As the world accelerates in innovations due to the technology age, the Edge Sciences reveal the incredible benefits to humanity.    Yet, old systems are still in place, controlling health care, pollution control, education, trade, transportation, and even entertainment.    In order to deliver high quality services and lifestyle, these old systems need to be “disrupted.”  The easiest example is Uber, and how it improved ride service, all but eliminating taxis.   The U.S. (and most global) taxi systems were rife with corruption, payoffs to politicians and mafias, and without competition, provided really terrible service.    Uber changed that.  It disrupted and won.  But now, the same corrupt leadership is piercing into Uber, and without “sustained” advantages, Uber will gradually give up on their original “self-employed driver” service simply to survive political and union attacks.   

Jeff Bezos said that the next life-changing innovation will have to come from someone outside the system, an unknown, that not only can visualize and launch the first stage, but also see so far ahead that the plan includes the government and competitive moves on a global scale. And this person must move so fast that the giant companies like Amazon don’t buy it out, sue it out, or steal its future.   The goal for all the technology giants is to centralize power, and disruption becomes another asset to them, not the public.    This is one of the main reasons Crypto-Integrity-Tao had to be launched in a balanced manner across a few nations.   

The breakthroughs and innovations Crypto-Integrity-Tao realized will disrupt several major global markets in positive ways.    Yet, it is not enough to begin with a single disruptive innovation to sustain changes for the better that are actually financially sound.   Many new ideas sounded great but failed because they left out a key ingredient like culture (WeWork comes to mind – people just didn’t want to work in communal offices.)  For a paradigm shift to a profitable future in the domiant position, there must be a “sustained global disruption” that gives the entity the advantage of accelerating and proving itself morally and ethically superior on a daily basis for one year or longer. 

All the work combined is a massive hockey-stick learning curve – give yourself the few months it takes to absorb all the knowledge, discuss it in your meetings, and apply it to your own company for success.   Crypto-Integrity-Tao knows questions will also come from political arenas.

S.G.D.A. is a key stage in the platform of Crypto-Integrity-Tao, and is explained in detail in the book THE STATE OF CRYPTO ADDRESS, which is over 250 pages long (including charts.) That is how much had to be studied and explained, then planned to perfection, just to achieve a sustained global disruption advantage.   When this deep global research merges with the Philosophy and Science, it accelerates.

The breakthroughs of Crypto-Integrity-Tao are not just in the technology: the greatest resource is the value in the people on an individual and cultural level.  Most existing Social Media wants to keep treating people like a commodity.     Blockchain in 5G with IoT will for the first time in the technology age give people a chance to reverse the trend of turning them into a money-making commodity (selling their personal data, and more.)    

To present a brief glimpse of S.G.D.A., this introduction was written.  The grander achievements that guarantee security and long-term profitability are in the big books, which are now being presented.  By knowing more of the future, it is easier to protect the citizens of each nation, and the systems they count on to pursue happiness, connection, virtues, family, tech highs like Games and Virtual Reality, and prosperity.