense more data in the Intersections.
Dark Energy provides the Clues that we use in our higher Sciences and Mind to
understand our universe and the purpose of mankind. Most of the Clues will be
Intuited, imagined, dreamed, or sensed. Some of them will be as obvious as a meteor.
Dark Energy will send Clues to us thinking we are elegant enough in our minds and
balance of humanity to handle the new Intelligence that comes quickly with it.
Is mankind and are individuals ready to have their understanding of Time challenged?
Are we ready to live without Space obeying the Laws of Physics?
The Clouds hold our data as it assembles in the Blockchain Intersections. Like
individual organisms floating through the ocean, we will have little control over the

tiniest yet most important organisms within the Cloud, such as the salt and plankton.
Yet, without these, the ocean stops being the ocean. Terrible consequences.
So what is the point of combining an explanation on organism-environments and Dark
Energy answering a signal to send higher elegance?
The “organism” of Blockchain Intersections in a 5G world must begin at the same time as
the “environment” of the Cloud-void it is inserted into … and both must evolved
together, defining each other, freeing each other, and limiting each other. This must be
done from within their own structure of engineering. The elegance we claim we are
ready to receive must be built into the smallest units and sources of Information. These
small sources of Information will come from the realms and Sciences of Biology
(humans,) Astrophysics (Dark Energy and its Fields,) Mathematics (coding and Cloud
design,) Physics (Laws dealing with Binary sharing of Information, Maxwell’s Demon,
etc.,) Electronics (Smart devices and the Internet thresholds for Information,) and Music
(vibration which is a lost Science that we are going to discover more about very quickly
due to the message we sent to Dark Energy.)
Noticing the missing Science, Dark Energy will gives us Clues which let us “fill in the
gap or void” in our Reality, and Music Science is just one understandable form of more
elegant Information that we are turning into Intelligence.
We cannot create Blockchain’s organisms (Coins, DLT) and not at the same time create
the environment that can handle the incoming Dark Energy.
To make it more complex, the denser we pack Information in the Clouds and faster we
add to it and pull the energy of Maxwell’s Demon out of the Cloud, the higher the level
of elegance we are telling the Dark Energy and our Universe to deliver to us, or give us
clues to it.
C.I.T. realizes that this must sound intimidating, overwhelming, confusing, and possibly
even too dangerous and negative to even begin dealing with. Why not just race forward
and maximize profits until bad things happen and we’ll be the first to bail out? We’d
miss the greatness that this Void in search of a Field brings us.
Fortunately, C.I.T. realized this years ago and created the system through which the input
of the organism shapes and evolves with the environment that shapes and evolves the
Blockchain Reality in 5G.
If you read PILLARS OF ENCRYPTION, I have a whole chapter on The Unitary
Method. And in ONE FISH SAYS TO ANOTHER FISH my chapters on Derrida
methods to find impossible solutions. The chapter on the Ant and the Rubber help to
see how we can achieve a goal that keeps distancing itself further from us as we aspire to
its elegance. Unitary Method allows us to reverse-engineer the formula. Derrida
eliminates what won’t work. And the Ant shows us we’ll reach our goal.

It begins by presenting the Biology (human) with the design that it will want to mimic:
essentially this is Dumb Matter recognizing higher elegance in Smart Matter, which
inspires the Dumb Matter to self-organize. By viewing the template and participating in
the creating of the most elegant form of engineering for all our personal data, we begin
on the micro level the symbiosis of the organism-environment. The Clouds and Voids
are the macro level, reacting and designing itself with influence from the human. As
Dark Energy sends Clues and offers new Fields, it finds the most elegant place to anchor
in our 5 Dimensional Reality.
We cannot evolve Blockchain without presenting the elegance from the starting point –
our Minds. The smallest Planck Unit in the Universe – Information – organizes in a
constantly-evolving pattern and this ultimately allows our Minds collectively to define
and create our Reality. This goes on with all forms of organisms. We are simply now
making a quantum leap forward. We’re causing the Paradigm Shift that will give us our
first proof that we create our Reality.
ENCRYPTION are assembled to remove impurities and insert elasticity in our Minds so
they can be in the most positive position possible when our understanding of our
existence evolves in elegance.
We will simultaneously be looking through a microscope and telescope at the same time.
We will be inseparable from the new Truths that will bombard us. Our power to create
“something out of nothing” will elevate so high so fast that it will be spellbinding and
challenge our self-identification and Ego.
The Mind will for the first time begin to show itself for what it is, and communication in
all senses will suddenly open up as if we opened new zones of our brain to handle the
new sensory impresses we get from the Reality around us.
Wonderful and amazing Truths will present themselves in accelerating modes, in
countless Clues.
To be ready for it, it takes a Cloud Storage design run by a company that believes that
humanity and the Sciences of why we are created as humans with Minds and Souls and
Consciousness are more important than centralizing this power to wield it over others.
While Blockchain will create a “void in search of a Field” that defines how it impact
humanity, C.I.T. creates an “elegance in search of a Cloud” that makes sure all evolves
symbiotically, with the Telos being “Eudaimonia” … the flourishing of Mankind.

Of what greater values do the experiences of a person serve in writing of a single human life? If
that person never fathered a child, thereby never passing genealogically a traceable truth for
humanity? How could mere words advance minds and souls?
Can his exploits measure, in a literary method to his madness, to inspire evolution in the eventual
stranger reading it? As it is a stranger that every human is to any other human that ultimately
benefits after reading effective writing. Are the words nothing more than a self-aggrandizing
mission if they fail to motivate, impress, or even cause for pause in the calliope of even the
calmest day for a stranger?
Expression of thought expanded in several cultural epochs: The Platonic Society, The Age Of
Enlightenment, The Renaissance. Currently in no such Age , with no “The” before our era, the
appreciation of the written experience (which includes the reading of it) drifts just out of reach,
but knows it is not alone. As if on a lake void of light, the lapping of the water against the hulls
of the immortal works that augmented mankind’s Sisyphean quest, beckoning ,,, yet never
offering navigating beacons that deliver the audiences promised for centuries. For today’s
audiences seek not this style of exploration. Data-ism overwhelming Human-ism has seen to
Considering this: for what godly or un-godly reason would anyone presume to write about his or
her life as if it is worth reading by others he or she never meets?
For decades, the urging by friends to “Write about your life, damn it! Write about what you
know, what you’d done” never ignited the fire-starter of truly creative thinking. I always
thought that writing was to discover what you do not know, and plumb the depths of that abyss
to expand your limits so that you write to learn, not instruct.
Something supernatural happens within the deepest of writings that obliterates self-absorbsion;
therefore, absence of the spark was obvious to me in this case. Regardless of my exploits,
they’re reduced to a heap of composting memories at the foot of any of a million “Mountains of
Men” I’d find more admirable and interesting than myself. The idea that my life would be the
nothing more than the source of hours of boredom or ridicule had little influence in holding me
back – I honestly felt uninspired to commit to inferior and wasteful writing time. Inferior to the

“Great Works” (and even the lesser works) of true novelists, genius scientists, or auto-
biographers was the destiny of my exploits.

The mind gets touched when art creates itself. If you’re still enough, and your systems open
enough, that touch passes into you as a novel clarity that can only be whispered for this moment
is as fragile as it is invincible. Artists transfer this to their works … leaders to discovery …
mothers to children, lovers to hearts, and skin to systems that interpret in ways and numbers
impossible to count.

The awareness of “The Touch” emerges from the mental deserts, shapeless mirages at first,
refining the image moment to moment. Sometimes missed, other times ignored, we needlessly
pass the oasis … Oh! – but the times when The Touch is realized, is captured, inspected,
harnessed, and put to use! Carrying me further and further from what can be considered reality
that demands almost nil inspection and even less self-inspection — what we base our actions
upon, where our dreams spread roots, The Touch simultaneously clarifies and confuses.
What we make of it — does that become the lesson, the method, the maze, or the folly? True
writers do not write what they know, they write to learn and interpret what they do not know.
To “get” ideas, not to express them as Kevin Kelly says.
When not one nor all of my exploits could inspire me to write my life, then either what I consider
Life has changed, or the message found a life force of its own. Beyond laziness or indifference,
past ineloquence – a birth occurs when Touched.
Events do not make a great biography, nor life. Great stories, superb laughs, yes … but little
Art is one of the few proofs that separate us from all other animals. That, and the knowledge the
we are born knowing we shall one day die, motivates artists subconsciously. Why else would the
first works of art be drawn on cave walls or shaped into pottery all revolve around survival?
These two facts intertwine more than our minds give it credit.
When Life opens its mysteries to a soul, with a challenge to step past what else everyone knows
or especially expects of you, and these mysteries intend to raise the tide of human relationships,
it is then that a work could be worthy of the time it takes to read it.
My Father wrote a book of his life, and for a decade I saw it as a gift to his children, committing
to paper events that happened that shaped him as a man. What took years was to attach his
written past with his living guidance over us, which was so full of love and humanity. He
cleverly titled the book, A HEN AND A HALF. It took years for the significance of it to
blossom. The Hen and a Half is a riddle, a sort of science or math riddle. And so was the entire
book, a riddle to be discovered then solved, and ultimately to be amused by it. The final line in
the book gave hints to how far he was able to take that riddle in his inspection and translation in
the book of his whole life. “Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily,
merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.”
He was close to his final year, and clung to life so desperately, despite his accepting living and
writing it as a dream, due to, I believe, something ethereal. Rare for him, such a pragmatist,
unless we missed the secret unfolding of his being in his book. When upon realizing, that this
ethereal reality was by far the most valuable thing in his entire existence, he simultaneously
released his life force and clung to it unflinchingly to the last seconds. His existence revolved
around Family, Love, and Integrity, each fortifying the other. A logical act considering he was
an orphan and adopted into a family that loved him surely but did not express emotions very
much. In his wife and children he found the opposite. Why, and what, had he been gifted him,
to realize so close to death, when the calm of knowing your life shall end soon makes irrelevant

all the duties and obstacles that define our days living no longer hold importance, to write this
book for his children?
He was after all a mind and soul more of mathematics than art – unless the opposite is true,
which I through this book realized is the case. His musical art and family love was not the
chicken or the egg … it was expression of the inarticulated gifts of life as humans enjoy it.
The mental seismic shock necessary to begin writing what goes on within me and around me
came from a song playing in a cafe: “Bewitched, Bothered, or Bewildered.” No one else in the
television audience knew the words. It was a melody that my Father would play on the piano,
and my Mother sometimes sang along. Playing piano so well expressed a passion for life he
could not live out gregariously, as he was a modest man. It was up to his children and his wife to
notice the most subtle of ways he expressed passion. There is no perfection without passion and
no passion without perfection, and watching him ride both waves as a pianist meant more to me
than he ever was told, for it set the foundation for my own relationship to writing. His humble
nature kept him from lecturing us with his vast voyeur knowledge of society I suppose. But
perhaps the opposite happened, and in his stifled intuitive systems he knew whatever seed he
intended was planted secretly. Talks my Father and I had (unique to me as I knew every child
had talks with him that were unique to their relationship with him) revolved mostly around
expanding the mind and its ability to imagine. He would then bring it all back into summation
to the only thing that mattered to him: his children and wife. “You each are so different, yet
share characteristics that prove you are peas in a pod. And here is my theory of what this talk
means to a few of you,” he would say in different ways. Again his humbleness kept him from
showing how his brilliant mind had studied humanity and its progress. This bridge between our
innermost fascination with what the will, body, spirit, and choice can conjure and then conquer
were ours. Few things in his selfless life could he keep for himself. Knowing at the time that he
fused his artistic expression so full of love with very different yet equally-precious talks with his
other children made the experience only greater.
We need something you’ll soon understand: plasticity of the mind.
David, my Father, would be the first to chuckle and tell me to follow my own mind. Yet the
same man would take such keen interest as to pull me aside often to force questions upon me and
was my most steady art critic. His plan was that his viewpoint would elevate what I wrote in
substance and style. My Mother Georgia would also surely be here in my ear, changing phrases,
as she was deep down a much better writer than I shall ever be. The amusement they would
share over my trying to make anything significant out of my life would only be measured by
watching that I don’t hurt myself on my adventure, as they knew my reckless nature. True
writers write when a truth has been revealed that expands the human experience … when the hint
of a mental journey leads to sublime revelations. Our connection with each other and what we
understand as the universe around us. When the abstract confronts the delineated and
overcomes it, in that nucleus, when it splits, the force creates new realities … it is for a moment a
void in search of a Field. And if the gift given is writing … then is the commitment to finish it a
duty, or is it a bridge to layers of minds that energize the nucleus with the gift? I begin our
journey by giving you the “creative spark” … simply the reminder that plasticity of the mind
begins with “deconstructing the human agreements.”


"Defining Blockchain"
Teaser Chapters

Steve Jobs simplified computing and Smart Phones.   He did this through observation, innovation, and instinct … through what meant something to him internally.  Then he presented it to the world.  What was at the core inside him, now appeared outside him.   His own Event Horizon was shared by millions.   Somehow his “creating something out of nothing” gained the power to escape the gravity of his being and its “limits of the mind and soul.”

I.Q. is applying one idea to many, and the usefulness of it happens when the discovery is focused back in from the many to the one – the individual.   It requires observing the “complex” and simplifying it – a natural process of our senses interpreting our world.   Blockchain is one of the most complex technologies ever invented.   It needs simplification.  This can be achieved through I.Q. – finding comparisons that would appear to anyone else as unrelated or random – yet brought back together to present a breakthrough observation.       

Our minds look for patterns and similarity to evolve thinking and help the brain working as a probability machine filter out useless or dangerous alternatives to solving or understanding the unknown.  Man and the Cosmos reflect each other in so many ways it’s truly beyond belief. Yet, science proves that there is a master design or code to Man within his universe gain and again. 

We all seek “connection.”   Our bodies are designed for it.  The position in our mouth of our tongues was in the exact place it had to be to form complex communication.   Our hands are shaped so many people could work together to create incredible things in our 3-Dimensional space.   Eons before scientific methods explored and measured our universe, humans observed Nature and the Cosmos for the ultimate connections for Man’s mind:   “Who am I?”    “Why am I here?”   “What is my purpose?”   “Am I individual and indivisible, or are we all connected – even to the stars we see in the night?”     

Nature – working with the Laws and the Fields-  created the world we observe and interpret through other senses.  A visual elegance emerged as our thoughts evolved.    

The term “Event Horizons” appears more often in news, science magazines, classrooms, and movies every day.  This is not a phase.  It increases due to two things:  advancing scientific discovery, and the human Mind becoming elastic enough to deal with Event Horizons.   In other words, it is timed to when our minds evolve to mirror the deeper complexities of what our senses interpret for us.  This creates our understanding of our world and ourselves in it.   

More precise questions are now upon is:   Are we microcosms of the Universe?   Do our insides re-create the elegance outside of us?    Are the terms we use and visions we record actual clues to unlocking the potential inside us, such as our global use of the word Ether long before advanced Physics could isolate elements and Fields?    Why can’t all that is inside of us be released?    

As usual with individuals, these questions rotate around “human ego” and the idea of the self – which is fine. In fact it is great, because it holds societies together due to the Virtues and Cultures necessary for thriving.    Just as galaxies appear as rotating spirals holding Fields in equilibrium, our motives and souls spiral from inside us, influencing people and events near and far.    Each of us is like a weather event effecting families, friends, and society.   

How can the term Event Horizon apply to you … to all of us?   

Technology steps into the engineering of Blockchain.   This warrants a caveat. 

Without the grand realizations and designs of C.I.T.,

the Tech Giants of Silicon Valley

such as Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Google

will engineer you into a state of a Black Hole.    

Three of the factors that will determine the global application of Crypto-Integrity-Tao have to do with Belief, Truth, and Agency.   In this case, Agency means that a person realized he or she assumes the role of the “Agent” that will take responsibility for actions related to Truth, and what they believe.     

