Fact:  Gaming is a $152 billion and growing.    Fact:   Several leading Tech magazines said that the key to Blockchain spirit is to open the door to Gamers.   Fact:   The talent it takes to be an Olympic-level winner in Gaming qualifies a person to be recruited by Wall Street, the Pentagon, Tencent, and Silicon Valley – as a teenager, earning more than a million dollars per year.    Fact:   the new system winning the Gaming Olympics syncs with the highest advanced Blockchain breakthroughs discovered by Crypto-Integrity-Tao.  Fact: Win over the global Gamers, and you not only have unlimited Scale, you have loyal fans and players set up to lead by usage the frontiers of Blockchain Intersections in a 5G world.

The realization of the role Gamers will play came from studying the Gaming Olympics, set in Hong Kong that year.  The leading team was Invictus.   Japan had often held top Gold Medals and trophies in these early years of the Game Olympics.   But then things changed in China’s favor.  Invictus and other gaming organizations were created in Asia.   They not only glamorized the Game Olympics, and introduced women as true competitors, but also did something else that revolutionized competitive gaming.

First came the gaming locations, which Invictus saw needed to be transformed into the most cool arenas possible.   Organizations of players spent millions of dollars decorating super-cool gaming lounges. They also improved how Gamers could be videotaped so that fans could watch multiple reactions from gamers at the same time.  They made fans live in the moment, in real time, feeling the pain and glory of being a top gamer.   

These winners held the top medals and also enjoyed being the most admired and most followed Game leaders — rock stars among Gamers.

The second thing these Asian gaming leaders realized and achieved is so revolutionary, it will change the world we live in.    [Disclaimer: the following explanation is simplified and there are other viewpoints on how this system works or how to describe it – this is just one of many ways that make it apply to Blockchain, and not all players have to work this way to win.]

Usually 4-5 people make up a team, depending on the rules.  Playing one of the popular games they use in the Gaming Olympics, there are several skills required:  overall strategy to outsmart the opponent, defenses that allow you to take a lot of fire, skills with the specialty weapons like bombs and swords, recognizing hidden prizes or what object holds the highest score points, and a player leading the attack.    Before, each player had to be great at all five skills.  Then through the game, they would urgently give each other orders.    The hope was that one of them would get to the winner’s circle by capturing the castle or defeating the final foes.    

Asian gaming hubs realized that a team accelerated its learning patterns in MMORPG when top players knew how their teammates would react without them talking about it while playing.   The top players had almost a shared intelligence.   They worked like digits on a hand, not thinking about individual actions.  They would link their minds up like computers while playing.  But there was something else about how they worked.  Each one recognized a strength in one battle role, instead of assuming they could master several roles a winner usually plays.  This led organizations to design teams of 4-5 players, each one with a different strength   If any one of them was down for a while or dead, the team might still win, but it was far more likely that all the players would survive longer.   Accounts of how this was put into action are different, but the one account that helped Crypto-Integrity-Tao was an interview with a winning team.  They saw they were working together more like a hand, with each one a finger or the thumb.  Fans and leaders would watch then as 5 players were forging ahead against the enemy.    Invictus and other top Game Teams led this new strategy, one in which the players should recognize themselves not as a team, but as an actual hand so to speak.   

Reviewing … in some cases, gaming companies and organizations got their players to agree to live together, eat together, and do it with as little dialog as possible.   If a real-life situation came up that required a skill like physical strength the “gorilla” that normally takes all the heavy fire would do it.   If a keen decision was needed, the strategist would decide.   This increased their tacit communication skills and telepathy.   They could know what the other player could and would do in the game while focusing exclusively on one role.  The roles in an MMORPG are quite different.  There is one strategist, one that is best at special weapons, one that can take the most shots and still recover, one that takes the lead, and one that decodes mysteries in the game, like how to get weapons.    

You have breakthrough awareness, breakthrough leadership, score beating marksmen, defense shields that can prevent attack, and one that can spread out the assault on the normal world with the most power.   

Applying Olympic Gaming to Blockchain Intersections

We need the spirit and skills of these teams involved with Blockchain innovation, and only Crypto-Integrity-Tao has all the rewards ready to go to maximize their impact.   These very game-playing subculture in Asia will look back in two years and be able to brag:  “We were the breakthrough performers and examples of all the great things from Blockchain.”