How COVID-19 Reshaped Investing and Made Tech and Entertainment Clear Winners

As the whole of humanity has been dealing with a public health crisis and its financial fallout, something phenomenal has occurred: We have adapted to a so-called “new normal,” resulting in our technologies and entertainment being thrust into a bold new reality, where such a difficult set of circumstances has further hastened advancements and developments, which has made the world more prepared than ever to embrace a greater future.

Engaging with investments involving the productive, innovative and extraordinary partnership of entertainment and technology will be abundant in its rich, valuable rewards — now and well into the future. First, we must review great strides made in tech and entertainment at every stage of this pandemic. After that, we must analyze why these industries actually thrived partly due to the pandemic; also, we must review how the tech and entertainment industries built a strong foundation in earlier seized opportunities for evolution and growth leading up to the pandemic.

Pre-Pandemic: Tech Leads the Way

Technology leads the way in every investment and innovation sector in society, even long before the pandemic. Wall Street, Silicon Valley, health, defense, politics, cloud, education, and, of course, entertainment have all been touched, even evolved, thanks to tech over the years.

What that means is that tech as an investment sector is unlimited and everlasting; in other words, innovation leads to acceleration of more innovation, creating a truly valuable investment.

During the Pandemic: New Ways of Consuming and Experiencing Entertainment

It seems humanity, especially when faced with unexpected challenges, has the will to adapt and ability to innovate and create for the betterment of the world. Case in point: Several vaccines for COVID-19 were developed in record time. The same is true of technology and entertainment during the pandemic.

Indeed, it seems COVID was the death knell to Hollywood financing, theaters and the millions of people who make their money in the entertainment industry. The survivors were few, and they skyrocketed in value: Amazon, Netflix, Tencent, Alibaba, Hulu, Google, Facebook, et al.

The biggest global winners were Amazon, Tencent, Tesla and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, TRX, ETH and CEL. The question then revolves around whether this can be sustained or if it is a bubble.

The best global example of a sustained technology Blockchain system is TRON Network, brilliantly expanded by Justin Sun, with BitTorrent and JUST technology, thereby ensuring decades of services, patents and products.

Post-Pandemic: How Tech Can Save Hollywood

Almost all competitors for technology dominance can only get back on top through more innovative technology. It is the primary deep-pocket source for reviving feature film and Hollywood/China entertainment that can capture a global audience because the ROI includes Edge Technology that delivers greater experiences while at the same time reducing losses from fraud, taxation and piracy.

One more tech move will have a massive impact on Hollywood films and streaming: The tech giants like Apple and Amazon will buy up the theater chains for pennies on the dollar due to mass bankruptcies. This will force more people to modify how they consume entertainment, which in turn forces more innovation to satisfy the senses of users.

The message is: Global hedge funds sitting on billions with no obvious high ROI sector in sight want to be early adopters in this new era of technology-enhanced entertainment. For instance, Creativity First Films will present the ultimate vertical business model and all the gamification/tokenization products that launch the superior investment system at their event in Las Vegas this February, will deliver even more post-pandemic acceleration of Edge Tech.

After that, the next major phase is captured in just two words: gamification and tokenization. While this evolution and payoff is beyond most people’s imagination, the few leaders who deliver it will become the next Microsoft or Tencent. So think of this: The right investment in tech and entertainment will pay off on Tencent levels within two years. Investment models cite 3,000%-10,000% profits even on conservative numbers.

Why Tech and Entertainment Thrived During the Pandemic

A combination of forces has driven profits in tech and entertainment. It’s important to remove theater and live Broadway-type of shows from the metrics, because those arenas collapsed. This leaves streaming, apps and games – which skyrocketed in popularity because people who usually do physical things outside of the house had only one place to go: their tech device of choice.

The second force hit the investment world when standard reliable sources of ROI like retail, travel, shipping, large infrastructure projects and live sports were shut down or hampered.

The third force falls within the science of humanities: People wanted some source for escape, hope and control over their lives. Games and binge shows delivered this. Others yearned for attention – which social media and apps gave them. When a personal “goal” changes from graduating in a cap and gown to copying a TikTok dance, the bar is lowered so that everyone feels they accomplished something and escaped fear.

A Final Warning, With Ways to Move Forward with the Right Tools and Knowledge

Not everything in technology is gold. Investing in most innovations is essentially gambling. Investing in cryptocurrencies is still based on timing if it is Bitcoin, less so with TRX, CEL, and ETH, which deliver products and network services.

Here are some words from the wise: Do not present a tech vision without a product to give people based on it, and in order to scale to the point of dominating the investment class you must solve “their” problem, not “our” problem — meaning, giving people what they need first.

The final advice for any deep-pocket hedge fund comes from Jeff Bezos: For a new tech source to rise like Amazon or Microsoft, the founder must do two things: see every goal and obstacle ahead, and move so fast no one can buy, steal or sue the next innovation. The systems presented in the books by Crypto Integrity Tao and at the event in Vegas will show tech innovators how to master the “Bezos Rule” so they profit fast, dominating their industries.

Scott Morgan – a blockchain consultant, entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Crypto Integrity Tao and Creativity First Films Studio