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Paradigm Shift:  A “radical theory” change …

a concept that causes fundamental change in the practice of any Science or Institutional Discipline; 

Scientific work done within a framework (or paradigm) that results in a scientific revolution;

Physical Optics, The Germ Theory in Medicine, Darwin’s Natural Selection Thesis, Quantum Mechanics, the Nature of Scientific Revolutions studied by modern philosophers that alter the Vector of Society with these examples representing only a few of dozens of examples in our world: 

Greek Mathematics, Newtonian Physics, Biological Revelations, or other Principles discovered by an individual resulting in breakthroughs in cutting edge Sciences.   

In the absence of “rules” …

Innovation is guided by the ultimate vision

on multiple paradigms

that result in the shift,

which proves the paradigm

to be a new “Rule” governing all

financial and social derivatives.

Paraphrased from Kuhn’s “THE STRUCTURE OF SCIENTIFIC REVOLUTIONS,” “When enough significant anomalies (events or inventions that cannot be adequately explained by existing laws) accrue against a current paradigm (such as trade, currency, computers, politics) it is thrown into crisis.” During the crisis, ineffective and damaging rules are proposed, often by the parties with the most to lose in the event of a Paradigm Shift.    The weight of evidence proves which model will prevail as the highest “Truth” only after it is “put through the human sieve.”.    It is the people adapting to a better Truth that determines which Paradigm survives and replaces old “owners of power and truth.”   The reason the youth class is most important is that it is their power in numbers and evolved understanding and usage of the world we live in that proves Durability, Scalability, and Morality.   

Leading Primary Members of Crypto-Integrity-Tao and the key governments of the United States, Singapore, China, and Switzerland will soon know that (in the few paragraphs above)several fundamentals ARE explained in detail in the books.  The Social Vectors, the battles between nations, the Laws of Physics, Biology, Mathematics, and Humanities all playing a major role in the Paradigm Shifts over hundreds of years.    


Financial World

Technology and Media



Resulting in

De-Centralization of Personal Information

Personal Blockchains

Help for the S.E.C. in understanding Blockchain’s Future

Safer Paradigm Shifts in Finance Arenas and their Regulations

Crypto-Integrity-Tao realized that for the Paradigm Shift to be complete, the young generations and influential leaders must be won over.   To ensure this, an incredibly exciting, empowering true Philosophy had to be presented that is greater than the arena of Blockchain alone.    

By releasing both the Philosophy of ONE FISH SAYS TO ANOTHER FISH and PILLARS OF ENCRYPTION together, Crypto-Integrity-Tao puts the approval through the “human sieve” first.  This makes it impossible for competition to refuse to accept its superiority. This forces the end of the corrupt and misleading Paradigms involved in all Blockchains, ICO’s, Regulations, Lobbying, Monopolies, corruptions, and plans to centralize and abuse innovation from it.  This is so important a stage of maturation in Blockchain, that it must be stated again.

Putting Blockchain Innovation

through the “Human Sieve” first,

valued on the same level as finances and Mathematics

allows the Paradigm Shift and

allows greater Moral Authority,

ultimately accelerating social engagement (scale and spirit)

which drags dominance in all Edge Sciences with it morally.

It is important to note, that the only Paradigm Shift that no longer works after the Colonial Ages is a Paradigm Shift in Culture, because humanity has trouble grasping life when more than one Paradigm Shift per generation.    Yet, technology demands multiple evolutions in Cultures and societal systems per generation.   Let’s look at history for proof.

20th and 21st Century attempts to force Paradigm Shifts in Cultures resulted in losing wars for the invader, or genocide.   Regardless how “noble” it might seem in models, history has proven you cannot export Cultures anymore.   One of the big failing mistakes of the European Union was their expecting they could export the Northern work ethic and Culture to Southern European Nations.   It resulted in collapses of Greece, Italy, Portugal, and to an extent Spain (with a lack of currency independence also playing an oversized role.)   It wasn’t enough to have a central currency, new trade and work agreements.    The heads of the E.U. demanded to control the ideas, ideals, social classes, Social Vectors, language, laws, and Cultures. Therefore, in the Crypto-Integrity-Tao Paradigm Shift, we chose nations with strong independence and pride in Culture:  The United States, China, Singapore, Switzerland, Iceland, Ireland, New Zealand, and Portugal balance and the energy and positive Vectors will, if set up properly, create field forces akin to a gyroscope.  The Paradigm Shift comes from multiple, greatly superior and far more elegantly complex sources.


Moral and Ethical Superiority

Highest Vision

Supported by the most proven Sciences

Breakthrough Analysis




Releasing the book content and innovations in stages

Philosophies will excite humanity

Singapore and Switzerland Shields

Social Approval

Protection of the Individual

Advancements in Technology

Politically neutral Headquarters

Superior Banking Reputation

Prevent coercive errant advice to S.E.C.

Shield Against Regulations and Penalties

Support between Crypto-Integrity-Tao Preferred Members

Less Volatility

Wider Spread and Scale of Use

Backed by Assets

Integrates 5 Small Nations to balance the two large nations


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