Leading humanity safely through technological innovations

C.I.T. searched the leading companies and think tanks of the world with a clear goal:  which technology Brand and their respective Telos meet the challenges of the upcoming Blockchain-5G Intersection including IoT?   The goals of this company should be created for the most positive impact on Humanity while innovation accelerates due to the designs of C.I.T.   It’s important to detail why these companies were chosen first, and not the many companies easy for C.I.T. to sell-out to when an offer was made to buy and monopolize the breakthroughs and superior tech systems.    

Before companies with outstanding global brand recognition jump on board, superiority of the Crypto-Integrity-Tao design must be obvious.

How did Apple become Apple?    It did two things:  it simplified devices we wanted to use and made them more elegant in design.

How did Google become Google?    It recognized the limits of previous models and replaced them with the decentralized power of human minds seeking solutions.

Amazon’s Bezos stated that the only way to create a new globally-dominant company is to see every step in a long vision, and move so fast out of the blocks that you announce the creation of all the vertical integration and beat competition in what is not vertical.   You must pivot fast and create the next extension faster than a company like Amazon can buy you out, starve you out, sue you out, or innovate into all the uses of your original innovation and company.    This requires clarity in vision, knowledge of global powers, daring confidence announcing your next Brand and revenue source.    This also requires a significant difference in the primary factors influencing actions:   Perspective, Beliefs, Information, Will – and then finally a durable vision.  [Not the other way around, with vision perverting the four essential filters of truth leading to action that impacts others.]

Are there examples of how a shift results in massive acceleration of discovery and applicable rewards from actions? Yes.  Here’s just one example.

When “world expert scientists” declared that it would take a hundred years for the labs to decode enough of our DNA code to make a difference, one man offered a $1 million reward to anyone outside Big Pharma labs if they could isolate and determine one DNA branch.    Within months a young man working on his own decoded one.  Quickly, hundreds were decoded this way, in decentralized imagination rather than centralized protocols.   

Many worldwide deep thinkers state that any true breakthrough good for humanity and commerce must at first seem so far beyond current goals that it seem absurd.    Governments, due to politics, abhor this way of improving society.   

What these innovative leaders did was appear with a different perspective on what could replace either limited technology or replace our human agreements on what we want to buy, do, and sense.     

Putting Humanity and the potential of individual Minds first is the secret ingredient they all used to dominate the world in their technology arena.    

To maximize what good may come from this, first the human minds must be “stretched” and made more elastic so that they have set the fertile mental soil in which to plant the seeds of Blockchain Intersections in 5G.   This is why the first chapter of ONE FISH SAYS TO ANOTHER FISH is titled “Deconstructing the Human Agreements.”     The book builds gradually from considering the concept of “air” to the most complex mental play about where our soul exists, and whether centralizing memories will change our concept of Time itself.    

Central to this book is the role that the most human experiences play in making sure we hold on to our most precious human gifts:  Free Will, Free Play, Virtues, Morality, reaching our highest potential, and the great “creating something out of nothing” that we call “Art.”    

The engineering of Blockchain Intersections, if build around and upon Humanity, will usher in the most incredible innovations in the history of man, and answer the questions at the heart of our existence:   why am I here, what is now, are we alone, what are dreams, and why is it that the only thing making it all worth the quest is each other?   

ONE FISH SAYS TO ANOTHER FISH (2 Volumes of 461 pages) is the first global Philosophy for the evolution from the Age of Information into the Age of Imagination, where all limits dissolve.    The Philosophy had to grow from the combined Truths and deeper thinking of the great Philosophies and Philosopher of humanity.   The work had to fuse the most applicable deep thinking of Western Philosophers (Plato, Nietzche, Kant, Kirkegaard, Sartre, Goethe) and Eastern Philosophers (Confucius, The Tao, I Ching, Sanskrit, Indian Symbolic Myths, Buddhism, Laozi, Tzu.)    The book will be spoken aloud in both English and Chinese in video readings of an hour or more per day.   This system of release does two things:  it forces people to take the time to talk about and think about what was shared daily, and it prevents competitors from stealing the ending and poisoning the true value to humanity.    This book applies the grand Philosophy to all forms of Art, creativity, Media, family, Cultures, animals, babies, dreams, dance, music, gaming, and how our senses interpret our Reality. 

PILLARS OF ENCRYPTION  (2 Volumes, 598 pages)  leads the Philosophy into the realms of Edge Sciences.   Blockchain is not like anything we’ve ever created before in electronics with Mathematics and the Internet.   Even those that state it’s a totally new way of Ledgers and money see only a fraction of its potential, and what will quickly spring out of it and upon us.   It takes over 51,000 pages to enlighten simultaneously leading experts in the field of Edge Sciences, and the everyday person who will create their own Personal Private Blockchain.    This book is supported by over 250 charts, diagrams, and global strategy for release and proof.    The breakthroughs come from qualifying and quantifying Blockchain in all its forms in the other Sciences:   Physics, Astrophysics, Biology, Geology, Electronics, and The Humanities.    

Up until now, a major complaint is that Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is “based on nothing.”    ONE FISH SAYS TO ANOTHER FISH and PILLARS OF ENCRYPTION together reveal a new vision and formation of “Blockchain based on everything.”  Everything truly important, durable, and sublime within the systems our Humanity creates.     