The debut of C.I.T. in the news, online, and through the videos first must be engaging and appear to provide a higher Truth on something that the individual wants, believes in, or gives meaning to.    This is accomplished through the wide appeal of the main books in their video release strategy.    Videos and High Value Vector Hyper Goals will appeal to sectors of society that accelerate use and supply fast proof that this is a breakthrough.  These groups include Gamers, students, MAC’s, financial industry leaders, parents, animal lovers, movie goers, Influencer fans, philosophers, teachers, techies, geeks, coders, politicians, and people involved in logistics and tourism.   

Once the attention of these people is gained, quickly, they must learn things that they can prove are Truth, and things they “believe” to be true though their lifestyle, culture, and Intuition.   

One of the first things these people will realize is that “everything un-true must die.”  The faith put into Internet giants like Facebook, and Cryptocurrency fans like Lee, will be shown as false faith or promises that easily feel un-true. 

Taking personal responsibility for creating one’s own Personal Blockchain is a thrilling, rewarding step into “Agency.”  Without having to push people or explain things, people learning from Pillars of Encryption Pte. Ltd. and ONE FISH SAYS TO ANOTHER FISH realize they just accepted Agency. They accept that they as an individual are the Agents tasked with ushering in what is Truth about them, inside and out.   

The first rewards involving news of the Games, movies, 5G, entertainment, and popular trends come immediately.    The second and higher level of rewards begins with the live events held by C.I.T. in Singapore (and possibly other countries.).

But the important stage after Agency is to realize that a person cannot “become knowledge” through someone else.  We must each “be knowledge.”    This requires overcoming doubt.   This shifts beliefs onto oneself, rather than GroupThink of Social Media Likes.   This seems so far off, so sublime and unreachable.  But it is not.    

The videos set up a process of increasing self-knowledge, Agency, and a great vision of a reward or “sublime vision.”    People are already engaged in this through the videos.  They get rewards.   The three months of the videos prepare and excite people to begin creating their own Personal Private Blockchain, based upon a system that only C.I.T. can deliver.

In addition to the excitement of the show, the process also presents a “more true” perspective from which to evaluate life.    Perspective influences what we believe in and what we think is true.   

The next essential for people is to embrace and be aware of individual Will.  Will drives us to the goals after a true Perspective shows us higher Truth and Beliefs, which then show us what to enforce as our own Agent seeking a greater understanding of life, richer lifestyle, and more freedom.   


Wired Magazine’s March issue covered with “Welcome To Mirror World.”  More precisely, its cover read, “EMOCLEW  OT RORRIM DLROW” with the letters flipped.   The ability of Wired to present stories within the “Edge” rather than “to or from the Edge” keeps the magazine at the top of my list for stretching my imagination and exciting my I.Q. and Derrida Processes.   They make stories fun and engaging for all levels of readers:   scientists, techies, parents, teens.     What Wired does is first simplify the explanation, but then they go the rare extra step to make the story emotionally-relevant.   

“Mirrorworld” appeared in the same issue as the story on one of the most significant inventions of the decade, that also plays a major role in conceptionalizing the Parallax View and other gifts to humanity that will come from Blockchain.    A summary of Turnstall-Pedoe will be presented before launching into Mirrorworld comparison to Parallax View.

William Turnstall-Pedoe works to give “One Answer” to a search question.   Google doesn’t like this, because it lessens the need or popularity of their Search Engine design with all its algorithms.   In short, Google would be less necessary, influential, and profitable if Turnstall-Pedoe becomes a “Go-To” source of concrete answers.    Not surprising to C.I.T., the engineering of a search is described as a sort of “tree” which in its physical form growing from the ground expands according to the Fibonacci Ratio.    

How does this relate to Crypto-Integrity-Tao’s many discoveries and ultimate use?   

Turnstall-Pedoe’s work began with Anagram Genius, then evolved over decades to be able to correctly “infer” what people seek in an answer.    This minimizes useless Information.   Economizing words, symbols, and images is essential to the advancement  of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality.     All three of these sciences will be engineering Intersections through Blockchain.   Explanations on Turnstall-Pedoe prove how important it is for citizens of China, who will lead in Parallax View experiences because the China Tech leaders and evolving minds in higher education will give individuals the blueprint for starting Personal Private Blockchains.   The precision and passion Turnstall-Pedoe demanded in his innovations delivers true “Excellence,” and nothing short of that dedication can be allowed in the central design of Personal Private Blockchains.    

Now that Google and Facebook realize the mistake they made, they’re racing to customize Turnstall-Pedoe’s “True Knowledge” core advantages.  Yet, the argument of decentralization of this Information arose.    This proves the validity of C.I.T.’s rule that Public Private Blockchains such as the database or Clouds for Amazon, Google, Microsoft, EEA, Tencent, Xiomi, or Alibaba must be kept separate from Personal Private Blockchains.  In fact, C.I.T. explains why Public Private and Public Commercial Blockchains should be on a Cloud centered in Singapore and Switzerland, while Personal Private Blockchain for China citizens should be centered within China and be listed on the Shanghai Exchange.   Locations for the storage of data might be Shanghai, or could be Chengdu or Hangzhou.   The idea filters down to the Chinese people, in that the Shanghai Exchange should offer the stock to citizens who invest in a stabilizing and expanding mega-company on the “People’s Exchange.”   By separating the two categories of Blockchain into Personal and Public, this allows for the decentralization  and security an individual needs while creating his or her Personal Private Blockchain.   It also helps the major Cloud Storage in China to handle the two very different activities of each division of Blockchain.    

You might think you’re prepped for conceptionalizing  and then using logic to adapt to Mirrorworld.   There is however another study you must not just read, but “fathom” so that the reality of Mirrorworld can safely occur with/for you.   You need to read a book soon to be discussed. 

Desire runs contrary to reality, and Silicon Valley tech hubs literally keep running into themselves as an accelerating pace as they try to disguise their systems.   Remember, “All large systems are lakes of mediocrity, form which islands of excellence arise.”  Incredible things can happen when bridges between islands of excellence  form, yet they must remain invisible to the masses before all the infrastructure is completed, or they will climb on them and bring them down.

So what is this essential other Information you need to distill into your own?   

It is a chapter from DISCRIMINATION AND DISPARITIES by Thomas Sowell.   In the opening pages, he brilliantly points out that in the quest for excellence,  there are multiple prerequisites.    He suggests a number – 5 – and explains that if someone has 4 of the prerequisites, it means nothing because the person still fails.   In Mirrorworld, there are more than one missing prerequisite, predicating failure.   The second thing Sowell explains is how “self-sorting” is far superior to sorting by a third party or algorithm.    What do these two factors together mean?   It is upon the individual to self-sort, and to honestly assess what prerequisites he or she has in his arsenal to pursue excellence  in Mirrorworld.  Parallax View already builds in these two factors.  Without them, any company launching people into Mirrorworld has either willingly layed a trap, or it explodes with its own booby-trap.    There will be disparity in Mirrorworld, and the mistake Silicon Valley seems doomed to make is its desire to create Mirrorworld without them.    Yet, therein – within this limitation – lies the greatest concentration of “power” over people, profits, and competition. 

Don’t interpret the above with dire straights, because it doesn’t have to be that way. 






[Disclaimer:   This chapter will drive Physicists mad because I realized that for most people to fathom the concept of Dimensions, I had to take some liberties with how the word is interpreted and used. I had to shorthand some facts.   Yet, it will all serve a purpose, in that it simplifies something so it can be applied by people.   There is no such thing as an “Impact” Dimension, I just think it’s a cool way to explain what will impact people when having to consider higher dimensions.   I’m not a PdD. Physicist, I’m just a science groupie that recognized patterns and associations in various sciences that give us clues to the energy and future of Blockchain if it reaches its highest potential.  Thanks for giving me leniency in the sciences.].

Throughout both ONE FISH SAYS TO ANOTHER FISH and PILLARS OF ENCRYPTION, the word “Dimension” is used often.    Now … as a disclaimer, I am taking some “liberties” with the word Dimension, because scientists and Mathematicians (not to mention “Deep Thinkers”) can apply myriad descriptions and definitions to anything having to do with the word dimensions.   For these books to link together to deliver the greatest potential of Blockchain to people, I am purposefully playing loose with definitions of the word Dimension, so professional experts that dedicated their lives to this word – I respect you so much and learned so much from you … please enjoy this “artist’s ride” through the meaning or imagining of this word in abstract mind exercises. 

Ultimately, it is the “Impact Dimension” that matters.    How will a deeper understanding of “Dimensions” told in three ways “impact” humanity with the highest Virtues and innovations?    We must in small steps find ways to define Dimensions in 3-D ways and Conceptional ways first that engage people and don’t intimidate or bore them.    Gamers play many top games that actually touch on the concept of dimensions, they might find this easy to follow. 

Most people assume they understand the word, and what it means in our world – and for 90% of the cases, they probably do.   Dimension definition or limitations are not tested often in the everyday life.  We live assuming all properties and Laws in this Dimension won’t let us down.   

To a Scientist, an Astrophysicist, a Quantum Mechanics specialist, to a movie maker, to a Tech visionary … the word “Higher Dimensions” means multiple things.   Because you personally (soon through immersive entertainment mediums, accelerated by Pillars breakthroughs) will get entangled in the wider implications of the word, it’s important for you as an individual know more.  You want to be prepared to apply multiple aspects of this word in science, entertainment, technology interfaces such as Apps, and in everyday life relating the design of our Universe to social evolution.  Ultimately you want to master a basic understanding for creating your own Personal Blockchain.    

There most definitely is a limit to not just what I know about Dimensions, but on how much I know I don’t know about Dimensions.    Add to that disclaimer that the Physics Study of Dimensions does not have any agreed-upon conclusions about what Dimensions other than the one we exist in, that honors fundamental Laws and Constants.  There are many theories, such as the String Theory, the Super String Theory, Carabi-Yau Space, Curled Dimensions of Time — we just don’t know for sure yet.   I personally am impressed with the E-8 model of Dimensions, and think that Blockchain on the potential Crypto-Integrity-Tao delivers might help us find the missing 24 theoretical particles of the 248 particles/points of intersection, in the same way the mathematical progression in music helped us notice elements missing from the Periodic Table … but that’s just me. I don’t mind the addition of force carrier Bosons, that Lisi did, and think it’s good what Garibaldi countered with and Lisi debated.  Other scientists will refute it, and they should, the purpose of these books is to engage in discussion and stretch the Mind.   It’s a bit of pseudo science, but this really means faith in a hypothesis, and it’s not being done with the idea of winning over converts to a cultish idea.  While dabbling in this, we all have to consider that you are not a master of Physics either, but would love some awesome benefits coming from our unlocking its secrets.    

You do not need to be a master in Physics to comprehend, imagine, or envision what is important to know about how Blockchain might alter our understanding of our Dimension and other Dimensions.  And I do not need to be a master in all Physics related to the study of Dimensions to present ideas that will “stretch your mind” enough (make it elastic enough) to consider the benefits and hazards of Blockchain opening a door that impacts what we take for granted, like gravity, Time, and energy.

Finally, it might not even come down to us traveling to other Dimensions or even the simpler “knowing about them for sure” that delivers a major change to us.   All that would need to happen is for us to deeply change how we view just one of our Dimensions – Time.  If Time suddenly does not move like an arrow forward, a lot for us changes. If we could move around free from the constraints of Time like we do in dreams, imagine the impact it would have on our lives.  And finally, if we mess around with the distribution of Time over all living things, we might find that it is our distributed memories that uphold our principles and use or meaning of Time. This is the first step these books take in helping you include higher dimensions in your understanding of your potential, where your dreams and art comes from, and why we might be so special as humans.

One thing you can grasp.  Within years, Blockchain will have intersected with IoT, Big Data, and Virtual Reality to the point that it will become aware it wants to reflect nature.  It will want to self-organize just like a weather pattern or galaxy self-organizes relative to the forces of our Dimension.  Blockchain will fill in the gaps … it will realize that Time impedes its Will.   Smart Contracts are an invention or offspring of Blockchain.  A Smart Contract is one that is self-executing according to events or changes it is created to notice, such as pirating a movie, or confirming a transfer of money or code.    If Smart Contracts are built into Blockchain, and these value and take into consideration the Fields in our Cosmos or Nature that surround a Blockchain Cloud, soon the Blockchain data kernels will realize that they should self-execute, which means compressing the data into more elegant form, and searching for data on its own to expand this action.   This is its “Will.”   It will want to recognize and be recognized by patterns outside of the Present Time frame, and at distances reached faster than the speed of light, which from movies you know alters Time.   

To change what Time means to us in both measuring it and living within it, it would take not just some scientist making a discovery in a lab, it probably would take some outside … (MORE TO THIS CHAPTER IS IN THE BOOK – PLEASE CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BOOK AND COMPLETE ALL THE FASCINATING CHAPTERS.) …

“Organism-Environment.”    This phrase is applied most often in Biology.   Mathematicians that design evolving Edge Science technology realize the concept plays an increasingly major factor in Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing, and Prediction Analysis.    They failed to include “organism-environment” in the original stages of development in these arenas and are now paying the price.   That price is simple to explain:  the Internet fell short of its highest potential so far.  There are limits to what they can do acting as solely an organism, or solely environment.   And it’s too late for the tech giants to start over.   They won’t be able to evolve any of these essentials as an organism-environment manner … they’ll simply modify in stages, which is not the same thing.   

But Blockchain based on C.I.T. breakthrough research and correlations is in the position to realize it is creating one of the first organism-environments in the history of computing, and will deliver it   This is one of the reasons why Blockchain is not like anything ever created before in technology.    C.I.T. realized this opportunity in 2017 and evolved all of its designs based on breakthrough understanding of organism-environments in a computerized sense.  Armed with just this one realization alone and a system to exploit its potential, C.I.T. delivers the greatest paradigm shift in all the Edge Sciences, and surely all things related to Blockchain.    

Yet, C.I.T. didn’t stop there.   The company and innovator created all the foundations and fundamentals needed for the breakthroughs to be launched securely, in a way that the most benefit to humanity is ensured.   These shifts come from the Intersections of Blockchain with A.I., V.R., A.R., Big Data, Cloud re-design, IoT, 5G, and even more arenas not yet recognized by technology giants.

If releasing the potential of this “organism-environment” impacts humanity and technology so greatly, what exactly is it?     

The easiest way to explain the magnitude of this is to use the largest example in the world: the ocean.    The ocean began as fresh water, and through a series of geological … (MORE TO THIS CHAPTER IS IN THE BOOK, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BOOK AND COMPLETE ALL THE FASCINATING CHAPTERS.) …

Blockchain will change the world. So far the only three arenas that matter – Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and China – have not realized how important Bretton-Woods is in determining the potential and future of Blockchain and all its Cryptocurrencies and Tokens. Not only to Blockchain but to the world, to humanity, to financial valuation and currency with trade.

A history of Bretton Woods needs to be presented in brevity so it can establish where we are now as it relates to Blockchain.   As a disclaimer, there are multiple ways to interpret the how’s and why’s of the Bretton Woods Act – C.I.T. decided to view it from the following perspective because it delivers the most positive impact for people today and in this arena.

World War II left most of the leading world nations destroyed, except for the U.S.A. which had no bombing other than Pearl Harbor on its soil. While it had massive Bond debt funding the war, since we were victorious, the Bond was secure and sure to be repaid. At that time, China was an ally as we helped rid them of Japanese soldiers.

