How Blockchain Intersection-Empowered Entertainment Will Save The World

Technology moves, adapts, and evolves at a pace faster than most human beings, and Blockchain’s own advancements are only faster. It might be easy to dismiss the title of this article as something out of tech tabloids or something else rather quite hyperbolic, but the truth is that our current world is headed toward such an evolution when Blockchain-infused entertainment is strengthened to the point of being critical to the preservation of our world. Before we even begin to get into the philosophy behind this concept, let’s first consider this innovative technology and the state of the entertainment industry.

How Blockchain Can Help to Create Entertainment at a Higher Level

Because almost all other industries fell dramatically as investments, channeling a greater percentage into Blockchain during the pandemic forced more widespread innovation, which then turned to the people for indications on what will improve lifestyles. This leads to fantastic advancements for society because it spotlights “gamification” and “tokenization” to push for higher profits in every industry imaginable. Gamification is entering its next phase, in which competitive-level game skills can be applied to investment and the financial arenas. Crypto Integrity Tao and breaks this down to maximize benefits far beyond what Silicon Valley currently advocates. Once a few leaders integrate Blockchain tech into production, massive profit gain will propel and heal the ailing Industry. Silicon Valley’s push to monopolize filmmaking can only be countered if a studio presents a “vertical business model” that delivers all the required essentials.

What the entertainment industry will usher in is a personal understanding of, and a visceral relationship to, the four basic Blockchain technology divisions in the B2C world:

  • Public-Public Blockchain
  • Public-Private Blockchain
  • Personal-Public Blockchain
  • Personal-Private Blockchain

From these four, all new wealth and opportunity flows. Brands will be identified as having it or not.  In Eastern philosophies this might be nicknamed “Honor Yuen Sun” and in Western Philosophy it is dedication to “Eudaimonia.” This is explained in detail in chapters in ONE FISH SAYS TO ANOTHER FISH that support Blockchain breakthroughs.

Why Now Is the Time to Invest in Blockchain-Infused Entertainment

First, we must make a distinction between Blockchain DLT and forms of cryptocurrencies, coins, and tokens. Investing in DLT means paying for the software and technical experts to protect the production all the way from the deal to the end of its distribution life (and in some cases this expense includes a stock value that rises, hedging the bet spent on production costs). Hollywood is guilty of years of shady bookkeeping that betrayed outsider investors – and those days are over. Legitimate production is incredibly profitable if based upon projects rich in tech revenue streams.

Now that we’re talking about cryptocurrencies, coins, and tokens – the profits made in this bull run make cryptos a top investment for anyone, on the caveat it is a very complicated investment arena with only a handful of experts. Beware the “analysts” or people purporting to be experts who use hollow arguments proven more wrong than right through the course of time. Avoid the hype—it will lead you astray and possibly penniless.

The next step to a smart move is to figure out exactly “which token” and network to use for an upcoming, evolved film or show. Successful games make more money than all but a few blockbuster films. Tokens and in-game DLT heal a few “pain points” in the gamer world (cheating, bribery, and more.) After games, revenue from the new user experiences will use tokens, like TRX or CEL, that can be converted to cash on their Networks.  In addition, a new era of “reverse advertising through Blockchain DLT and tokens” will put the power into hands of viewers and players that converts eyeballs to cash.    This creates incredibly loyal fans for a studio because it delivers both “meaning” and “spirit” on a level never before possible or convertible to “winnings” for the audience.

Deductive reasoning suggests that as Blockchain rises in use and value, so will rise entertainment – making a double-dip into both investment sectors a great idea. This can be achieved through a single investment in the case of Crypto-Integrity-Tao feeding the ultimate leading technology to the films of Creativity First Films.

Predictions: Hang Tight to Your VR Headsets—We’re in for Quite a Ride

Technology and Blockchain-based systems have quite a way of pushing us forward at warp speed. Some of this have already been covered but the most important fact worth noting is that a likely prediction for Blockchain and entertainment in the future is that over the next year or two, we will see dramatic leaps forward with these technologies and this industry in terms of how they are interrelated and building off each other. A perfect example is how Justin Sun expanded TRON to include BitTorrent and the JUST systems to increase profits and evolve the user experiences for entertainment on the TRON Network.

Blockchain will begin its paradigm shift on the entertainment industry in early 2021.  The first studios and investors in on the first wave will achieve what few global giants did: “If you’re first, you can name it.  If you can name it, you own its world.”  Think Xerox and Google, which both became verbs. The most elite Blockchain thought leaders know that in relation to Blockchain intersections, “Time will be a verb.”

The investment world will realize in 2021 that the best tech is the merging of Blockchain edge science intersections in films, games, TV, and streaming. Investors not only get in on the ground floor of a profit sector that proved itself over decades with “real products” – investors grab hold of “innovation upon innovations” before the acceleration cuts off their access to this new asset class.  Study how Amazon gobbles up tangent services or technology and you will realize that Amazon won’t let funds in once they outbid everyone to corner a market. By 2023, the change will be more dramatic than the switch to high definition, or the rise of streaming.

Blockchain profit enhancement on Creativity First Films level is the end result of “Far Superior Systems for Products that can be delivered NOW,” not years ahead like most hype machines promise. The Product must simplify complex things and do something better than a pre-existing norm, all of this healthier for society than pre-existing systems. The actual innovations will lead to expanding profits, better health and education, more exact logistics, and more everything. But the most important aspect of Blockchain integration in entertainment is that it will continue the “Power of Story” as it holds together the greater cultures of nations. In today’s upside-down world, people not only want to draw on this culture and appreciate it to unite their countries, people want to feel they have some degree of power and responsibility over their lives, children, and future.  Blockchain will present this opportunity, and entertainment will scale its use. So, in a way … “Blockchain Intersection-Empowered Entertainment” saves the world.