General Perspective and Potential

Blockchain is not like anything technology has ever created before, but this would not be so serious if it was being invented on its own without intersecting innovations in other technologies also racing ahead.   It is the fact that Blockchain appears at the same time as 5G, IoT, acceleration of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, and the launch of more immersive Artificial Reality and Augmented Reality.  These “Blockchain Intersections” become explosive when you add to this technological arena the following:  the current global currency fragility, political battles, instability and conflicting announcements by  the IMF, reactionary rather than instigating actions by U.S. Federal Reserve, creation of the PetroYuan, $14 trillion in printed money, the devaluing of 8 currencies worldwide, and the allowance of Crypto Futures to be traded on the CBOE, and more. 

Realize the unfortunate position of the S.E.C. – the institution that we look to for the best global regulations:  Blockchain evolved so fast it is nearly impossible for them to regulate quicker than bad players innovate around them.   Crypto-Integrity-Tao’s advice is countering 90% of all that is hyped by Blockchain-related leaders:  “S.E.C., please slow walk approvals, including of C.I.T. businesses, until your absorbing of reason allows your gut instincts and new-found common sense to guide you. Let this and sage decisions proven secure in the past guide you instead of lobbyists and opportunistic hacks.”   Allow innovation by attaching “responsibility anchors.” Hopefully, the examples provided by C.I.T. will allow these S.E.C. executives the abstracts to think for themselves, and not be pressured by outside forces.  Don’t be limited to “what to think,” in the way powerful companies offering consulting in Blockchain explain you must be.   Study these books. Own “how to think” –don’t just agree with “what to think” that bombards you from powerful people and companies.   Regulate beyond their expertise and financial plans.  Deliver regulations that withstand the tests of at least 5 years.  Regulations that protect the main street people from financial meltdowns that result in bail outs caused by deceptive Exchanges, Cryptocurrencies, Coins, and other forms of DeFi.   You at the S.E.C. are all smart guys, but this Blockchain hydra evolves to create itself a novel environment to which the inmates run it, from courts to banks to markets.  Your investment and currency worlds work in a “turbulent flow” manner, and so far all Cryptocurrency, Coins, and Tokens only work in a laminar flow environment.   This in part explains why it was impossible to predict and prevent Exchange hype and FOMO reaction to it.   This gets even more oomph from FUD and the “Fear Index.”  Some general comments that might help the S.E.C. are the following.

Get experts in there from Physics and Biology, start with the basics.  Few states should be allowed to hub mining.  Prevent Congressional approval that will pit one state against the other. Learn from the mistakes of approvals for solar energy. Don’t let specific judicial and enforcement agencies argue they need exemptions for regulations – and if they haven’t already done this, they don’t see the threat on their shadow operations yet. 

The potential for Blockchain to do good in the world, to help discover medical breakthroughs, manage their exports better, improve health care, and lead to incredible innovation in computer usage and science is so much greater than anyone knows.   

And pay attention to the electricity needed for any Blockchain DLT or version of DeFi or Tokens/Stablecoins.   Then figure out the timeline for when China will reduce Bitcoin mining to ensure less expensive costs for their Digital Yuan.  In a rather brilliant move, China can seize the expensive mining equipment in cheap energy zones, pulling the rug out from under Bitcoin, reducing its appeal and causing a flash crash – all driving people into their Digital Yuan.    Bitcoin will then seek new mining homes, and this cannot be allowed to increase energy costs for states, or hamper already-weak infrastructure like in the California power grid.

Three of the key areas where Blockchain will have the most impact is on is logistics, advanced medicine and BioTech, and Media.   Media is important because it influences the minds of young people and packs a big punch politically and socially. Win the young people, and it helps stabilize nations.  It brings spirit to the innovation.  No matter what Crypto-Integrity-Tao or anyone creates, if it does not unite the people, make them proud, and deliver meaning enough to use it – then it is bad for society and will eventually be extinct.  This is why Social, Political, and Humanity Sciences and equations, plus a big deep knowledge of financial history is so important.   Crypto-Integrity-Tao goes all the way back to shells used for barter, to the Rothschilds in Europe, Bretton Woods, JP Morgan Chase in 1900, and many other milestones in the realms of finance to explain what is “money” and how holders of “money” protect or hurt their governments.    Understanding “what is money?” is essential to know before any company creates a Coin, or nation create one.   The problem is that opportunists explain only the aspect of “what is money?” that serves their financial agenda.  Apply this question on a broader platform of truths helps you judge which Exchanges or other Crypto is safe, which is evil.    Crypto-Integrity-Tao has all this completely figured out, in analysis in many proven science formulas, and also knows how to release it globally.    