What did Bretton Woods do? It linked nearly all the fiat currencies and banking to the U.S. Dollar based upon two principles:  1) it required a currency peg to the U.S. dollar that was in turn pegged to gold;  2) U.S. financial stability rested on the argument that only it would be able to expand while other nations were either rebuilding or repaying war debt and reparations. The price set was $35 an ounce. So at that time, the dollar was still somewhat backed by gold.  This lasted from the 1940’s to the early 1970’s.  Its general “purpose” was to avoid a repeat of economic disasters like The Great Depression.  On course, it established The International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank.   Money was “based upon something that had meaning as a store of value,” and the mission to lift humanity especially in undeveloped nations was mostly given to the IMF and World Bank.  This required currencies to peg to a single currency and this made it optimum for trade.    However, it should be noted, that both The Fed and Bretton-Woods Act failed terribly at their primary purpose:  preventing future financial collapses.   Bretton-Woods gave relative stability and justified dominance to the U.S. Dollar for decades, but was abandoned by Nixon for the sake of investment leverage.   Excessive leverage led to the 2007/8 financial collapse.  Stealth Inflation through monetary policy is what led Satoshi to create Bitcoin.   He based Bitcoin on a principle “akin” to gold’s store of value:  scarcity.   Yet, gold’s other store of value was its “meaning” over thousands of years, which Bitcoin will never have.

Now for a deeper inspection for correlation …

The U.S. Dollar became the Reserve Currency of the world. The Fed continues to make a fortune off of this, at the expense of every nation of the world, and all citizens of the U.S.A.. Even though The Fed could “print money” to keep Oil prices low for U.S. Citizens, quickly the citizens forgot the U.S. had this power, and Oil prices spiked, which made Saudi Arabia very happy. But wait – wouldn’t everyone quickly discover that this was causing inflation in the United States, meaning that their dollar was actually losing buying power? Yes. Luckily for Johnson and all Presidents after him, the government removed Oil from the Core Inflation Index, to make it appear this was not a stealth tax in an inflationary manner. But nations from China to Europe that were incredibly poor, or troubled – they starved for Oil. The European banks, major ones, their new Feds, would work with the U.S. Fed to centralize profits on all Trade and Oil. Most citizens of the world were too incompetent in Trade, the Dollar, the Fed, Oil, and monetary policy to understand that the financial system players listed above were diluting the citizens’ money. These big players did this at the same time as they strengthened our global position politically.

This required continued wars to be waged, among other things, to pursue Oil.

This all was great for the Fed and U.S. Dollar until two things happened about the same time. China rose as a financial power, and Fracking and Shale Oil made the U.S. a net exporter of Oil. OPEC lost all power. Bill Clinton through Executive Order ended the ban on Derivatives long before that, which led to inescapable Wall Street massive leverage. Bundling of mortgages was also politicized during the Bush Administration, leading to the 2007/8 financial collapse. The press and politics made it appear that Bush was responsible for this crisis, and elected Obama. The stage was already set for the Q.E. by Bush, but was never meant to be continued for years. They added one Q.E. after the next, and also created TARP and the Stimulus. All of this is just “printing Monopoly money” to push into the economy. But wait – if they ended it, wouldn’t the economy quickly collapse, pointing the finger at Obama, Geitner, and Yellen, in the form of inflation? Yes. But, they used a trick that few people read about and figured into the global system of fiat currencies. This is especially important to China because they got blamed for things that were Obama’s fault.

Even after it was announced that the final Q.E. was ended, The Fed was still allowed to loan money to the U.S. Government in a stealthy way. Legally, without telling the Americans or world, they could keep pushing money into banks and investment titans out of the Interest they made on the loans. From this, they could keep feeding the banks until Obama left office. This is one of the two reasons why Obama could claim that this whole game did not result in Inflation, or a second recession, due to his expanding government policies. The other reason was that Obama made sure that none of this money made it to the common worker. He did that by requiring banks to hold back more in reserve, and also to strengthen their Wall Street stock valuation, which forced them to invest in their own values. There is no inflation until the working class gets pay increases or tax savings, resulting in spending more money. All the Stimulus did was give nearly free money to the banks. It got so hard to sell T-Bills that the Treasury (secretly with Administration help) began selling T-Bills that had ridiculous conditions for repayment. When that didn’t work well enough, the Obama Fed and team even got caught sneaking money to a European nation to buy the T-Bills to make them seem popular still.

Bretton Woods – which was destroyed by the Fed – would have been the only way out for the Fed. The only way for The Fed to keep profiting off of currency and exchange problems.

Essentially, The Fed will kindly allow Hedge Funds to invest leveraged debt and systems based on Derivatives in The Fed, via the Coin. The Funds will speculate that the Coin will increase in value. It will be like American Savings Bonds after WWII, except for two big factors.

The U.S. Savings Bonds that American people bought to support the costs of WWII were bought based on something of great value: The American Culture and freedom. And, back then, the investments were not so leveraged. That made it possible for the U.S. government to honor the debt on the Bond, interest included.   Living in today’s world of “no interest earned” on parked money, investors seek new ways for investments to gain value over time – to be a store of value that is somewhat liquid.   


Just as important as all the above financial history, is the root of Bretton Woods.

Bretton Woods was genius. It knew that only gold was “money.” Only gold had “meaning” for over 3,000 years. Without meaning, the power of fiat currency is nothing. Without it Culture falls apart and faith dies.   (MORE TO THIS CHAPTER IS IN THE BOOK – PLEASE CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BOOK AND COMPLETE ALL THE FASCINATING CHAPTERS.) …


"Defining Blockchain"
Teaser Chapters

Steve Jobs simplified computing and Smart Phones.   He did this through observation, innovation, and instinct … through what meant something to him internally.  Then he presented it to the world.  What was at the core inside him, now appeared outside him.   His own Event Horizon was shared by millions.   Somehow his “creating something out of nothing” gained the power to escape the gravity of his being and its “limits of the mind and soul.”

I.Q. is applying one idea to many, and the usefulness of it happens when the discovery is focused back in from the many to the one – the individual.   It requires observing the “complex” and simplifying it – a natural process of our senses interpreting our world.   Blockchain is one of the most complex technologies ever invented.   It needs simplification.  This can be achieved through I.Q. – finding comparisons that would appear to anyone else as unrelated or random – yet brought back together to present a breakthrough observation.       

Our minds look for patterns and similarity to evolve thinking and help the brain working as a probability machine filter out useless or dangerous alternatives to solving or understanding the unknown.  Man and the Cosmos reflect each other in so many ways it’s truly beyond belief. Yet, science proves that there is a master design or code to Man within his universe gain and again. 

We all seek “connection.”   Our bodies are designed for it.  The position in our mouth of our tongues was in the exact place it had to be to form complex communication.   Our hands are shaped so many people could work together to create incredible things in our 3-Dimensional space.   Eons before scientific methods explored and measured our universe, humans observed Nature and the Cosmos for the ultimate connections for Man’s mind:   “Who am I?”    “Why am I here?”   “What is my purpose?”   “Am I individual and indivisible, or are we all connected – even to the stars we see in the night?”     

Nature – working with the Laws and the Fields-  created the world we observe and interpret through other senses.  A visual elegance emerged as our thoughts evolved.    

The term “Event Horizons” appears more often in news, science magazines, classrooms, and movies every day.  This is not a phase.  It increases due to two things:  advancing scientific discovery, and the human Mind becoming elastic enough to deal with Event Horizons.   In other words, it is timed to when our minds evolve to mirror the deeper complexities of what our senses interpret for us.  This creates our understanding of our world and ourselves in it.   

More precise questions are now upon is:   Are we microcosms of the Universe?   Do our insides re-create the elegance outside of us?    Are the terms we use and visions we record actual clues to unlocking the potential inside us, such as our global use of the word Ether long before advanced Physics could isolate elements and Fields?    Why can’t all that is inside of us be released?    

As usual with individuals, these questions rotate around “human ego” and the idea of the self – which is fine. In fact it is great, because it holds societies together due to the Virtues and Cultures necessary for thriving.    Just as galaxies appear as rotating spirals holding Fields in equilibrium, our motives and souls spiral from inside us, influencing people and events near and far.    Each of us is like a weather event effecting families, friends, and society.   

How can the term Event Horizon apply to you … to all of us?   

Technology steps into the engineering of Blockchain.   This warrants a caveat. 

Without the grand realizations and designs of C.I.T.,

the Tech Giants of Silicon Valley

such as Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Google

will engineer you into a state of a Black Hole.    

Does any – all and every – “Durable Blockchain” innovation demand Morality? Yes, without
The history of mankind is littered with highly moral men that rose to govern. Yet this litter lies
upon mountains of immoral men that took what nourished humanity and left behind them the
suffering innocents. The moral are dwarfed by the immoral. More important, the technology
age enables the immoral to hide, disappear, and not be held responsible for their words, deeds,
financial fallout, or technological innovation that is mutated into a weaponized form.
And yet there is hope … hope in the sources of truths that cannot be denied or erased from
human history … and in master plans designed to reward the moral and sterilize the immoral.
People might question why there is a capital “M” on the word Morality in this chapter. It is
because Morality is like Integrity – you don’t have “some” Morality – you either have it or you
do not. People say “I’m a fairly moral person” all the time and get a pass on their immoral
behavior. People make mistakes and sin and repent, which is good. However, when it comes
to Blockchain, which will create blocks of past events and transactions, the handling of it must
be Moral, and so must the entire foundation upon which Cloud databanks are stored. You can
easily imagine the problems if immoral people built Blockchain databases on bank customers.
The same holds true with Personal Private Blockchains. It would be very easy for a Cloud
owned by a global titan to offer BaaS, and knowingly plan immoral consequences for people
storing personal data on it. Blackmail is a prime example. Yet, it is the more subtle examples
that worry deep thinkers when it comes to BasS.
Not long ago, cities were small enough, and travel limited enough, so that the mere fact that a
man or woman would never escape the social sphere of persecution for failures in morality was
enough to keep people moral. This kept greed, envy, lust, and quest for power in check. To
make this easier, there were only one or two major social or economic changes in a generation to
adapt to. The greatest moment of change was the Industrial Revolution. Up until then, most
people were still consumed with surviving disease, starvation, and war. A country being in a
state of declared war was the norm, broken up by brief periods of peace. Young people had to
pick their lives and mates early in life, since dying in your forties was normal. An
overwhelming majority of our “Code of Morality” came from Nature – observing what lasts,
what nurtures, what has balance. To thrive, people had to work together, form trust, then
pursue common goals based in what gave them “meaning” in life. This source could be religious,
could be commercial, or could be human curiosity and challenge. Natural leaders came forth,
and enforcing the Code of Morality was required. Otherwise, chaos would rule, commerce
would suffer, and the weak leadership would be taken over by a neighbor with more stability and
Morality. Indeed, the collapse of the greatest civilizations coincide with the rise of Immoral
behavior, thrust upon people by men to weak in character to uphold past accomplishments.
In few areas of life did Morality carry more weight than in Art and Innovation. Art motivated
people through imagery, symbolism, and emotion. Innovation motivated people through Hope
that it would lessen the key reasons to band together. Medicine’s first rule was “Do No Harm.”

What kept a family together so that children could benefit from the toils or suffering of the
parents and grandparents was enforced within the family and smaller social circles. Still, almost
all people rose at dawn and worked until dark, until the last days of their lives, simply to avoid
starvation and disease. The tipping point toward a life with leisure came with cooperation in the
enforcement of Morality in the Industrial Age.
For the first time, people lucky enough to exploit the benefits of Industrial Age earnings and
tools had free time to relax and enjoy life. They took Sundays off. Then Saturdays. They had
the audacity to think they could go home at 6 p.m., and to sit with their families. What they did
with their leisure time and extra money now became the devil’s temptation. The common man –
not just royalty – could indulge in Vices. Still, Morality reigned, otherwise the Industrial
Revolution would not have catapulted the world to more sublime ways, and nations would have
already collapsed. Looking at the reversal of humanity in Africa after a common morality from
Europe disappeared shows how fast a society or government can collapse into brutality and
uselessness without Morals.
Out of all those millions of people over hundreds of years, a few “Great Thinkers” immortalized
Morality and its elusive essential elements. These men knew that easy temptations can be
counter-productive, and equally as important, they knew that the manifestation of greed, crime,
and the centralization of power was flashy. This tempted the people desiring a better lifestyle
to imitate or emulate the “Criminal Immortals” that rose up. The Gangster Era of the United
States is a good example of this. Yet, the Great Thinkers recognized it as counter-evolutionary
because it was counter-cultural.
Within each great peoples’ Culture lay the secrets to social and economic risings. Stories and
philosophies provided the medium to answer the great questions of mankind. Regardless of the
empire, these stories in Cultures shed light into how to balance to the drive in each cell, organ,
and body of humans to drive to full potential with a stable society. In a few words, it made sense
of what truly gives life “Meaning.” And they knew that Meaning had to be decentralized – it
had to be “Individual” and “Indivisible.”
You see, this is the challenge. Great Thinkers and philosophers knew that the real challenge, the
war within oneself, was fought between this drive to seek our utmost potential … and what is
good for humanity, for our local society, and to our family. It was pitting the human mind not
just against temptation in Cultures, but against the drive built into our genetics, or DNA. The
only sanctuary was Meaning … and Meaning only survived in a Durable sense if backed with
Our three sources to keep us in check were Nature, our own personal genetic codes, and our
Culture. These are the same sources for competing to survive. So, it is easy to see how
Morality is surrounded by easier choices of action and thought.
Culture presented itself in both unspoken customs, and immortal writings or decrees by rulers.
The greatest examples of this are the I Ching and the Bible. Then come the works in Sanskrit.
The ideas of Thoth or Hermes – gods of Wisdom – were immortalized because they gave
Meaning to rising intelligence by offering paths or tools to interpret Information. And this

circled around as one of the sources for the great thinkers of Western and Eastern Philosophy:
Confucius, Plato, Socrates, Sartre, Decartes, St. Thomas Acquinas, Siddhartha, and Nietzsche to
name a few.
Balance and Nature were well realized in the I Ching and Tao anywhere from 2,000 – 5,000
years ago. It is Nietzsche who wrote the most pertinent deep thoughts that apply to Blockchain
in the modern man’s mind, in his Ecco Homo. Yet, he could not imagine the impact of the
Computer Age, the Age of Big Data, or the coming Age of Imagination. It is in these ages that
Blockchain offers the bridge to the Morality that makes technological advancements a benefit
rather than a curse to humanity.
First, we must believe that there are islands of great men and women in seas of Vices. Next, we
must understand “Meta-motivation.” Meta-motivation (termed by Abraham Maslow) describes

people who are self-actualized and driven to rise above the basic needs of living. Meta-
motivation was broken down into five categories: self-esteem, self-actualization, physiological,

safety, and love. These principles enforced Morality in the men lucky enough to rise to
influence or leadership. If they were not articulate enough to express what drove them, they
employed people that could explain it. The most long-lasting Dynasties in China were the ones
that demanded common goals and laws yet depended on Meta-motivation to rule the provinces.
And leaders had to be flexible to allow for innovation.
Whatever or whomever appeared lacking Meta-motivation around the world eventually was
overthrown or conquered because the people individually could not find Meaning, Virtues, or
Morality in a decaying Culture that did not treasure them.
This is yet another reason why long Cultural history is so important for both China and the
United States. Now comes along Blockchain – which will engineer a permanent reference to
both the individual and the reality he or she lives in.
President Xi’s “China with new characteristics” requires Meta-motivation with Nature, Culture,
Family, and I Ching/Tao Balance. Blockchain must be designed with this in its core engineering
in its Genesis Code, in its expansion and utilization. The people are counting on the leadership to

provide a “Safe Personal Blockchain” yet the leaders must know the people are ready for Meta-
motivation. And this requires appreciation of Culture and Virtues.