THE STATE OF CRYPTO ADDRESS is the 253-page global release plan that epitomizes the C.I.T. “SUSTAINED GLOBAL DISRUPTION ADVANTAGE” (SGDA/)      It masters the melding of technology, society, trade, innovation, and politics into a Gold-Medal Olympic win in the game of dominance in the technology race.

The entertainment company Interfacing with Crypto-Integrity-Tao is CREATIVITY FIRST FILMS, which utilizes all that is in the book THE FUTURE OF CHINA-HOLLYWOOD FILM, MEDIA, AND FINANCE.   Film, Streaming, and all other forms of online Media play a crucial role in the SGDA that will give C.I.T. a permanent accelerating lead with the United States Preferred Members, Switzerland Preferred Members and Singapore Preferred Members working within the Sandbox of innovation, trade, and finance. 

Technology leaders without C.I.T. the secrets and without the SGDA will be victim of rampant fines by the United States, the protectionist moves by Silicon Valley, the abusive regulations and taxation of the I.R.S., and flawed E.U. regulations.    

The SGDA releases monumental breakthroughs that result in paradigm shifts in Cloud, Risk Management, Exchanges, Trade, Innovation, Bio-Tech, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, IoT, Big Data, Media, Travel, Health Care, Diversity, Global Sustainability, and Social Networks. 

The founder and innovator of Crypto-Integrity-Tao Scott Morgan spent 10 months in Singapore researching the impressive progress of the Singapore Government, MAS, IMDA, Temesek Holdings (and later PSA, and Project Ubin.)  Then spent months in China to get the true match of companies that do as much as they can to better society with their services and oversight.   This also required a fluid appreciation for Cultural understandings and how they influence interfaces with  key foreign nations.  Singapore’s Ministry of Finance makes it the ideal leading company in the world.   With over 20 years helping orphans in Asia, Morgan’s motives to nurture Asian culture, commerce, education, and innovation is above reproach.    

Already, the overflow of stimulus from technology makes us more passive, which is the opposite of the greatest potential impact from Edge Sciences.   Humans are not meant to just “absorb” a simulation of the world, the people in it, and our Reality.    There are core ideals in being a human that cannot be swapped out, and these human traits hold the hidden message of our existence and the beauty of our being.   We do not want to continue on our path to being a simulation of our Facebook Profile and Google Searches.   Our Internet experience has become so wrapping that we are on the verge of forgetting that all our profiles are simply a “map” laid over our true territory – our Mind, Body, and Consciousness.    The books make us our own Cartographers, but we all need Virtues and human connection to “mitigate human nature.”    We live in what is referred to as a Unitary World.  In this world, we unknowingly create “binary sharing of Information” and “binary spin” in politics, trade, and finance.    It is up to innovators to create the new evolution in “binary balances” that are nurturing to individuals, family, society, and the systems we rely upon more each day.   Dominating this new field by merging creates a momentary “monopoly” that is the only thing that can create a “healthy binary” to provide a counterbalance to the centralization of Truths and the commodity of human energy.   We want to create a binary that is good … even “more good.” 

These books will debut all at once instead of one at a time;  however, a third of the chapters will be held back and released in stages.  This is to give a buffer zone or “Moat Made of Time” to the best of people (because it is the bastards of ethics and morality that swoop in and poison a good system — and they do this much faster than regulators and enforcers can put up protections).  The other reason is to give the smaller innovators and users confidence, courage, and time to filter all this cool new stuff!  People might not think they are ready for the higher science in Pillars, or don’t need to know the global strategy of Crypto. By seeing the complete picture, they’re master what the choose.   To increase the power of the individual I.Q. it must be exercised, challenged, tempted, and rewarded.  Present the chapters out of order, so that in the beginning weeks, fans see the end results and higher science payoffs.  This enables the mind to use the Unitary Method to realize the greater role each chapter has for them.   And finally, this method frees the mind from the constraints of the Arrow of Time and Language.    

Instead of needing high I.Q. to fathom and use all that C.I.T. presents … what C.I.T. presents creates higher I.Q. in each user interfacing with it on this high value vector.

Aside from the next generation up in mastering all that comes from the Blockchain Intersections through 5G with IoT, Big Data, A.I., A.R., V.R., and Biotech, there will be  four global companies formed in the Edge Sciences that people will use on the scale of Apps or Social Networks.   C.I.T. is not positioned to build the platforms for three of them, yet, but knows the companies that are ready.   In addition, there are the Patents and software will be able to innovate off of C.I.T. that it will own. 

The ultimate Telos of the uniting of C.I.T. from the start is to preserve the greatest gifts of us as humans, to encourage Virtues, protect family, and appreciate Culture and Art. This leads to a greater understanding of the meaning of Consciousness and Individual/Indivisible Soul.      

Crypto-Integrity-Tao understands the importance of this and upholds it in their Brand and decisions.   The company will understand it on a whole new level when the breakthroughs of C.I.T. are shared with the leaders of great Brands.    

The S.G.D.A. uses the best lessons, methods, and secrets of the global leaders Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft on a whole new level.   The steps Crypto-Integrity-Tao takes will make sure innovations are already going in a positive direction.  Expansion of a vision results in acceleration in innovation and global dominance.  The shields of the Preferred Member Allegiance to Telos, Ethics, and Virtues protects us.    

The Brand of “Telos Ethics Virtue” leading to Eudaimonia … which defines humanity’s Will in a most complete and encouraging simplicity.