Finally, and perhaps almost most important, is that the world has a major problem when it comes to inventions, patents, trade, currency, mergers, and medical breakthroughs.  The systems narrow to monopolistic hubs, and if “good” counters “profits” then the truth of Blockchain’s greater potential will be hidden.  With clear arguments for each class of financial and logistics expansion, it’s easy to spot the violators.   Companies should realize it is in their favor to evolve from ethical origins.  It does not matter what any company creates if the D.O.J. decides to fine it $1-8 billion for being dangerous to society, systems, and people.   If tech leaders control how much the S.E.C. knows, allowing a secure Blockchain investment platform for any of the above systems is not possible.   One question can lead all others:  Is the parent bank, company, foundation leaders, or companies behind a Cryptocurrency, Coin, Token, StableCoin willing to link the value of their core company stock to it?  If not, keep digging, you’ll find out a “why” that you can explain to the Treasury and public in clear terms.   As for the companies originating DeFi …    Systems are complex, biology is not. Study this as alien.   Classify it.  Understand its Krebs cycle.  Remember the “Buffet Moats” that come from being a foundation, or from establishing in Switzerland, or from acquiring one of the few expert analysis companies in the arena of DLT and Coins.  Don’t apply Mathematics related to the history of established security as allowed today:  remember the original sin of Derivatives.  Apply analysis from humanity, for within that is your purpose – mitigating human nature. 

All great questions of life can be answered in the movies. First rule, simplicity. Ask “What is this unto itself, what needs does this serve?  What does he do, this man you seek?”   Study the man – understand the organism. Realize the true purpose of what they created.  Begin by defining the man behind the business organism in one word. Keep searching for the exact and only best word.  All future intentions carry this DNA.   Remember one of your primary caveats: “Out of the crooked timber of humanity, no straight thing was ever made.”   

What Was Required to Perfect Crypto-Integrity-Tao

The breakthroughs by Crypto-Integrity-Tao could not have been seen or done from inside of Silicon Valley.   Vision this futuristic can only happen on the speeding edge of the event horizon we know as technological innovation.   And the tech giants are at the center like black holes, having incredible gravity swallowing up competition, but cannot pull out of the spiral into data-ism.  People need outside voices to balance this gravity and remind what makes something “durable” and have “meaning.”

The discoveries, patents, and innovation that led to a global strategy to lead the world in this arena required a very rare combination of knowledge.   

  1. Knowledge of how the SEC works
  2. Knowledge of the history of fiat currency
  3. Familiar travels through Asian nations and Europe
  4. Geek skills in Sciences
  5. A huge treasure chest of I.P. Rights Material
  6. A large roster of top Hollywood films and television shows
  7. An ability to orchestrate a release strategy that nurtures both Silicon Valley and the S.E.C. in secure and financially safe ways. 

Total Volumes of Proofs and Strategy

Crypto-Integrity-Tao presents a concentration of Blockchain reality on an unimaginable scale.    A recent analysis by a global accounting and consulting firm was touted as being the end-all-be-all for this arena … and it was less than 100 pages long.   Recognize what it really took to have the long-range vision for a durable Blockchain tool, DeFi, or DLT.

  1. Two volumes PILLARS OF ENCRYPTION dedicated solely to Blockchain breakthroughs and metrics over 598 pages
  2. Two volumes of ONE FISH SAYS TO ANOTHER FISH that covers all the other Media and Edge Technology Intersection over 461 pages
  3. STATE OF CRYPTO which is the 253 pages of the announcement, roll out, set up, and global strategy to dominate the technology race/war
  4. Unique Apps innovations and “Deliverables” in technology and entertainment
  5. Over 300 Charts, Formulas, and the Global Strategy Presentation Event
  7. 64 I.P. Rights Films and Television acquired and made over 8 years
  8. Specifics on the only model of Coin that a nation can create that is safe for its Fiat Currency and Reserve Banks of top and emerging nations
  9. The user interface for Gamers, Techies, and investors that bring spirit to ensures scale and widespread adoption needed for Telecoms worldwide. 
  10. A new demand made on Cloud Design Storage as Blockchain and IoT intersect