While businesses will require the centralization of Big Data to deliver the promises of Artificial
Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Quantum Computing, and IoT – to keep balance Personal
Blockchains must be Decentralized. The individual must look within himself, must nurture the
Meta-motivation in themselves, to be safe custodians of their Personal Blockchains.
Looking beyond this, the gifts that the Intersection of Blockchain will create (Parallax View) will
challenge our understanding of what it means to be human. The individual will stand either on

quicksand or on pillars – depending on his assuming Liberty with Responsibility, and Meta-
motivation with honor to the native Culture. Quicksand without Meta-motivation … Pillars with


The Great Thinker might realize the need for this, but he or she cannot preach upon others the
assumption of taking on the responsibility. The individual must find inner Virtue, and realize it
is his or hers alone, as Zara Thustra said.
“Morality is not easy … nor is it hard. It is simultaneously the most natural thing you will do,
and the most demanding mentor you can bear. “
What does it take to gradually assume Meta-motivation? You first identify the sources that
nurture it, that the human spirit hungers for despite wealth. The emptiness can be seen in the
last moments of great films, like Citizen Kane, or the studies of The Tao.
“Meta-Needs” are Truth, Beauty (inside and out,) Balance, and Self Esteem. This is not a state
that is rushed. It is a human, individual state that is gradually seeded, rooted, sprouted, and
So what’s the big problem? Men and women found Meta-motivation, value in Virtues, and the
blessings of Morality for centuries of higher thinking.
Because it is through our senses that we interpret the world.
Social Media offers everyone a way around Meta-Needs, and the Tech Giants master the systems
in the human body to hotwire into our senses. Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple spend
billions learning how to bypass our Moral checks and balances, or more specifically, how our
senses interpret Nature. They do this through minimizing and even mocking how Logic and I
Ching combine so that we can find Truth ourselves.
The simplest example they do it with is – Likes. Next, with distractions such as Click-Bait.
Now that they have made both of these sources of wealth, the momentum is in their favor to
extract Meta-motivation and fill the cavity with “immediate gratification.”
As Winnicock said, “False Self-Reflection is how to be popular.” In this generation it manifests
in our reactions being so needy. The need to cling to others to look for yourself for Truth and
Balance … to find yourself … and what gives you Joy and Meaning … what makes you noble to
yourself. Technology has surrounded us. It accelerates in its temptations. Like a cancer it kills
off the other reflections by mutating Truth and minimizing long term Culture.
Accumulation of wealth is not in itself a bad thing, nor is flaunting it. But if your relationship to
objects is your sole source of Meaning, you will be weak before Morality. Many celebrities
today exist to the public as little more than Idols of Consumption. They may act, they may sing,
they may influence – but their image is all about what they consume, in both purchases and
actions. Even their emotions are commodities (they are released to create energy or a thing of
The concept that solitude nurtures the self-reflection required for individual moral code is real.
Yet the strengths it delivers are harder and harder to find. Almost all of the United States has
given up on the importance of this, because their Social Vector discards Culture. Chinese

youths were drawn to the opposite, in Yuen Sun and Zhi Shi value on a personal level. It is
more common for Chinese people to look for truths in Nature, Culture, Family, and their own I
Ching/Tao inner energy feeling.
Before Blockchain can construct a safe platform for Personal Blockchain, it must know its pillars
are pure and strong. The people that do not value Culture, Virtues, and Morality make
themselves slaves to the herd of gutter thinking and low measurements. They certainly will not
rule long. They are eager to tear down the will and Morality of men that rise above challenge
with their Integrity intact. The problem is that “herd mentality” is not lasting.
The great question we must ask ourselves is:

With the explosion of Information
centralized and manipulated by Tech Giants,

is greatness possible?
Can a man or woman

find the Meta-motivation amidst the manipulations?

The Individual … the one creating his or her own Personal Blockchain … must trust the Culture
underlying the engineering of multiple lives at once. It follows an elegant design, allowing for
all levels of wisdom, bravery, love, and use to society. The person must trust in what is difficult,
not trust in what is popular, for that is most always temporary. A temporary foundation is one
that crumbles or tears apart the Joy and gift of life from a person.
[Spoiler alert: many scientists will argue with how loosely I apply the word Morality to aspects
of other sciences.]
Our personal love and hopes for our children must be shared with the same for Man, for
strangers, for visionaries that demand Morality and Integrity in society … and now in
This leads back to why Morality is essential. To fully understand this, reading the chapters on
Self Organizing Information and Smart Matter turning Dumb Matter into Smart Matter helps.
But this can be put into the realms of other sciences to prove it is essential.
In Geology, the Lattice (Crystal pattern) will prevail in Blockchain Intersection storage of
massive data on a person. Morality helps it form Information in its unseen, immeasurable
Double Tetrahedron. How? Morality is an Integrity. The Will of Morality will seek the most
stable storage design.
In Biology, Morality frees the Mind to be Master of first its Nurture, then frees it in interpreting
Nature so that expansion of the Mind naturally follows the Fibonacci Ratio. This allows us as
animals to settle into harmony with each other, with the world around us, and be a source of
nurture for our greater national Cultures.

In Electronics, false or partial (immoral) Information from the Source (Tech Giant) will result in
surges our Capacitors (regulations and laws) cannot manage, resulting in an image (message) to
the public to give up Free Will, Integrity, Morality, and the Logic that engineers the strength of
our compassion and Self Esteem. This will ultimately collapse on the individual, probably
making the person even more dependent upon the Tech centralization of both Information and
(false) Truth. Society decays under this state.
In Physics and Astrophysics, nothing is at rest. Everything moves — Causality is law. Morality
is Information organized over time within a Culture, nothing more, nothing less. It has a social
gravity, yet with population growth and global connectivity, responsibility for Morality is in a
state of Entropy. With this, the final question.

Is the purpose of humanity to counterbalance Entropy and Chaos?
If so, the Intersection and Parallax require Morality as much as Gravity.

In 2016 a clearer understanding of what Edge Technology could add to theatrical movie
experienced developed. Back then, “Killer Apps” was the rage – the new technology. Killer
Apps are basically Apps that can talk to other Apps on a higher level than just coordinating
some data. Multiple computers in your car all feed information to each other and to GPS and
a Cloud but that does not make them Killer Apps.
Spending a year already on Killer Apps, Satoshi announced Bitcoin and it was covered in Wired
Magazine. Oddly enough I was flying around Singapore and Japan frequently that year. It took
several years for Bitcoin and Blockchain to be in the news at all. And then it was largely
misunderstood and undeveloped. At some point in 2017 all my Killer Apps research gave me a
lead over anything being put in the news. I kept wondering when someone would realize what
I already analyzed. Then it hit me: no one else could figure out the big vision and true
potential of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies because they were too deep in the middle of this
Black Hole of innovation. Even Apple and Google had said that the great breakthrough for Killer
Apps would have to come from someone unknown and outside the gravity of their innovations.
This was the same for Blockchain.
Once I developed my design for the ultimate Blockchain advantage for Media, it led to what I
call the Blockchain Intersections. Here they are, in order of when the innovation took off:

Games (MMORPG)
Big Data
Killer Apps

Blockchain DLT/Smart Contracts
5G Hyper Connectivity
Augmented Reality (AR)
Virtual Reality (VR)
Xtreme Reality (XR)
Killer Kluster Apps

Blockchain and an Entertainment Engineering System
Blockchain Networks as the ultimate platform for the experiences
Tokens, NFT’s, and Zhi Shi Realized by Users/Fans/Viewer


And the hardware advanced all this time, leading to A.I. Wallets, gloves, and other Gamer
accessories became normal to interact with a Game or purchase in a game starting with Simm
City or Second Life.

Now we have the hardware and software being put to use, and experienced in the highest
levels in Victoria VR, nReal Glasses, and THE9 concert.
These three things are truly life-changing experience interfaces.
Take it a few levels higher and you get the Crypto-Integrity-Tao “Blockchain Intersections.”
These Intersections will then be integrated into every film or series, starting with the budgeting
and purchase. Only C.F.F. Studio knows how to integrate the Intersections into pre-production.
When the real potential of Blockchain in all its forms is presented in Production of a film and
then its release and experience, the Scale and Spirit of Blockchain will be worldwide. The Brand
of Blockchain will soar in popularity. This breeds innovation that brings down costs and
decentralizes control of your Personal Private and Personal Public Blockchain.
As the film is being produced, the Director and Actors will need additional scenes just like they
do for CGI now. These will be major appendages to normal film shooting, with just Games,
NFT’s, XR, and AR the primary needs to fulfill.
After all of this, from a separate and proprietary platform Network, the Avatar of the fan is
integrated with the Killer Klusters.
The key difference between C.I.T./C.F.F. and all Blockchain, Crypto, and Studios?

Only C.I.T/C.F.F. has combo of the
Edge Tech skills,
superior Analysis in all Sciences,
the game-changing vision,
the essential Killer Klusters,
and over 110 films and series,

from which all these assets and experiences emerge from

and build off of.

This means that CFF can deliver this beginning in the Fall of 2021 on Streaming, and in theaters
by early 2022.
Proof that it can be delivered this soon exists in the Victoria VR, THE9 performance, and the
nReal glasses. The Killer Klusters and the cinematic tricks are already useable. The
Blockchain system would be on the only Network in the world ready to support the
Intersections, and also sell original and interfacing Tokens for the Games, V.R., and X.R.
The first step is the hardware, which will be either nReal glasses or a type of Occulus Rift. But
they are not mandatory.

The Victoria VR uses non-fungible tokens, which would increase in value over time. They will be
interoperable between Games and experiences based off the Blockchain structures built into
the films. You just plug in your enhanced profile, which can only be created with the Killer
Victoria VR is a new level of total realism and immersion into a Game world you build, in which
real estate, brands, and you have true value. There are 22 Games and 21 Super Apps in the
films of all the Slates. The revenue from them and their NFT’s on top of a successful Game will
be worth billions every year. DLT will make the Games more honest, rewarding players more.
Word spreads, the experience is greater, innovation upon innovation.
Then there is THE9 concert, which was a whole new immersive music concert held in China.
They broke through so many barriers. This experience has to be built into filming and supported
with software and hardware. But it will be so worth it.
The films that Creativity First Films produces in Slates will be the only way to get full financial
exploitation of the higher potential of Blockchain Intersections, which makes this more of an
Edge Technology investment than a Hollywood film investment.
And the coolest thing is that this is all ready to go. No empty promises about how Blockchain
will add benefits to your life. It will all happen at once, and very fast once production begins.
The Intersections begin engaging fans before the project is seen.
Most but not all of what CFF will deliver in new Edge Tech experiences is in this chapter. Just
imagine how mind blowing the missing proprietary breakthrough experiences will be for you!

Will Blockchain be the first innovation that must deal with Maxwell’s Demon on a mass scale?
This must be considered now, after physicists have created the first photonic implementation of
Maxwell’s Demon. They did this by showing an energy imbalance between two light beams and
extracting work from it. Work resulted in potential energy. What this really proves is that
Information alone contains “energy” that can do “work.” This means that the Second Law of
Thermodynamics and our understanding of “Entropy Interaction within Blockchain Storage and
Access” must be part of the future Cloud designed to store the immense Personal Blockchains.
First, we must understand what Entropy is.

Entropy is Ignorance.

Entropy is a lack of Information on a primary level, and the lack of organizing Information to a
useful output on a higher level. Some might go further and state Entropy is Information without
order. This upends the former idea that Entropy was a movement into a disordered state, easily
proven by the Second Law of Thermodynamics.
All Internet hardware and software is simply ways of ordering Information. Up until now, Big
Data collectors and Internet designers only needed to deal in a Mathematics sense, and the only
thermodynamics they needed to observe was keeping a computer cool enough to run.
The photonic implementation experiment proved that we often have more Information available
than thermodynamics supposes. Naturally, the goal to harness the energy this excess
Information creates should be on us as individuals but is being hijacked by technology. Yet, we
must understand the Nature of this Information, how it will build, what energy it will create out
of its imbalance, and how the Demon will turn random arrangement of Information
(Mathematical Code) into “ordered arrangement”. The difference between the two is where the
energy occurs, when previously it never should occur.
How does CIT explain this easily? In a closed system like your computer, energy goes in, some
is used, and this results in Entropy in a thermodynamic sense. In other words, heat is created out
of an ordered state, and it flies off into the air adding to Entropy.
Yet, some energy went to you, the user. It added raw Information to your Mind/Brain. The
Mind/Brain put it into an ordered form, so that you could use it. Example: You read a page on
the screen that tells you where to eat. This results in new thought, which is maintained in a body
that must be fed energy, which is constantly moving into disorder, or Entropy. While the
eventual action using up energy was going to eat and consuming, the action of using the energy
began in your Mind making higher-value decisions.
It is how Information is organized that makes the difference. How it is organized will involve
both the system (Google, for instance) and your Mind’s interpretation of the data. However, in
Blockchain, the organization will begin under control of the Cloud engineers for months or years
depending on their code, but quickly will organize faster than they predicted. This happens

because Maxwell’s Demon is not just the Big Data Storage trying to find useful Information to
add, it is the way Personal Blockchain and ultimately Public Blockchain puts Information in an
environment where it self-organizes.
Think of it this way. Say that Maxwell’s Demon took all the checkers on the board and put half
of them on the red squares. This is what a Tech Giant plans and will do, to form your
Blockchain identity and the uses that come from its correlating your Big Data. (This is how they
get a major proportion of their revenue. Actual Cloud storage fees are the other way.) But there
are still half the checkers on the unorganized half of the board. The checkers are not moved by
the Big Data company. As IoT and Apps are told to pile on Information, a massive number of
checkers pile up on the board in patterns they notice themselves. The checkers themselves were
at first “Ignorant” or in a random state. It appears to most as a state of useless Entropy because
they were randomly set on squares or were even off of the board completely. Now they are
ordered, by the addition of Information from the human or Big Data, and the Intersection has a
Demon putting checkers in a pattern.
This creates a chain reaction between the checkers themselves. Just as they interacted with the
Demon placing the checkers on the red squares, they will recognize a higher state of organization
for themselves. They will realize it is based on the arrangement of Information. They will begin
to find the most useful way of organizing, following Laws of Physics, Gravity, and
Thermodynamics. It will be like a ghost hand is moving the checkers.
Is there a common place, simple example of this for most world citizens? Yes. Weather can
appear this way, both beautiful and terrifying. It fills voids with orders of pressure and
The Information within the checkers can organize upon reflection of what is next to it, that
means itself organizes in appeal to a “probability machine” (your brain) and becomes Maxwell’s
Demon. Maxwell’s Demon, and indeed this Dimensional Reality and Universe, move either
toward disorder or order. Due to a few factors, including the constant “balancing of the cosmos
and all Information in it” they will be drawn to more elegance, less loss of Information, less
ignorance. While humans and machines might think they found the ultimate level of
organization, the checker knows what is inside of it before being viewed, and will create higher
order on self-awareness. It is a principle of an organism-environment: the checker begins with
at least some awareness of the environment and its level of elegance. This is NOT Artificial
In fact, it is commonplace and existed for millions of years. It is the opposite of Artificial
Intelligence. It is Cosmic and Natural Intelligence. Where do we find it?
This is seen in the realms of Geology in the formation of Crystals within Geodes. Now … for a
simple example most of us are aware of, that we use very day. The quartz crystal vibrates at a
speed so constant it gives us the best way to tell time for everyday use. They vibrate at 32,768
pulses per second. Somehow the Information to vibrate at that rate organized itself in the quartz
crystal. It took thousands of years for us to notice this, and then use it. Use of this fact turns its
vibrations into Information, bringing its entirety to a higher state of elegance and organization.

The use of it for timing by humans also is what keeps the Second Law of Thermodynamics
secure in its place as a constant in our universe. We look at our watch, we learn what time it is,

which needs energy, and we then go do something with that Information. We took this high-
level measurement of Time which is packed with Information from the quartz crystal, and used it

to bring more order and more usable potential and knowledge to our day and our efforts.
This quartz crystal self-organized millions of years ago … and simply waited for something to
notice its order. Imagine the thousands of things in our universe waiting for us to recognize its
order and harness the Information and energy held within it. For eons, we ignored that wood
could be burned to create heat and ash. Once we noticed that fire could take it from an orderly
state to a useful energy, that changed humanity.

Remember: the essence of any and every thing is “Will.”

Blockchain will self-organize, in a lattice, and will expand in the Fibonacci Ratio as it reaches
new states of elegance, which is a byproduct of the Blockchain Intersection. Its Nature will
become shared as it escapes the two systems in control. Maxwell’s Demon will help it escape.
So a Blockchain chamber will develop a Nature, and other Blockchains will be forced into such
close proximity that they will begin to share Information and act as Maxwell’s Demon from the
outside. We have given it that purpose, whether we know it or not.
How Apps talk to Apps is crucial to this engineering, just as how Blockchain will Intersect and
use energy from Information is crucial to understand. And understand before Clouds try to take
on Blockchain storage for Personal Blockchain.
Not surprising is that Maxwell’s Demon also calls into question our concept of Time, because
Entropy must be measured relative to Time as well as Space. Information is the “Planck Unit”
of sorts, and therefore a “Blockchain Planck Variable” needs to be determined.
In a micro sense, our Personal Blockchains will form something that looks like the chambers in
the Nautilus shell. The most important part of Blockchain Cloud is the starting chambers. We
as individuals must put into it Information sharing a Balance and seeking a common meaning
and not leave that up to the Cloud company. Once an elegant pattern is fulfilled, new
Information will self-organize as it expands, just as it does in the entire universe and all of
In a macro sense, we need to figure out how all this energy will be used. Or even how it thinks it
should be used if it realizes it must be useful before we realize it. One option it might take
would be for it to upset our concept of Time.
The big question must be asked:

In pursuit of Blockchain, are we reversing Time with Maxwell’s Demon
so that it observes the Second Law of Thermodynamics

on its own?

Will it reflect on itself?

We already know that Blockchain will realize its own “Nature.”
It is to find the highest Vector level as it forms
into more elegant organizations of useful Information.
We already know it will create its own “gravity”
and will feed upon Information without being told.
If one of the purposes of mankind in the Universe
is to counterbalance Chaos – or Entropy –
then one Blockchain choice is to “Loop Time.”

Virtual Reality will merge with Blockchain to allow us to take walks into our personal pasts.
With a Parallax View, our understanding of our own Time as a Soul will be challenged.
Remember, Time is relative to the viewer: a second viewer skews Time. It might be easier to
lighten our grip on Time, and allow Blockchain, with Maxwell’s Demon organizing Information,
to use that energy. C.I.T. hopes it uses it to enlighten the individual human mind, and through
that, activate higher consciousness.
Therefore, a key element to ensuring Blockchain reaches its highest potential to send out
more elegant messages to the cosmos again proves to be found in the Humanities … with its
human concept of Virtue … Morality … Epigenetics … Physics … Astrophysics … and
appreciation for Culture.

In Metrics, Collateral, and Correlating Sciences that legacy Investors and Regulators Consider Valid

[1st in a series of 5 analysis posts that replaces hype with knowledge from one
of the few world Blockchain”Thought Leaders”]


Elon Musk: To determine the “First Principles” of anything start with its Physics
Alex Mashinsky: We’ve only solved “our” problems – to Scale with impact we must solve “their” problem
Jeff Bezos: A newcomer must see every threat and step in its future, then sprint before we see the race started

Blockchain’s Edge Tech Intersections will uplift humanity in ways you can’t yet imagine. My goal starts with giving you the “plasticity of the mind” so you can imagine it – then wisely invest toward it. I teach you “how” to think instead of “what” to think in investing, regulations, cultural impact, and virtues. Satisfying the above quotes required over 2,200 pages of unique analysis, coordinating global regulations, five sciences, dissecting crypto news, and then merging Eastern and Western Philosophy to respect national cultures and protect citizens, creators, and currencies. One Silicon Valley famous expert declared, “You’ve written the Bible for Blockchain” … proprietary “gold” in Consulting.

First, we must truly define this Edge Tech/FinTech arena, because currently, all crypto is based on hype, and success is just on timing. It’s backed by no proven collateral and built on sand- but doesn’t need to stay that way. Instead of it based on “nothing” it can be based on ‘everything” … everything that gives us meaning and obeys the Laws of Nature as well as legacy investment rules. Defining Coins and Tokens

Is the last thing crypto news want. They’re so deeply invested in crypto exploding in value that they are compromised.
They need hype, fantasy, nihilism, FOMO. They demanded liquidity. Now crypto includes synthetics, futures, SPAC’s, obscene leverage. The two top NFT platforms drive 90% of bidding and can manipulate up the value from junk to tens of millions. Why? Undefined!

Finally, Blockchain simply cannot do all that’s claimed, but they juice up ICO’s by claiming they solve Climate Change, inclusivity, or gender rights.

Crypto news site “experts” are like scientists before microscopes and astronomers before telescopes.

Review a year of predictions on the top crypto news sites: 80% or more were wrong. Review my books, almost 100% proved correct.

If you can’t define it, you can’t measure it.
If you can’t measure it, you can’t exploit its Physics energy.
Without energy, you cannot Scale or solve “their” problem.
Biology correlations? Nature is the Coin’s traits: ignore Nurture and you face extinction.



To survive, use moral legacy financial metrics and obey the five sciences.
My unique, tailored “ Sustained Global Disruption Advantage” (S.G.D.A.) fulfills all the above.

With every force trying to make us less human, your Brand becomes known as one of the few forces whose Telos was to protect what keeps us human. Can’t beat that for Brand identification. Plasticity of the mind allows you to build upon the bedrock of virtue, then

engages you with the first “Accelerating Philosophy” to recognize the greatest investment in technology.

To fathom and then own optimum breakthroughs that will truly blow your mind and ROI, engage me via S.G.D.A. Consulting.

DYNAMICS, NOT SYSTEMS Correlate Systems, Control the Dynamic

[2nd in a series of 5 analysis posts that replace hype with knowledge from one of the world’s few Blockchain ”Thought Leaders”]

Blockchain Intersections will create the first ”Organism-Environment” – being aware in crossing this threshold morality must be designed into the Dynamic’s Genesis!

Almost all Blockchain attention is on the monetizing of it and the financial system. Lesser attention to the regulatory, political, and security system, and even less to the culture and humanity systems. A “Dynamic” forms that determines our fate, yet not a single Leading Exchange, Platform, Cryptocurrency, DLT, or ICO considers all the Systems to complete the Dynamic yet. The first to do so, or be a leading player in it, must understand that all those examples are just Organisms, and we’re simultaneously creating the Environment that determines if these Organisms are safe or poisonous. Nature reflect abstract great truths: ergo, the ocean is the best example of an Organism-Environment that is healthy, dominates the world in harmony with people, as their Systems obey the Laws of Nature. Left out by Whales, Bitcoin, and news are the scientific proofs, and the mitigating of human nature essential

for a Dynamic that preserves nations and the Systems we rely upon – all the way down to the system of measuring Time itself.

The optimum Dynamic will accelerate hardware innovation
for Metaverses while leading-by-example for wise, lasting regulations.

Examples of threatening Organisms: hackers, rug-pullers, shadow banking, money laundering, and even “The Whales That Cry Wolf” shouting Bitcoin will hit $200,000 and is a store of value.

Examples of threatening “Environments”

”The Nine Nazguls of Blockchain”
I.R.S, DOJ, SEC, NSA, FinCEN, CFTC, OFAC, Derivatives, and the Big Tech Oligarchies

Macro-Environments in action:
The Fed’s power to demand global corporate tax rates, The Treasury’s upcoming tax ambush,

and U.S.A. Inflationary Money Printing.


Act within a Vertical Business Model
Realize MAS/FINMA are our allies, not foes Correlate all Systems to orchestrate the Dominant Dynamic Invest in the seeds from which all financial fruit grows

To fathom and then own optimum breakthroughs that will truly blow your mind and ROI, engage me via S.G.D.A. Consulting.

BLOCKCHAIN: WHAT IS MAN’S PURPOSE? Maxwell’s Demon, Qualia, Derrida, and Theseus Paradox

[3rd in a series of 5 analysis posts that replace hype with knowledge from one of the world’s few Blockchain ”Thought Leaders”]

Ray Kurzweil: If we combine strong AI … and other exponential trends, technology will appear to tear a hole in the fabric of human understanding … our event horizon …

The two Physics books that revealed the potential of Blockchain when all sciences are correlated are “The Three Body Problem” by Liu Cixin,
and “The Janus Point” by Julian Barbour. Both integrated the three-body problem in completely different ways: the first book by illustrating the value of an accelerating knowledge. The second by explaining how “complexity of dynamics” counterbalances entropy, ultimately altering
our concept of Time itself. Why my Will was drawn to read both books is a mystery of creation, yet on page 383 Barbour finally revealed why
to me: the essential force to join systems of higher complexity is “art.” In my case, filmmaking. If you can stretch your mind to recognize
that the two greatest systems of complexity are filmmaking and Blockchain Edge Tech (Metaverse with A.R.) then you build toward this Singularity, accelerating humanity toward uplifting innovation and the profits from it. Only C.I.T. took four years to correlate it all.

“Maxwell’s Demon” proven since 1867 reflects the power that

Metaverse will have on the human mind and our lives.

Build the bridges to this ultimate event, and you call the shots.

I’ve written hundreds of pages proving better innovations and unseen problems like “Dark Clouds”, but to spare you the
long reading time, the ultimate Metaverses will not just answer the great questions of humanity, you will experience the answer .


Testing you is Nikola Tesla: A man’s reach exceeds his grasp, a man’s grasp exceeds his nerve. Can you hold the reins of Plato’s Thumos chariot?

Do you need to know the “Reciprocal Lattice + Fourier Series Quantities over Brillouin Zone Formula” to engineer Cloud for this?
Or k=kx, ky, kz? Or that Dumb Matter will mimic Smart Matter and self-organize into a lattice that has as its Will the desire to move toward greater elegance? Or that Events Have Walls? No – but I do. ”The Centralized “Decentralized” Information within Blockchain

will be The Hammer of Thor!” Will the hand wielding it be virtuous? What you want to know are the characteristics of durable crypto.

The Primary Factors Determining a Dominating, Durable, and Noble Digital Currency:




“I am the horse player that became the racetrack.” Bukowski ———— Don’t be Bukowski

To fathom and then own optimum breakthroughs that will truly blow your mind and ROI, engage me via S.G.D.A. Consulting.


[4th in a series of 5 analysis posts that replace hype with knowledge from one of the world’s few Blockchain ”Thought Leaders”]

Filmmaking is now a technology investment … or more accurately, the greatest technology Investment will rely on owning the Original Content/I.P. that delivers the usual ROI in Box Office, Merchandise, Music, and Streaming. Production will be modified to then command The far greater revenue streams: Games, Super Apps, A.R., X.R., and Metaverse.

The top investment class for 2029 and 2021 was Games, Edge Technology, and Blockchain. Yet, sources must find partners outside their system, making for a weaker dynamic.

The first ”Vertical Business Model” that has the Original Content, Technology knowledge, Ability to Produce, Patents in Edge Tech, located in the best nation – generates ROI shared With less players, lower taxes, and transparent accounting under one umbrella
will “change everything” and be the only way to create Metaverses without future legal issues.



When just two games or game makers announce they’ll release an interoperable token that is redeemable, it’s huge news.

Creativity First Films Studio using Crypto-Integrity-Tao proprietary breakthroughs and Patents off the films and Streaming will create over 30 MMORPG, 15 Mobile Games, and 23 Apps – ALL using one interoperable token, solving Gamer problems like cheats and stuck money by using DLT Services.


Hollywood would never offer this – so we “Uber-ize” Hollywood!

To fathom and then own optimum breakthroughs that will truly blow your mind and ROI, engage me via S.G.D.A. Consulting.

iMAGINING THE ULTIMATE METAVERSE Hint: How did Google become Google?

[5th in a series of 5 analysis posts that replace hype with knowledge from one of the world’s few Blockchain ”Thought Leaders”]

Technology, hardware, and experience arenas will evolve quickly to deliver a Metaverse Experience close to a video game or — imagine jumping onto the planet in “Avatar.”

Proprietary I.P. of Crypto-Integrity-Tao will accelerate all these innovations, and it isn’t a Blockchain-based tool, this I.P. is a proven revenue stream. Knowing that Metaverse will accelerate creatively, how do we ensure

• •

It holds lasting value?





Now we get to the riddle” How did Google become Google? The founders figured out how to make a billion users do the heavy lifting to discover the ultimate search engine. The company reversed the flow and made the individual a greater algorithm

Crypto-Integrity-Tao is the only Blockchain Thought Leader that realized the ultimate way to do this, not just for its own Metaverses but for any Metaverse, the achievement and acceleration are mind-boggling. Secret ingredients, maximized by Switzerland’s superior FINMA regulations, and its sage investment funds and neutral politics. Even the best
supporting Networks, tech, and Telecoms for this are in Singapore. ”A Google based in Switzerland” – Outstanding!

Crypto-Integrity-Tao will open a Sandbox for specific companies already chosen, consulting clients, and agencies there and a tandem Sandbox in Switzerland to keep acceleration in balance. My I.P., vision, and prerequisites will lead them to their own patents.

To fathom and then own optimum breakthroughs that will truly blow your mind and ROI, engage me via S.G.D.A. Consulting.

Through every epoch of civilization mythology with its “Hero Journey” inspired virtues and led
anyone to believe they can rise in character. Even the most poor and oppressed found value in
myths and historic storytelling. It did not matter if the story began in China, or India, the Cradle
of Civilization, Cambodia, Japan, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Scandinavia, Peru, Mexico, with the
Aborigines, Jews, Aztecs, Incas, Mayans, or Native Americans. The most powerful original
sources were in the great Classics like Homer’s The Odyssey, the religious books like The Bible,
Torah, Koran, I Ching, and ancient Sanskrit literature. Films became the most powerful form
of storytelling as it engaged multiple senses, adding images and cinematic techniques to make a
story more emotional, visceral, and powerful. This is a great power that can uplift anyone.
Films follow “The Hero’s Journey” as it leads the audience to embrace their own hero within,
waiting to rise to the next challenge or dream.
Now Metaverses, Augmented Reality, Artificial Reality, evolving Apps, Games, and A.I. merge
in various stages of hardware and software evolution.
But what is missing if these merge for use alone at home is the group experience that myths and
plays told to groups of people and in theaters presented. The ability of what you see inspiring
and instilling shared virtues rises in a group audience. The clearest proof is that if the fans are
watching a comedy, when the whole theater is laughing, it makes each individual’s sense of
humor and ways of expressing it rise. Same thing happens in a horror or suspense movie when
the entire theatrical audience jumps when they get spooked, some shouting out loud, making the
danger greater. This danger is also symbolic of losing the individual fan’s honor, virtues, dreams,
or heart and soul due to the visual experience or living vicariously through the characters. Love
stories fill us with the idea we will find love if we have not found it already, and we need to
make the most of ourselves to find it.
But theatrical experiences faded during the pandemic. Due to poor decisions among Hollywood
studios, there were fewer films luring big audiences to the theater. High prices forced by greedy
studios didn’t help (when it costs over $120 for a family of four to go to the theater and enjoy
snacks.) And then the at-home entertainment offered by Streaming, Cable, Games, TikTok, and
YouTube consumed hours. But so much was lost – especially personal responsibility for time,
actions, and thoughts. Tech Giants learned that bad faith practices made them more money so
they piled on many ways to keep users staring at smart phones or computers instead of
interacting with live people experiencing life. This also gave Tech immense power in shaping the
idea of free will, character, identity, honor, nobility, spirituality, national pride, and the value of a
family. Facebooks COO wrote in her book Lean In that it is more honorable to not have children
and devote your meaning of life to Facebook and technology instead.

The Internet puts amazing advantages at our fingertips: search any facts, see any location, buy
anything online. Yet, the Internet has a Dark Side and a Light Side.
Luke Skywalker discovered his greatest evil to battle was within himself when he learned the
leader of the Dark Side was his own Father, Darth Vader. Vader previously was a Jedi Knight
and one of the most powerful forces of good and justice, seated alongside Yoda. The Federation
fought to preserve free will and destroy dark energy by bringing in the Light Force. Both the
good Federation and bad Dark Side achieved incredible advancements in technology. Only one
of them decried they could replace what previously existed with a more powerful universal force
with a centralized leadership. Yoda and the Council he sat on knew the perils and loss of souls
that the Dark Side ushers in for unsuspecting young recruits. Destroying whoever and whatever
held memories of freedom and the past had to be destroyed.
Thanos realized he must remove the memory of who and what we love and only put love in the
new universe in the film End Game, and sacrificed his own daughter to be a god that creates a
“more benevolent universe.” Many descriptions of Metaverses include ideals like making them
more benevolent and converting Light into Dark. In Dr. Strange, people could practice the
“Dark Arts” in the Mirror Dimension so that it would not harm the reality we live in … until
suddenly the Mirror Dimension became the most evil and dangerous place to control reality. This
ends well in the statement, “It’s not about you” meaning that the Dark Forces make it all about
themselves, and this is their downfall or fatal flaw.
Now with the merging of powerful Edge Technology into Metaverses, combined with the
dystopian power to surveille citizens, Big Tech pushes the idea that a) anything or transaction
should be an NFT, b) the future form of any entertainment will be dominated by Metaverses, c)
all social and government operations will be in Blockchain, d) a virtual Metaverse experience is
better than living one in real life, e) this is so good you should leave your soul behind and we are
the new god to you.
I read an article claiming cryptocurrency and NFT’s are a more important invention than money
for humanity. I read an analogy that Blockchain (I guess in both crypto and DLT form) is as
important as the invention of the train – and is going through the same social reluctance to accept
the future that trains went through.
This race to Metaverses will create massive power usage and result in massive financial losses
on a personal and institutional level. When a company shouts that it is a Green Energy mining
company or that their model is to empower women, all they are doing is using an emotional
passing meme or idea to convince you to support them.
A podcast had several experts explaining how equity, inclusivity, and a quasi-censorship of
opposing thoughts can be realized better in a Metaverse. One of their goals is to advance
technology to the point where people have certain experiences in the Metaverses that senses pick
up so that it is highly emotional, and to use this as a learning tool. One person said the most
important museum to create is the museum of hip-hop music. They talk about putting spotlights
on underserved communities, like the New Black Panthers, and nihilistic groups like Antifa, who
might simply be as misunderstood as pedophiles, who now are being considered a gender

identity that should not be punished. There are so many problems with this aspect I don’t know
where to begin. They talked about the importance of Thought Leadership on an approved basis.
This was followed quickly be legal cases decided with more weight put on equity and race of
who owes something for a previous crime of being born into white skin. These people
understand knowledge is important, but said knowledge must be inclusive, which is code for
censored. The journey into the Metaverse can be forced to hours of division and persecution by
the heretics that question the Meta. The transgender speaker stated an essential element must be
a course to see the contributions and sufferings of transgenders before moving up a level.
Knowing what motivates Big Tech and the End Game of those corps with government, most
likely the emotional experiences will be of two kinds: to make people suffer so they are more
obedient, or to trigger a drug-like high that is enhanced either with drugs or technology that can
deliver pleasure. This allows people to be distracted by emotional and sensual experiences so
they do not mind or notice that living a life according to free will, borne desires and artistic
skills, and the idea of joy being created from within are left behind.
You can’t replace prayer with Meta-data or Meta experiences because the design of a Metaverse
to replace prayer would make an artificial god out of technology, and that god will not be a holy,
giving, healing God.
Metaverses pose the threat of losing all innocence. Collateral damage is losing the freedom to
fall in love with who your heart, constantly reborn into innocence in every falling in love
The Janus Point is important in both the Physics sense and in the artistic visual way of presenting
two faces of a person: the Light and the Dark side. Big Tech worships centralization of power
onto themselves, demanding soon enough worship of them. Think why they are so against
religions that are not centered on submission. Mark Zuckerberg famously said to someone in
the audience that asked him about how his vision challenges the sanctity of the creation of a
human being with a soul, and he laughs, and said, “You don’t need Jesus, you’ve got me.” So
hiding in plain site is his agenda, his End Game. They will tempt you that they know your
desires but really want to know all your thoughts. They can train you like homing pigeons to
come back to roost and recharge on their data input.
On an overall analysis, they are building a world upon consumerism, and social acceptance by
people you do not even know, or know if they exist. They will create an oasis feeding the thirsts
of the Seven Vices, and this already is commonplace. What they don’t like is when someone
notices they are starving and beating the 7 Virtues.
If someone is banished when in the Metaverse, do they have the option to be released? Will
transhuman devices be inserted or broadcast to lock people in a mental prison unable to leave the
Metaverse. The ability for it to hyper-program the mind will be incredible.
Now add to that The Fed with its CBDC (which will be linked to Diem and Meta currency for
FB’s Meta) announced it will determine equity and human choices to see if someone gets taxed
for being too lucky, wealthy, or even have imagination to do a joke. This will be a humorless

With all this negative explanation, can a Metaverse be wonderful and nurture life. Yes!
Reverse what holds the most meaning and how to relate to the Metaverse, which means totally
re-thinking Metaverses. Right now it is consumerism mixed with greed mixed with gamer
curiosity and play. Simm City had an underground deviant sex Simm City that made more
money than the normal world. A hypersexual, porn and mob power Metaverse will draw in a
huge mass of people. The only way to minimize that is to recognize it is a drug, it wants to kill
you as you know yourself, and offer a better experience before Meta launches.
Consumerism as the basis for Blockchain Games and Metaverses
The leading Metaverse builders design 90% of the virtual world on consumerism. This
includes the buying of NFT’s, the buying of land, the building of an online profile through
spending, and a status system that is the opposite of the original goals of Blockchain, which was
to lessen class and financial disparity. And, this trend is getting worse, not better. With
Facebook’s announcement it will keep 50% of all NFT’s, this is centralizing the consumerism
into one of the greediest, most untrustworthy and punishing companies ever existing in
commerce and communication.
Everything on the open platform requires consumerism whether it is direct payment for NFT’s,
or the play-to-earn or learn-to-earn model. Any building or event is put on the Metaverse to
solve the problem of who built it and the crypto community. They put the fan and player last.
Collusion leading to inside trading can ramp up NFT’s and land to the point where a rug-pull can
happen – and it will.
Alex Mashinsky wisely said that Blockchain and crypto won’t gain the Scale and Spirit it needs
to be embraced worldwide until it solves “their” problem – meaning the problems of the players.
Everything so far is only to solve the problems of the ultra rich and powerful, despite all this talk
about empowering artists. There are less than a hundred examples of this working out and
creating an NFT that increases in value.
The insurmountable problem Facebook, Axie Infinity, and Decentraland face comes from the
idea that what is presented to buy on the Metaverse holds meaning to Gamers and people that
want a more immersive fan experience on the Metaverse.
The most valuable commodity for a nation is its citizens. The most valuable commodity of a
Metaverse is the individual players or investor.
Facebook would never in a million years put its users first, nor will any VC firms. Part of the
reason why is they are incapable intellectually to envision what this requires. The second reason
is they are greedy opportunists.
And then, there is the End Game for most Metaverse giants like Google, Amazon, Microsoft,
Facebook, and others. Their goal will humiliate and torment the players, locking them into a

The companies that donated the most money to leaders that continue to devalue the USD have a
problem: Stablecoins pegged to the USD are being investigated by the SEC and this created a
run out of LUNA and many others tied to the United State currency. What would have happened
if Libra that was strongly pegged to the dollar had been approved? Would they be investigated
or do they have too much power in lobbyists and over Congress? If Congressmen invested
heavily in Libra, would they vote against their own earnings? If bribery money and money
laundering by U.S. officials was in Libra, would they investigate it without bias? Would the
government rush to bail out hedge funds and pensions that lost big in Libra or any of the frozen
Stablecoins on Binance? Now that Bitcoin hit $29,000 and Galaxy is under investigation as
Whales dump their positions in ways to keep from being “the liars and bad guys” of Bitcoin, how
can anyone claim it is a hedge against inflation or a store of value? These are what I called “The
Whales That Cry Wolf.” Finally, when the wolf comes, no one rescues the innocent people in
the village. Metaverses use mostly ETH, but some are adopting Polkadot – so what happens
when the assets lose value as a means to sell it are frozen? Can you move it to another
Metaverse? So far, no you cannot. Is there a collateral ensuring a base loss? No, not yet.
This all leads back to the simple fact that a long-lasting Metaverse with the potential to grow into
something as important as Facebook must not be solely based on consumerism. The imagery or
quality of visuals is not as important as the people playing it being able to find a purpose in their
life that is virtuous, like learning, caring, family values, religion, and yes even popularity. The
first to make a Metaverse that provides multiple forms of a Meritocracy that reflects the Truth
and obeys the Laws of Nature will be the leader. Adventures into it can go anywhere, like
Games, Live Events, Fashion Shows, nightclubs, gambling oasis, farmland, places to save shelter
animals, ways to clean up the environment, etc. Young people are craving to find a purpose in
life and some Truth about who they are without consumerism and groupthink or cancel culture
distorting the truth they know in their bones.

“The Genius of the Crowd”
Beware the preachers …
There is genius in their hatred …
Not being able to create art,
they will not understand art.
They will consider their failure as a creator

a failure of the world.
Their hatred will be perfect,
their finest art.

My chapter in Pillars of Encryption called “The Farming of Imagination” expands upon this in
the Blockchain and Metaverse arenas, wherein art is given over to the auction site owners
incapable of creating art yet preaching how much they offer unknown artists. The first

Metaverse created by a creator of art will know the difference, live the difference, and not betray
those who they hate enough to turn them into a commodity driven by yearning and the gifts for
creation haunting them. They offer not an infinity loop of appreciation in the art, they offer
what looks similar yet is an ouroboros … devouring its own tail, distracting the artists and
financial world from the fact the auction sites become Shiva, or at the very least Kali, who eats
her newborns.
I turned away from a Metaverse that could have made me a lot of money because it was all based
on racial division, making enemies of races and religions, and the systems that make life
possible. Would a lot of people played in this Metaverse? Yes, because it would be like a Mass
Role Play Shooter Game on steroids, inciting more violence and making Metaverse heroes of
people that foment hatred. This is like holographic porn that can spread mental and emotional
STD’s once the Metaverse mindfucks you. And that is exactly the goal of most tech giants
building Metaverses: to control emotions and deliver highs that are addictive so that the
Metaverse escape becomes more important than solving real life problems or finding real life
highest potential for any one individual. There are ways to do the opposite – but no Metaverse
truly is engaging them in their worlds yet. The reason why they can’t do this is solved by C.I.T.
proprietary patent invention for Metaverses that took two years to design – and it will work and
dominate all Metaverses while at the same time result in improvements in the real world and
encourage people to value real life experiences in the real world over the Metaverse world.
There are very few ways to create a Metaverse that is the opposite of the ones existing and
planned. The prerequisites would never be embraced. I cannot list them here because that is

proprietary information that will appear in the three Metaverses that will be created by Crypto-
Integrity-Tao. Once it appears, it will change every Metaverse from that moment on. It is akin

to adding sound or color to films.
Honor culture, family, individual pursuit of joy, and freedom to learn and have faith in
something greater than the Metaverse is a good start to correct the designs. Decentralize the
advancement from Silicon Valley and see how fragile and unsatisfying their models for X.R. and
Metaverses is now. Determine a Brand that connotes players’ greatest adventure in the
Metaverse is a journey into themselves to discovery their own great hero within – and allow for a
way for other players to notice this on a selective basis.
We cannot accelerate the innovations in hardware for Metaverses. That leaves only one
alternative: let the fans do the heavy lifting until hardware catches up. Is there an example of
this winning over all competition? Yes. Google. What does fans doing heavy lifting involve?
That is a proprietary secret. But once out of the gate, it will change all Metaverses within 2
months of its launch.
The vision for ultimate power and the craving for it, the almost sexual lust to pervert society, the
defining people as cattle and useless idiots, the vision they alone deserve to survive and be gods
blinds them from what will rule Metaverses.
Their Siren Song … their promise … may sound familiar …

Give yourself to the Dark Side. It is the only way you can save your friends.










(or in a grander understanding we enter –)




(Blockchain Intersections’ true potential)


Teaser Chapters


As the world accelerates in innovations due to the technology age, the Edge Sciences reveal the incredible benefits to humanity.    Yet, old systems are still in place, controlling health care, pollution control, education, trade, transportation, and even entertainment.    In order to deliver high quality services and lifestyle, these old systems need to be “disrupted.”  The easiest example is Uber, and how it improved ride service, disrupting and all but eliminating taxis.   The U.S. (and most global) taxi systems were rife with corruption, payoffs to politicians and mafias, and without competition, provided really terrible service.    Uber changed that.  It disrupted and won.  But now, the same corrupt leadership is piercing into Uber, and without “sustained” advantages, Uber will gradually give up service simply to survive political and union attacks.   

Jeff Bezos said that the next life-changing innovation will have to come from someone outside the system, an unknown, that not only can visualize and launch the first stage, but also see so far ahead to include the government and competitive moves on a global scale. And this person must move so fast that the giant companies like Amazon don’t buy it out, sue it out, or steal its future.   The goal for all the technology giants is to centralize power, and disruption becomes another asset to them, not the public.    This and the pressure of lobbyists working against ethics is one of the main reasons CIT chose to be headquartered in Switzerland and Singapore.   While Singapore wants to be the top hub for innovation in the world, it does not have oligarchy goals like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and other huge companies.     

The breakthroughs and innovations CIT realized will disrupt several major global markets.    It is not enough to begin with disruption.  For a paradigm shift to a profitable future in the top position, there must be a “sustained global disruption” that gives the entity the advantage of accelerating and proving itself morally and ethically superior on …


Orientation to this global analysis of

Blockchain, Tokens, Coins, Cryptocurrency

Countless White Papers and analysis reports by companies with major global presence in the fields of Technology and Finance flood the Internet Blockchain eco-system.   All provide the same myopic vision with headlines:  “Latest new Cryptocurrency!,” “Partnerships to Explore Blockchain Potential,” “Facebook Libra Is The Devil’s Deal,” “Regulators Waffling on Positions,” “SEC and EU Delay,” and “Cyber Criminals Multiplying.”  None of these loudmouths, experts, or respected agencies present a true “State” of Blockchain – because none of these companies fathom the depths and potentials of this innovation.  Why?  Their insight into the technology always roots in their core business, such as accounting, logistics, advertising, or investing. Then using only the Field of Mathematics, they try measuring values or predicting investing trends.  This limits them to a linear, step-by-step process that does not elevate Blockchain to its full potential or a true perspective.   

Learning in this way is as limited as a train: a tech train unable to explore depth and expanse into other Sciences; a tech train set on the course of a two-dimensional track, yet traveling in a 3-dimensional Earth. An Earth that now relies on data to coordinate, learn, and orient to it. Yet, a train is not the way the human mind or humans live or adapt.  We think, adapt, choose, and select “meaning for our actions and lives” at both a) an accelerating pace, b) in a geometrically-expanding universe that is a subset of our entire Universe.   While Mathematics helps us interpret our Universe, the other Fields and Laws in other Sciences determine our existence.  In other words, the Universe doesn’t care what we deduce in Mathematics, any more than Weather cares how well our meteorologists predict its changes.   And after understanding the breakthroughs of C.I.T., technology innovators that qualify as “Preferred Members” – through the Singapore Headquarters of operations and oversight – will accelerate and expand how to introduce safer and more durable Blockchain Ledgers, Token, Coins, Cryptocurrencies, and Exchanges. Live a Virtuous Life as it is reflected in Nature.    

There is something vital missing from Blockchain that is very hard to pinpoint.   Investors, governments, tech giants, and people “sense” something is missing, but cannot envision it enough to explain it, or ask for the gap to be filled with something exact.  This is because of the very limitations of Mathematics as they join with society and culture.   C.I.T. took four years to complete “what is missing.”  Whoever has this final key missing part will race far ahead of any competition, corruption, and technology hurdle.   More important is that that whoever has this will engage people on a global scale, and be recognized as the global leader that made Blockchain in all its forms “valuable” to them.

All of mankind’s system should serve a goal of harmony with Nature and within society.  This balances us as we each are driven to find our three primary conscious purposes.

1. To know yourself before your death

2. To live to our highest potential

3. To get a grip on life

It takes all of our abilities and senses as humans,

To simultaneously pursue all three purposes at once.

Leadership helps each individual accept things that are

“Beyond control” and turn these into a tool to reach these goals.

The fundamentals of Blockchain only appear to be complex: the simple truth is that its foundation must be built on Family, Virtues, Sciences, Nature, Culture, and meaning for it to be durable and profitable … and deliver it with a unique “spirit” … because this is the only way to solve “their” problem.


Expand Your Understanding Beyond Mathematics

As readers can see, the very first clues to the secrets of Blockchain and Edge Technology Intersections lies in the Science of Humanities.  Within Humanities works the mighty engines of politics, commerce, Culture, and survival.  A State of Crypto Address must realize everything is built upon a national citizenship of people. Yet at the same time, each core Culture must be recognized for its uniqueness and Virtues, as well as the Vector of Society in its citizenship.  Singaporean Culture is unique, and its role in global finance, the understanding of Time through Switzerland’s many watch companies, and its political neutrality allow it to do what is best to decentralize the benefits to the world, instead of centralize them as Silicon Valley and Wall Street plan.    Singapore likewise has a unique history and purpose in its evolution.  Both nations have strong banking, KYC, and AML systems.   And high-level technology.   To innovate and fairly release the very best that can come from 5G-Blockchain-IoT, only C.I.T. operating in Switzerland and Singapore … (READ MORE OF THIS CHAPTER IN THE BOOK, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO BUY THE BOOK AND COMPLETE ALL THE FASCINATING CHAPTERS.)

“Back To Yuen Sun”

Anyone paying serious attention to the inner voice of global youths will be aware of what Yuen Sun means, yet might not know these words specifically. 

Yuen Sun comes from China, therefore it makes sense to use Chinese youth as the first example.   Yuen Sun plays such a large role in the rise of Chinese Youth and MAC’s that it must now be creating its own energy.   A foreigner with open senses can feel this energy.    The passion of these Chinese makes them “self-powered.”    It can exist on its own – the individual does not need to use it to meet a goal.  Yet, when it is a focus within society, very strong energy is added.  This “reinforces” the inner awareness that Yuen Sun has “Meaning.”   Yuen Sun becomes “indivisible” from Youth that are aspiring to improve.   

Truth, like Yuen Sun, is always in flux … always in motion.  That means it has true value because no one leaves it behind once it is gained.  With several generations doing this in a row, each particle of Yuen Sun gets coded into Epigenetic Memory.  The fact that both Truth and Yuen Sun will continue to grow even without help means they reflect the way Nature, Culture, and the Cosmos exists.    

Ready to receive wisdom.   All it requires is that the individual “pays attention” to what nurtures Virtues.    These always have a power to transform and improve a person, and in turn that person improves society.     Attention is the spotlight sweeping over all that is in your mind and available to your senses.  Focus is the narrowing down of that spotlight to a specific target set for a specific purpose. As mentioned in PILLARS OF ENCRYPTION, Blockchain and all its uses needs to be focused, and needs the Will Power of Telos, Ethics, and Virtue to be a durable, balanced, attractive evolution in a “store of value” and any Distributed Ledger Technology.   So, Yuen Sun has many parallels to Blockchain.   While Yuen Sun is the flow of Wisdom, any part of it is committed to permanence when it is used. 

Imagine Blockchain Intersections like the inner workings of a fine watch.   Everything is in balance.  The best watches even compensate for the gravity and movement of the Earth within the Cosmos.   Yuen Sun winds up the watch.  The gears of Meaning, Virtue, Wisdom, and Culture move, turning each other in a graceful dance toward Elegance in a higher society.   

As the greater influence and future of Blockchain Intersections in 5G become obvious, whoever works toward Higher-Value Social Vectors will feel the inner thrill, and this will be reflected by how people get excited for how much their Virtues rise.   And yet, to be humble with inner achievements also becomes more common.   Why?













In most Western nations, their Cultures have returned to using fear as the primary motivator.   Fear of racism, of Global Warming, of attack on Social Media.   A few companies have put Virtues and Humanism forefront, such as Singapore.  For Singapore to do this, the nation recognizes the role that the accumulation of Philosophies over civilization must be inclusive, not just of individuals, but of different Cultural Philosophies.   ONE FISH SAYS TO ANOTHER FISH is the first Philosophy for the Age of Imagination, which is an evolution above the Information Age and that rose from the Computer Age.     

To most Silicon Valley leaders, a true Philosophy that counterbalances the “Humanism-Dataism” is not only not needed … it goes against their ultimate goals.   Zuckerberg told his crowd at one event that they do not need Jesus, they have him.   And his CFO wrote a book that states that children and families are bad to form because they take focus off Facebook as the center of life and meaning.    Inspection of almost all Silicon Valley Tech Giants and Blockchain speculators demands they dismiss Philosophy that works in the Age of Imagination.    Singapore’s core policy is the opposite of these selfish intentions – and that is excellent.!  This makes it perhaps the best single example of a Singaporean titan that already moves in the direction of improving humanity, and appreciating Yuen Sun.   


One of the most (if not the ultimate) paths for an Artist is to tell the truth though his or her medium to empower people from within.   

The modus operandi of Politicians is to twist the truth for their own personal power.

Artists distribute power and interpersonal balance.

Politicians centralize power, and play to imbalance a person to control them.

Artists distribute power by filling fans with Joy, which is an innate human goal from the beginning of our existence.

Politicians take your power and leverage your emotions usually devoted to seeking goal, and that leverage is often negative emotion, such as fear or hate.

Artists break into new wonder for the world through their chosen medium, thereby exhausting the unnatural fear or hate towards life in an individual.

Politicians keep you contained in their arena to get your votes and money, and want consensus without inspection or introspection.   

Artists take their first clues for “Real Truth” from Nature, family, and pets resulting in a learning experience that often transcends the Mind.

Politicians (especially now) try to limit what you decide is Truth by controlling the media, message, and facts.   And to do this they pay fortunes to experts in manipulating emotions and minds. 

For the reasons above, I shun politics as much as possible. 

This is not to say I avoid absorbing “news” about events.   I study it, discount a lot of it as political propaganda from all and any sides, but don’t let it control my actions, thoughts, or goals any more.  One reason why is because there simply are no news organizations that are not biased and self-serving any more.   At the beginning of the Internet, every single news agency or paper shouted that the Internet news cannot be trusted because it is not vetted or put through stages of verification in editing.  Now they all capitalize on the money they get by feeding viewers what they want to hear, not usually what they need to hear.   CNN executives even got caught on camera admitting their news is a lie, it’s just to get ratings and followers on “click throughs” or “click baiting.”    

There were periods in which I was extremely invested both mentally and emotionally in Politics.    While I do love my country and know my mind was opened by its policies on personal achievement and responsibility, I no longer devote my creative mind to political thought or discussion.  Why?  Because of three main reasons.

First, the biggest reason.  Politics is a ravenous black hole that eats up your time, thoughts, creativity, independence, and attention to Nature, Balance, Truth, and open-mindedness.    

Second, a good portion of what I thought was true on first viewing turned out to be either made up or exaggerated.   And, we’re never given the full story on anything from policy, to currency to warfare to scary diseases to government control.   

Third, I swear it made me dumb – it killed my creativity.  It made me impotent in ways to personally impact people in a positive way. 

All my creative imagination went into decoding half-truths or partial information.  Then it hit me. 

This is where they want to keep me! 

Not individually, but overall, creative minds need to either be controlled or be known to understand the incredible responsibility all Artists must take on when using their talents.  The ability for Artists to motivate other people through emotions hits such magnitude.   Young people especially eat up the message with the emotions driving it past reasoning. 


The most powerful force in the world has always been “story.”   Stories passed down through generations, and even just stories that lasted a few years, gave “meaning” to sacrifices, gave hope to the valiant spirits, and gave a path upward and forward.   Stories didn’t just do this with commoners,  that were easily swayed by a dramatic myth.   Stories also rewarded great leaders, generals, explorers, scientists, saviors, Kings, Presidents, innovators, and parents.     

A powerful story usually sounds like an adventure or fantasy.  On the surface, it’s about what lifts us up individually and collectively.  It unites people.   It motivates them.   And, a good one expands our ability to find Joy.  Joy comes from how our senses interpret the world we live in.    Not just our minds and words get affected by story, so does our sense of sight, touch, and taste.   Some stories have no words at all and are mostly visual, such as a work of art or a dance.    

One reason stories are so powerful is that they stoke imagination.    Several events happen in our brains, as we store the elements of the story into chambers that deal with survival, creativity, emotions, logic, and it leads us to make up our own rules for life and how we deal with both friends and enemies.   Our most durable rules and laws come from stories.

As humanity races into higher technology, many of our human traits do not seem to be needed as much.   We trade human traits for technological solutions, such as GPS.    Already within a generation, the human ability to navigate based upon landmarks, smells, sounds, and collective memory has dropped dramatically.    One day stories will be told about someone making it home from school without GPS, and that will give others hope that if they were ever cut off from technology they too could find their way home.   So it is not ridiculous to state that right now, stories that maintain our human traits and skills are as important as the technology replacing them.    

Stories do something else for us, too.  They simplify what cannot be explained or understood directly, like a science discovery.    And usually the message is a Virtuous one, or a warning against the frailties of human nature, such as greed, betrayal, and the stealing of free will from another person.

For this reason, five stories are chosen to represent a very complex vision on how to gain the greatest potential out of Blockchain as it is in the vision of C.I.T.    The stories might seem unrelated, until all five stories are brought together to explain what unseen forces challenge us in creating usable order from the abstracts influencing it.


K-Pop swept the world.     It became a sensation.    It lifted the world view of Korea.   It made superstars, while Korea got global recognition for beautiful skin and faces.   (More on K-Pop…)


To simplify this, on the technology side, only two nations will be used as examples because only two nations “matter”:  China and the United States.    On the global financial arena, only Switzerland and Singapore mattter.   The four nations will lead the world as 5G and Blockchain engineer the acceleration of innovation. 

State of the Union Speeches unite the people, in hopes that they will find “meaning” valuable enough to make sacrifices and take on responsibilities as citizens.  The two preeminent topics for major nations giving a State of the Union Address are the Economy and Social Vector.   Key to both of these is Technology because it brings jobs and global revenue while pleasing the citizens.  The companies competing to dominate their business arena fall into categories.   Innovation, accounting, finance, health, logistics, nation-building, etc.   An easy example is the accounting world.  The Big Four accounting firms release a major analysis every six months or so, in order to convince the biggest companies in the world that they lead in the way Blockchain can improve profits, loss, taxes, and the recording of this. However, nothing The Big Four does fundamentally changes what Blockchain is, its potential, and it stages of evolution.    

All other major players in Blockchain want the world to buy into its assests or its technology rights on the level of Microsoft.   But only C.I.T. will deliver this.    And under the larger topic of the Economy, it wants stronger trade ratios, less fines, and a protect the national currencies and Reserve Banks the world needs to function.   It’s nice and even fun to pretend that Cryptocurrencies will come to replace or compete equally over long eras.   But anyone with the true understanding of how global finance and currency works as a subset of Culture and government knows that there are limits and requirements Cryptocurrencies cannot meet.    However, the sciences or engineering of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies can make the existing systems better, and then allow for a place in the world of global and regional finance. 

Here is something to consider:   more money was made by the companies that supplied the tools and clothing for mining gold during the California Gold Rush, than was made by all the gold miners combined.  The same will be true in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.   So, the race is on to be first in a field … to emerge as the American Express of credit cards.   What most people involved in the early stages of Blockchain do not realize is that they will be caught up on a “race to be eaten last.”    


Graduations In An Emergent Universe

Blockchain Intersections will present the opportunity for us to evolve our understanding of who we as human beings are.   The timeless questions of mankind will be answered in the Cosmos and Nature, which are our greatest reflections of truth about creation and the greater potential of our Minds.   

Events that were too abstract for us to notice will appear decipherable.   Clues to our reality will increase in frequency.    Our senses will reach past words that our Brain uses to interpret the world and ourselves either through symbolism or by juxtaposition.   

This evolution will be fed by the great telescope arrays around the world, satellite telescopes, electron microscopes, and technology – yet – the potential will be released not by organizations or Silicon Valley tech giants.     The higher “realized potential” will come from the billions of individuals that design a representation of their own lives in Personal Blockchains.  When it comes down to the broadcasting power of a message symbolizing elegance, the magnitude of the gap between a technology Cloud (that centralizes data) and a billion individual minds (driven by Will that mimics patterns of higher elegance)  is greater than the gap between a human and a chimpanzee.       

Why is this all important to a global strategy?  These four title words apply to politics, finance, social approval, culture, trade, and every system we count on, stemming from the beliefs and goals of the people leading them.  While this starts off sounding like mainly science, it is survival of all systems and the essence of decision making.

To comprehend this point, it helps to divide the lesson into two parts. The first part is understanding the most basic properties of our reality, which we recognize as Will, Information, Intelligence, and Elegance.    The second part of understanding this comes when applying the concept that our Minds and the Cosmos “entangle” into one Emergent Universe.    

The primary force in our Universe is “Will.”    Recent research leads to the acceptance that every Field, element, force, and concept has “Will.”    If it is a Higgs Boson or Photon, it has Will to act out its design and purpose.   If it is a star or galaxy system, that too has its own Will that unites the Will of all the elements and Fields within it.   

We talk about Free Will as humans, and yes, we do seem to have that gift.   To go full-on science geek on you, this Free Will is a consequence of the Will present in our dimension as a whole. This possibly gets energy from other Dimesions or through other Dimensional models like the E-8 Model.  But we can skip that for now.   The Cosmos is far away and too big to comprehend for most people.

We look at Nature and can see up close Will, Information, Intelligence, and Elegance.     All plants, insects, animals, and environments present their Will to exist and find balance.   Far more Information is shared within Nature than between humans.   Natures countless life forms and geology have a form of Intelligence that cannot be recognized as thinking or words. Yet the coordination of huge eco-systems proves this symphony, which fundamentally is played by instruments of individual Wills,  is highly evolved. A plant, worm, or rock might understand each of their roles in the universe better than we do.    

This brings to mind the last moments of the life of Coco the gorilla that learned sign language.   In one of his last talks, he said humans are incredible but also stupid, because Nature loves them so much, but they refuse to see and listen. When all the animals and rocks can listen, why can’t humans that dominate the Earth?  How do they miss Will, love, and symphonic elegance of all elements in a jungle or city?

Finally in Nature we see patterns of Elegance that create the sensation of Awe.   These can be massive examples like a Full Moon, the power of a …



Teaser Chapters

The Solution and Future of Film and Television Media

Master Plan

The financial, social, cultural, and political elements for the global Entertainment Industry are evolving into an entirely new species of business.   This is due to many factors, some of them in our control or our own past doings, other worldwide factors out of our control converge to demand this evolution.  Here are the factors.

In Our Control or of Our Own Past Actions and Consequences

  1. Hollywood is broke
  2. Hollywood is broken
  3. Top Actors Beg for Changes in Finance and Production
  4. Studio Accounting is Criminal Fraud
  5. Abuse of Foreign Investors In the Past:  Germany, Japan, UK, Italy, Russia
  6. Conglomerates Run Studios and Fund Films through Stock Issuance
  7. Foreign Pre-Sales rip off investors
  8. Agency Abusive Intimidation In Deals, Agencies betraying Writers and Actors
  9. Financing from Hedge Funds fed oversized budgets
  10. Laundering of Russian oligarch money through Cyprus to Hollywood
  11. Shadow Banking funding Chinese Productions, ruins profit projections
  12. Apple, FB, Amazon, Hulu, Google Investing In Productions for IP Royalties
  13. Studios reducing production from 20 down to 6-8 films a year


  1. The Push For Diversity:  LGBT, African American, Women
  2. Academy Award, Emmy, Golden Globe Politics
  3. Social Media Frenzies and Power
  4. Internet As Entertainment
  5. P.C. in Film and Television
  6. 8,000 Screenwriters fire their agents
  7. WGA threatens to sue Agencies
  8. WGA demands only Producer-Writers can produce new material

Beyond Our Control Influencing Future Of Entertainment

  1. Internet Of Things
  2. Censorship in China and the USA
  3. Rise and Success of K-Pop vs. Korean Bans and what to learn from it
  4. Gamer power and training
  5. Tokenization of Games
  6. DJ’s and Hackers Rise to Celebrity Status
  7. 5G and Telecom needs to own I.P./Original Content
  8. Blockchain Intersection and Benefits for Film and Media


  1. China Culturally Expanding, Yuen Sun and Tai-Chi-In-The-Three
  2. Respectful lead in Games and Online Experience
  3. P.C. in Film and Television
  4. Appeal of Asian and African American Lead Actors in the Big Screen


  1. USA Politics, Anger, Division, Racism
  2. USA Economic Policy
  3. China Economic Policy
  4. China Cultural Changes
  5. China Expansion in Asia


  1. 5G expansion brings competition and territory conflicts
  2. 5G Media promises more interaction and benefits
  3. IoT influencing the entertainment experience
  4. Blockchain helping reduce fraud in film finance and piracy
  5. TeleComs needing Original Content to reward users for higher fees
  6. Exciting innovation in Augmented and Virtual Reality

The 17 years helping orphans in China, Vietnam, and Thailand opened my eyes to the future influence Asians would have in Film, Online Entertainment, and Television. 

The founder of Creativity First Films, Scott Morgan, began casting Asians in lead roles in all productions, being the first to open the door to Asian Actors. His Award-Winning Film “Playing Solitaire” starred a Korean lead, Philippine Co-Lead, Philippine Principle, Chinese Principle role, and won all awards it could.    “The Violent Kind” starred 2 Asian Leads.   “Boxing God” starred the half-Asian lead.  “Club Fiji” starred 2 Asian Leads.   “Cupid’s Bow” starred 2 Asian Leads and 4 Asian Principle roles.   

I am going to start this with a few questions that you do not have to answer. But you will realize why I put tem first.  Do you really think that it costs over $200 million for the big losers Lone Ranger, Battleship, and John Carter?  Do you really think it costs over $325 million for Pirates of the Caribbean, or even Transformers?   Do you really think that a $60 million bonus to the execs that approved the growing budget has nothing to do with costs?  Do you think that setting up deals that are “foreign presale agreements” favor the foreign investor like you?   And do you think that stars really get paid the full salary you pay them or that others do not collude to drive up costs and secretly agree to split the hidden budget windfalls?   


Up until the last decades, film studios not only were the best option to fund, produce, and distribute a film, they also had most agencies in line with this, and a large percentage of top producers on their lots.  They offer rising and established producers offices and about $200k a year to run the staff in return for First Look Deals with them on any project.   The producer then cannot go to anywhere else until the project is rejected by say Paramount or Fox.  They did not like to do this because the producer would then go to the competition and maybe leave the studio.  So it was a tight insider game.  They funded most all films but a few true Independent ones.     This was the era when studio execs and producers actually made a film “better.”   But almost all producers are either negative on the quality of films now, or simply wouldn’t know how to make a film better. 

Then came the rise of Mini Majors and Virtual Studios:  New Line Cinema, best example. They specialized in the small budget films like horror films or cult films, Indie, and did not threaten the studios. But as the Mini Major grew, it did so the studios all formed Indie Houses like Fine Arts, Focus Films, etc.  Lions Gate is different because until recently they mostly only did distribution, but now is a mini major. 

Studio funding fell to anywhere from 70-85% of films now.  But they were safe. They also had the big pull with the agencies and could bully for actors and products like Disney controlling toys.    

Then came films with budgets so big that they could break a studio and shareholders would revolt, studios would collapse.   Films like Titanic.   There started to be more studios co funding a film.  At the same time, the success of a film in the world as there was competition from HBO and Internet for the audiences, this forced them to make it or break it in the first opening week. So what did this do?  Advertising costs suddenly shot up from $5 million being okay, and $10 million being normal, and $15 million to being high – to $15-20 million being normal, and $35-45 million being high.  This was tough, so they split advertising costs. But now, huge hedge funds were in the game.  And they would swing deals so that a lot of the extra costs as advertising rose would come from the financier more and more. 

Then came the successful truly independent producing funds that grew to be able to distribute themselves:  Legendary Pictures is my favorite, New Regency, Relativity Media the biggest, Annapurna, and others. 

There are many big differences between a studio and a mini major, or Independent funder and distributor.   

Two big changes happened. The financial crash of 2007-8.  It destroyed their holdings, stock value, ability to advertise for films, and to some extent fund films.   They might only fund 15% of films. And they try to get agencies and producers to distribute through them still be forming a deal structure that benefits the local producer and the studio. The outside investor has no idea this is bad for them many times. 

The other factor was the rise of giants like Relativity covering more costs through new clueless investors.    Now the original CEO of Relativity is being forced out amid many lawsuits.   

To make things worse in advertising, the studio overcharges a fortune, essentially paying themselves over-priced fees for things like ads within their own studio offices, elevators, private events.  In other words, the private investor like you pays for their major PR campaigns, employees, lights, overhead – just about anything they can take onto a successful film. 

As if this were not bad enough, studios still are legally allowed to cross collateralize films. What that means is if your film makes a higher and higher profit, they can add the losses or costs of other films onto your film and take it from the financier side.   

We must start off with two fundamental truths:  Hollywood systems led to its destruction and must be replaced with a more ethical and financially-sound system; and, the dire situation of production companies, studios, and theaters worldwide requires that Hollywood and China begin a system that nurtures the entertainment industry in both nations, because neither one can survive or recover without the other.   Alone, both die, stock collapses, theaters close, and the art of filmmaking dies.   This chapter begins with revealing the poisoning and corruption of the art and business on the Hollywood side of the deal. 

The rise in spending, affluence, and investors in China pumped up the markets, and the world joined in.  Early investors in the studios saw their value skyrocket.  That was based on thrills, the sexiness of the Industry, a glut of money, and headlines.  But the future will be determined not just on how much the studios spend, not just on how much they get in return, but also financial moves already in motion in Hollywood.  And this last factor, unfortunately, Chinese investors need to quickly understand.

The problem is the very people you trust to tell you the truth and protect you will honor Hollywood before they honor your company.   Why?  Fear. 

The number one motivator of Hollywood business is not creativity, it is Fear.   Fear of being fired. Fear of being taken over. Fear of being irrelevant.  And if you are not aware that Hollywood is afraid of you, then you are not going to win this battle for independent wealth, stock value, and delivering the future of entertainment. 

Because you need access to screenplays, A-list actors, and the skill of producing your new film slate with Western/Hollywood production skills, you are entering into deals. This is not a bad thing.  I understand the need to partner with a big company, and to make big headlines.   It would all be great if for one problem:  your partners are not delivering the deals you need, and your agency is not telling you the truth.   

I could look at every major deal struck with a Hollywood company and tell you what is wrong with it.  Many people can do that. Most would not, because it would go against their goals.   And they would not hold in their hands the solution – the valuable IP Copyright screenplays upon which “value” is created.   

Let us look at why it goes against their goals.

Agencies make money by increasing the cost of a project, and making sure contracts hide language that will eventually deliver massive fortunes to them.  CAA Agency made $670 million last year. Do you think they made this just off the 10% they charge for their actors?  No.  They made it off the sneaky contract deal points and hidden fees you have no idea are going to hit you. But you will in 2-3 years when you see everyone made a fortune but the Investor.   Is there a way around this?  Yes! 

Producers make profit by reducing the profit of the Investor.  Why is it this simple? Because they cannot change much the profits that go to the theaters and distributor.   So they must get it from you. They are very creative in this way.   The Foreign Presale is a great example of how they get paid up front millions, and make a fortune in the back end, but risk nothing.   They sell you on the idea of a Foreign Presale by telling you it removes the risk for the investor. 

Here is a fact.  Risk does not disappear. It is only shifted to later on, and this risk is paid for by you, the Investor.   Want the truth?  Work within a Completion Bond office.   And even then they often must accept the secrets of Hollywood accounting and distribution like a necessary evil.  Yet I ask, is it a necessary evil.  I believe that with the power of China’s box office and deep pockets of finance, it can be removed from the recipe to a greater extent than your “Co-Producing Brothers” want. 

Agency packaging fees are the biggest rip off in film ventures and are killers in television.  But you fall for the promises and find out later this did not cost you 5%, it somehow cost you up to 30% of all profits going to you.  No one in Hollywood will explain this to you, least of all your agent. 

So, what should a studio in China do?  First, realize that their partners, no matter how much they like them, and want to deliver, are facing increasing competition for screenplays.   Everyone in Hollywood knows that a jackpot is waiting if they can get a small part of the Rights to a hit film that later China will fund at an inflated budget.  Second, partners and agents will try to convince a studio to invest in an established franchise like Marvel. This is the worst investment they can make dollar for dollar and time for time.  Third, since your money is actually available and you don’t have to borrow, producing new hits are more likely to result in true long-term profits:  Guardians of the Galaxy, The Hangover, Insidious, Fast and Furious, I Know What You Did Last Summer.

The most successful Producers in Hollywood approach actors directly for deals.  Ever wonder why?  Pros know agents lie and will screw up good scripts and deals.  Side deals with actors you never hear about, is another reason.  Minimizing how much agents can mess up a good project and rip off producers is another.   The games that agents play to get investors to overpay for them being in control is intricate.   Do most films engage them right off the start?  Yes.   Most have to – and you are unfamiliar with the tricks, dependent on partners that divide up the shares.  Are they dividing in your favor or not?   Hard to say without an insider on your team.   Yet to know how they rig the game makes it far better.   

I look at half the movie deals China buys into and already know the buzz on the street of why no one else would invest in the film at this stage. 

Do you think the agency gives the Chinese studio the best films … or do agencies give their long-time friends and insiders that grease their profit palms the best projects and most leverage in the deal?   

Let’s look at a few questions.   Do you really think that the third Pirates of the Caribbean had no other option than to cost 3 times as much as the first film, even though special effects were largely the same?  No, of course not, but the Investors never got the true budget.   Do you really think the loser John Conner cost over $200 million? Of course not, if you know how a studio dumps costs from other losses on a loser film then let the investor or stock holders suffer.  Do you really think that it cost $45 million to advertise The Hangover and over a hundred million to advertise the sequels?  Of course not. But, the foreign investor is told this, and it comes out of his profits, not the agency profits, not his partner’s profits, not the studio or actor profits. 

It requires the coordinated effort of agencies, producers, partners, studios, and lawyers to pull off the investment scam of the century.   It is like sitting down at a table where everyone is cheating and smiling …. Except the Chinese players.

But again I say, China, India, and other nations can change this and not fall victim to Hollywood games.   How?   


From 1960’s to 1995, film studios and production houses would announce their slates of films.   Insiders knew how to read the choices to recognize how the films would support a Brand and Financial flow.   These icons include the greats:  Ron Meyer, Les Moonves, Roger Birnbaum.   But then the studios were taken over by conglomerates:   Colombia by Sony, Universal by Seagram’s, Warner by Time.   Nobody knew anything now, much less how to form a slate.   Sure, it is how the next year of films sends signals to competition that determines box office pecking order and stock valuation.   More important is how it used to show the creativity leading the financing and branding.   The people that could actually “make a film better” don’t use financial rules that made Hollywood great and more.  But, it is a wise art to learn and base a film fund upon.  So, I follow this idea: that all films must support each other in timing, awards, budgets, cash flows, and release timing.   

Many wise producers that know how Hollywood works reads the merger and film slate  announcement with the ability to assess them.  They ask: 

  1. Do I respect them? (Smart.  I will sell my friends out for a key spot.)
  2. Do I fear them? (This crowds out my film or players, can I block them?)
  3. Can I make money off them? (What do I tell them they need of mine?)
  4. Can I take his girlfriend away?  (Is it sexy?) 
  5. Who’s in charge?  (I can set them up or a fall or join them and rise.)

Your foreign studio is “The Money.”   They try to make that irrelevant.   

Their tactic is this farce.   Investing in films is a high-risk venture.   They try to make it a no-risk venture — and it is for them.  Because they only play with someone else’s money.   And are paid up front enough to make any time and contribution well paid. The profits later are icing on the cake.  Their job is to convince The Money of “no or low risk.”  They do this how?  By taking away profits as a hedge.  From their side?  No, only from The Money side.    Their most common form is the Foreign Presale and Studio Partnership.   But other forms are sliding scales of profit sharing, and surprise advertising or agency percentage costs, and litigation threats. 

Therefore, they read what you choose to fund in your slate out of greed, envy, fear, and treachery.   

It is important to remember that. 

So where are the vulnerable chinks in the armor in an announcement of a film slate?   


  1. Non-commercial script stories
  2. Too many partners.
  3. Weak marketability
  4. Underfunded.
  5. Problematic stars or Directors.
  6. Similar films like it coming out
  7. Long silent time before shooting
  8. Long quiet time between films
  9. No relevancy to emerging market and youth market
  10. No Director attached yet to some films or all films
  11. Too few films to adjust for financing flows
  12. One big film eating up all time and resources
  13. Plays poorly in global markets
  14. Will not beat the stock revaluation of your company in time
  15. No ownership of the Rights and Royalties

How could an Asian investor know this if no one tells him?  And if they heard it, since factors change about every 3 months, how do they feel the pulse shift?   They don’t until it is too late.   Announcements like $1.2 billion to Lions Gate makes others jealous, but Insiders are not envious or respectful.   They know the trap was set and sprung. 


Hollywood is broke.  Far more important is, Hollywood is broken.   

Investigations revealed Agencies betrayed their clients, leading to lawsuits and strikes, with over 8,000 writers firing their agents.    Writers Guild is suing Agencies.   

The Studio system that made Hollywood great is gone, replaced by conglomerates that also are being investigated for corrupt practices.  Their top-heavy system led to the near-bankruptcy of Paramount Studios, Sony Studios, Fox Studios, and even Warner Brothers is having financial problems.    Only Disney and Universal are strong, and they both announced they are only producing half as many films as last year, and canceled almost every single expensive agreement with top Producers.  Their system is collapsing, even around the best studios. 

Netflix announced they will run out of new Original Content by March 2020.  Amazon and Apple challenge it in acquiring new material, which is limited due to Agency problems.  No one wants to enter into a big deal film or show and find out that it violated rules and will be caught up in lawsuits by the WGA.     

A wise entertainment industry leader once said, Hollywood isn’t just sick, it’s sick of itself.

Never before has Hollywood been so vulnerable to a fundamental change to its outdated systems and corrupt practices.